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Happy Nikolausi!


Getting into festive season spirit with our very improvised nativity scene:



Merry Christmas!



The fourth industrial revolution is coming and Africa needs to get ready.


The Africa Future Summit helps accelerating development, as it caters for organisations at grassroots level.


Often tech events happen where tech is readily available: in the City Center. However, the CBD is not easily accessible for disadvantaged people.

The Africa Future Summit solved this all too often ocurring non-inclusivity by partnering with the YMCA.


In South Africa the YMCA in Athlone was chosen, an area that has been plagued with increase of violent crime over the past years.

But the YMCA is on the outskirts right next to the Athlone Stadium, a good landmark not to get lost. So even a few of the ususally included city people made it out to Athlone.


The event itself was packed, people pouring out of the main hall for a break, exhausted from all the information that was presented. And that was just the morning session. The afternoon session was where all the bootcamps came in.

It was a young crowd, full of aspiration and ideas. At the Africa Future Summit they got ignited to actively making the future of Africa happen.


The tour teaches fundamentals of frontier tech investments, startup development and ecosystem building via exclusive sessions with award winning local and international experts.

Each country features its own combination of on site workshop training, networking round tables, live Q/A sessions with speakers and sponsors, attendee spotlight features, exhibitor showcase demos and VIP networking.

To accelerate developments within Africa’s tech ecosystem, the agenda curriculum includes training sessions on future technologies (Ai, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Space, Nanotechnology, Internet of Things etc.) and career development sessions on personal branding, digital entrepreneurship and the future of work.


Attending the Africa Future Summit makes you future-ready, from the grassroots level up.


To join the free Africa Future Tour you can RSVP here:

For interests related to speaking, sponsorships, and partnerships, please direct inquiries to


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Joey Fourie, the host of The Daily Music Show, welcomes everyone at the closing event for Reclaim Agency 2.0.


If you’re in Cape Town only for a short while and still want to experience the rich and cultural heritage of the Cape, go see The Daily Music Show.


But beware: The Daily Music Show is not just easy-listening entertainment.

The music lyrics, spoken poetry and art exhibitions challenge every visitor on a profound level of understanding, tourists and locals alike.

The Daily Music Show speaks to everyone, newcomers to Cape Town as well as South African icons, as it reaches out on different levels of context: Everyone can connect on broad references to South Africa, and a few also get the finer nuances with the sideline remarks that can go so very deep.


Every show is different.

The variety of the acts is like a roller coaster ride of emotions, from a mellow infusion of jazz to touching storytelling back to party vibes and dancing.

All the acts are of high quality and caliber, delivering their message straight to your heart.


The Daily Music Show is not just an experience of Cape culture, but also an insight into the struggle it took to keep these cultures alive during apartheid.

These are real stories of activists challenging the status quo through art.


But see for yourself how impactful the performances are:


Don’t miss your chance to experience Cape Town’s eclectic culture live at The Daily Music Show.


Book your tickets for The Daily Music Show now on Quicket.

Call 0848807012 or email


Or simply pop by for the night!

Find The Daily Music Show at Glaston House, Corner of Church & Loop:
110 Loop Street, Cape Town City Centre, 8000 Cape Town, South Africa.




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Behind Closed Bars


A translucent silhouette,

Withering like a wilting willow.


The world just a reflection

Of what life could be.


Waiting in limbo.



Somebody out there?


Yours TrulyJuly








If you’re into what our future could look like, and it seems things are developing so quickly, we’ll still be around to see the outcome ourselves, then there is an exquisite sound experience the BBC released recently:


Forest 404, part podcast, part soundscape, part talk.


BBC Podcast Forest 404

BBC Podcast Forest 404


This is a feast for your ears.


Make sure you wear good stereo headphones, make yourself comfortable and switch off from this world.


–  Into one possible future.


Listen and Learn: Forest 404.




Hi, how are you? Wow, you’ve grown since your mural got painted on our wall! Like a little gentleman.


Are these all your dogs?




All four of them?




Where you’re taking them?


For a run on the mountain.


All four go into the car?


Yes, in the boot.
If they stayed there!
Look, our puppy Lola already jumped to the front.
She probably wants to drive! But she’s not allowed.


But… Can she drive?


No! No, she can’t. That’s the problem.


I know a cousin, he couldn’t drive, but he went anyway and had an accident.


You see? That’s what happens.
You shouldn’t be driving if you haven’t actually learned it.
Or, if you’re a dog…




Bay Harbour Market offers an eclectic mix of art, craft, fashion, decor and souverniers complemented by food and drink stalls.


Situated in an old fish factory it is spacious and sheltered with a corner for live music: The stage is surrounded by benches and tables with just enough space in front for a small dance floor.


When folk band 4am started their live gig, their playful and humorous manner invited old and young to tap along. Especially the kids took to the dance floor, having a blast while the parents could watch conveniently from their table.


4am were great in interacting with the children, extending their excitement to the grown-ups, who all clapped along by the end.


A nice upbeat evening out.


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"4am" #live #music at #HoutBay #Market

A post shared by TrulyJuly (@creativecommunications) on


View this post on Instagram

"4am" #live #music at #HoutBay #Market

A post shared by TrulyJuly (@creativecommunications) on


View this post on Instagram

"4am" #live #folk #music at #HoutBay #Market

A post shared by TrulyJuly (@creativecommunications) on


View this post on Instagram

"4am" #live #folk #music at #HoutBay #Market

A post shared by TrulyJuly (@creativecommunications) on





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