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Jungle Track at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre ~ Sepilok, Sandakan: Sabah Borneo

Jungle Track at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre ~ Sepilok, Sandakan: Sabah Borneo


Image from “This is the jungle at it’s most pristine. It can get hot and muggy and then there could be a thunderstorm in the next instance. And which ever way, your clothes will take forever to dry. Nights can get a little chilly especially during the rainy season. And when the rains come, leeches are aplenty. The jungle is unforgiving and yet it is so enchanting, it may sometimes leave you breathless.”


When in the rainforest, you do a little walk, right? Or trail, to be correct: You do a little – or longer – trail.

So off I go, making sure I’m ticking all the boxes of things to do: Jungle trail to the water hole – tick!


It’s indeed a trail with mangroves growing upside down: roots that look like a labyrinth of branches.

But signage was good and when else do you get the chance to walk a rain forest track.


So I was in good spirits when I met a forester who explained me all sorts of things including that the jungle is full of leeches.


And that’s how I found out that I have a phobia for leeches! I can’t stand any sort of parasite, especially ticks, so the thought of leeches set me instantly on high alert.


It was the weirdest thing: Where I had just hopped innocently like little red riding hood, I now stared at the ground and trees in total panic, trying to spot these evil leeches, still hopping, but this time out of fear of touching the ground for too long.

Every little itch was an imaginary leech and every little pinch was another one.


The good thing was that this sent me flying back to the resort, as the sun was already setting and I had to make up on time.


When I finally reached the safety of the camp I told my roomates the shocker of the leech alert and Kellie, being Australian, just laughed: She knew how to handle them and helped me get over it:

She had to take my wet and muddy shoes off, as I could not bear looking at my feet in case there was a leech attached to it!

The first foot was fine, but the next: Oh my gosh! A leech!


If she hadn’t told me I’d have never known. In fact I still don’t know, because she did a quick trick by lighting a match and holding it close to the leech and it fell off and I never felt a thing.

I realised it wasn’t a big deal and remembered how leeches are supposed to be good for you, as they’re thinning your blood.


After a nice hot shower I was as good as new again.


So there you go, in one day I learnt about my leech phobia and how to overcome it.



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Walkway at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre ~ Sepilok, Sandakan: Sabah Borneo

Walkway at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre ~ Sepilok, Sandakan: Sabah Borneo


22/03/06 Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.

Jungle Trek to Sepilok Jungle Water Hole. (Full story to follow soon, just this much: I totally freaked out about these leeches, ah, no way, I so cannot stand them!)

Nice eve with the girls, this time joined by Francis and Chuck.


Originally published on Saturday, Mar 25 2006, 07:45:35 am, here:


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Yungbulakang Palace in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China by Yumian Deng on Bing Homepage 12 Feb 2018.

Yungbulakang Palace in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China by Yumian Deng on Bing Homepage 12 Feb 2018.


I really have nothing good to say about Bing, from the name to its performance.




One thing they do incredibly well is choosing a photo of the day.


If you enjoy photography, and have the time and data, head over to and flick through their images.


And if you know something else that’s good about Bing, kindly get in touch:


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Sandakan Sabah Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Sandakan Sabah Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre


 21/03/06 Sandakan – Sepilok

Flew out to Sandakan mega early in the morning.

After checking out all the options, I decided to stay at the Sepilok Jungle Resort. A wise decision, as I met the most nicest girls: Kellie was staying in the same room with me, we shared a dorm. Jen and Melissa were also roommates and us four ended up being a great travel group, having a lot of laughs, sitting together at dinner.

Hitchhiked to Sandakan. Shock! Terrible city centre, dirty, ugly, nothing interesting to see. Had a curry in the city, a decent meal is about 5RM, that’s less than 1 pound. Missed the last bus back to Sepilok, but hitched a ride from a nice guy who brought me all the way there after I paid for his petrol. A journey of 45 mins.

Heaps of laughs back at Sepilok with Kellie, Jen and Melissa.


Originally published on Saturday, Mar 25 2006, 07:42:45 am here:


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Movie review "Fuehrer Ex" by Winfried Bonengel, 2002

Movie review “Fuehrer Ex” by Winfried Bonengel, 2002


Movie review of “Fuehrer Ex” originally written in 2002 for Creative Week.


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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur


20/03/06 Kuala Lumpur

Checked out ‘Little India’ with all it’s markets and blinky kitschy stuff.

Went on a ‘Jungle in the City’ tour: there are several hectares of jungle around KL tower and they give you a free tour, fantastic!

Went up KL tower, amazing views!



Originally published on Saturday, Mar 25 2006, 07:35:20 am here:


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Review of German movie "Der Schuh des Manitu" ("Manitou's Shoe") by Michael "Bully" Herbig, 2002

Review of German movie “Der Schuh des Manitu” (“Manitou’s Shoe”) by Michael “Bully” Herbig, 2002


Movie review of “Der Schuh des Manitu” originally written in October 2002 for Creative Week.


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