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For the first time in my life I’m going on a diet, and it’s not to lose weight. #FODMAP #IBS

Single page printable FODMAP diet chart for an easy overview.

Download a single page printable FODMAP diet chart for an overview.


Fed up with the ever increasing pain IBS is causing me, I went for a consultation to the Groote Schuur Hospital – Gastroenterology Clinic.

For the first time my tummy troubles were taken seriously and not just waved off as one of those female problems similar to PMS.

Still, there’s no easy way out with IBS, some say it’s psychological, some say it’s emotional, some say it’s physiological.

While it might be debatable what cause IBS has, the effects are very real.

At least at Groote Schuur I got advice how to reduce the physiological impact of IBS:


The Low FODMAP Diet

Elimination Phase

The idea is to remove all possible irritants from your diet during the elimination phase and cleanse your digestive system. Hopefully this allows for your gut system to reset and be less intolerant. The low FODMAP diet is only a temporary measure, and should only be adhered to for 2 to 6 weeks.

Reintroduction Phase

So the gut can reset, it actually needs FODMAPs. But in order to determine which one of them is upsetting your stomach, you reintroduce them one by one, during the rechallenge phase. This requires washout periods and can take almost a week per reintroduced food.

Not a lifetime diet!

Because the low FODMAP diet is so restrictive, it’s important to find adequate alternatives for nutritional intake of what this diet is underproviding, mainly: fibre, calcium and B-vitamins.

To avoid undernourishment and making sure you follow the low FODMAP diet correctly, it is advised to consult a dietitian.


But there’s so much useful information available on the internet, that the doctor at Groote Schuur recommended I do substantial research myself.

That’s why I’m writing this blog: To share my learnings and invite you to do the same: Please comment with your experiences and resources and let me know your feedback: 🙂



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