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RattieSitting always confronts you with the unexpected:

What do I find as I clean the rattie cage? My nail file! 😮


One of the reasons why you must always keep your home ratproof and how pet rats force you to be neat and tidy.

It also shows that you need to empty out your rat cage carefully, you never know what you might find in the depths of the rattie den!


This time I’m caught by surprise that beautiful Skavin is also a #CleverRat and turns out to be a nail file thief!

#CleverRat: Skavin turns out to be a nail file thief! ;)

#CleverRat: Skavin turns out to be a nail file thief! Can you see the gnawing evidence? 😉


Understandably so: Rats’ teeth never stop growing, which causes them to brux and gives them the need to gnaw.

What better instrument to keep your ever growing teeth in check than a nail file!

I can imagine that simply carrying the nail file in their teeth gives every pet rat a tingle right up into their spine.

Clever little munchkins, these ratoos!


And while it might’ve been annoying not to have my nail file at hand, I can’t help but think that rats make great pets. 😊


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Very funny: The gate info for our flight is scheduled to get revealed 5 minutes before our gate officially closes.

Very funny: The gate info for our flight is scheduled to get revealed 5 minutes before our gate officially closes.


Our flight EZY2175 (U2 2175) was scheduled to depart at 16:05 on 12/06/2018. As every boarding pass clearly states, the gate closes half an hour earlier: At 15:35. Then how can it be that the actual gate info only gets revealed at 15:30?

On top of it, the clock on the flight information display was actually late, by about 3 minutes, as the metadata of my camera shows.

Still, the gate information was indeed published on time, at the correct time.

Not enough time however to make it to the gate in time.

This was of course not a problem, we even left the airport exactly on schedule.

But it’s pretty clear what would happen if this was the other way round. – If a passenger was late and didn’t make it to the gate before it closes



Life is crazy nowadays. The whole world is out of balance.

What people consume on the one side of the planet, people on the other side of the planet have to suffer for.


It’s terrible. But what can we do?


Well, we can stop consuming like there’s no tomorrow!

Who with their right mind can still buy Nestlé, H&M, or Bayer?

I always say: As long as there’s still one McDonald’s on this planet, there’s no future for humanity.


But it’s not all that doom and gloom.

We watched a great documentary the other day: Tomorrow.

Do you have Amazon Prime to watch it?


??? Of course do I also boycott an evil employer like Amazon!!!




Hey, wie wär’s wenn wir uns auf dem Schützenfest treffen?


Joa, können wir machen.


Denk jetzt bitte nicht, ich hätte was mit dem Schützenfest zu tun.

Ich gehe da nur hin, weil alle da hingehen.


Ach so, Schützenfest also nur zum Leute treffen.

Aber das ist doch ganz lustig?


Ja klar. Aber ich mach da nicht irgendwie mit bei dem Verein.


Das hätte mich auch ein wenig überrascht. 😀


Wer kommt mit zum Schützenfest?

Wer kommt mit zum Schützenfest?


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Coffee with my tea, for me it’s the way to be. ;)

Coffee with my tea, for me it’s the way to be. 😉


I’m an absolute tea drinker. I drink so much tea and accumulate so many tea bags, that I had to write a blog post about what to do with used tea bags.


Since my first visit to the UK where I spent my entire summer school holidays working as a room maid in a hotel to improve my English, I got converted to drinking black tea with milk. And lots of it!


I only drink coffee when it’s really good or when I need to spur on my brain.


So when I’m at a conference, workshop or meeting, taking lots of notes and filling my head with lots of information, I appreciate a cuppa coffee with my tea.


People look at me funny seeing me double-handedly drinking coffee and tea at the same time.


But I just explain that I love a cuppa coffee with my tea! 😉


A Domino piece I excavated from our garden.

A Domino piece I excavated from our garden.


The things I find in the ruins of The Broken Palace vary so much, from building material and tiles to bottles to coins

And then there are more personal items like kids toys that give an insight into the life the people at The Broken Palace lived.


Such as this Domino:

I like to think elderly men sat on the stoep playing a fierce game of Domino:

Slamming the Domino piece on the table with a loud slap as if it was in the face of the opponent.

Their laughter echoing far over the streets of Woodstock.


If you know more about the Broken Palace, please get in touch: 🙂


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Poststrasse. Next stop Barbarossaplatz. 


So how is your German?

Last year it was quite good but since I started my course it’s gotten worse. I don’t know. I keep on mixing up the languages, it’s weird.


Yeah, I know, that happens. And how is your course coming along?

Yes ok. It’s a weird system here in Germany.


Don’t they have an orientation week, how was it?

Ok, but not really informative. It’s more learning about Germany.


Yeah, I know. They’re not very good at helping people here, especially if you’re from outside Germany.



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