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If you’re into what our future could look like, and it seems things are developing so quickly, we’ll still be around to see the outcome ourselves, then there is an exquisite sound experience the BBC released recently:


Forest 404, part podcast, part soundscape, part talk.


BBC Podcast Forest 404

BBC Podcast Forest 404


This is a feast for your ears.


Make sure you wear good stereo headphones, make yourself comfortable and switch off from this world.


–  Into one possible future.


Listen and Learn: Forest 404.





Hi, how are you? Wow, you’ve grown since your mural got painted on our wall! Like a little gentleman.


Are these all your dogs?




All four of them?




Where you’re taking them?


For a run on the mountain.


All four go into the car?


Yes, in the boot.
If they stayed there!
Look, our puppy Lola already jumped to the front.
She probably wants to drive! But she’s not allowed.


But… Can she drive?


No! No, she can’t. That’s the problem.


I know a cousin, he couldn’t drive, but he went anyway and had an accident.


You see? That’s what happens.
You shouldn’t be driving if you haven’t actually learned it.
Or, if you’re a dog…




Bay Harbour Market offers an eclectic mix of art, craft, fashion, decor and souverniers complemented by food and drink stalls.


Situated in an old fish factory it is spacious and sheltered with a corner for live music: The stage is surrounded by benches and tables with just enough space in front for a small dance floor.


When folk band 4am started their live gig, their playful and humorous manner invited old and young to tap along. Especially the kids took to the dance floor, having a blast while the parents could watch conveniently from their table.


4am were great in interacting with the children, extending their excitement to the grown-ups, who all clapped along by the end.


A nice upbeat evening out.


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"4am" #live #music at #HoutBay #Market

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"4am" #live #music at #HoutBay #Market

A post shared by TrulyJuly (@creativecommunications) on


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"4am" #live #folk #music at #HoutBay #Market

A post shared by TrulyJuly (@creativecommunications) on


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"4am" #live #folk #music at #HoutBay #Market

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First Thursdays is always worth a visit.

Every time there’s something new for inspiration, some nice and uplifting interaction here and there, great vibes and meaningful art.


This time we went with children, that alone offered a new perspective on things.


Adults might look at art with a focus on interpretation, but children just see what’s in there. The exchange between the two can be very insightful.

The contrast and vibrancy of African art and its storytelling forms and shapes appeal to kids and parents alike. With a variety of styles and topics, everyone can pick an art piece they like.


Some art that caught our eyes on our stroll through Cape Town on First Thursdays:


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#FirstThursdays #CapeTown at 99 Loop #Gallery. #LoveCapeTown #Art

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#FirstThursdays #CapeTown at 99 Loop #Gallery. #LoveCapeTown #Art

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I’ve often been to the Concerts in the Park and always had a great time.

I’ve seen Hot Water, Karen Zoid, Lonesome Dave and Arno Carstens a couple of times, Freshly Ground, Dukes of Note and Crimson House.


This time we were again in for a treat with The World of Birds and The Rudimentals.


The World of Birds were uplifting with their local indie tunes:

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#Concerts in the #Park: The World of Birds 🎤

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It was pure joy to watch them dance on the grandstand:

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#Concerts in the #Park: The World of Birds 🎶

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The Rudimentals were up and close:

The Rudimentals with their nine-piece strong ska/reggae band are always a great live music act.

The Rudimentals with their nine-piece strong ska/reggae band are always a great live music act.


Getting even into the midst of the crowd, having a little dance with the audience:

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#Concerts in the #Park: The Rudimentals

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Concerts in the Park are a great afternoon out. De Waal Park is well equipped with playgrounds and water facilities, a haven for children and puppies alike.

There’s always a great vibe, people are super relaxed, friendly and inviting. A fantastic chilled-out experience.






At the “Unlanguaged” Writing Workshop by Greatmore Arts Studios, our facilitator Vuyokazi Ngemntu gave us great writing exercises, turning us into wordsmiths.


For example, to write a Diamante Poem!





Your rubbish bin being heavy there?


Yes, I must admit, we’re throwing away some pretty bulky stuff. You won’t believe what we’re digging out from our garden. It’s like there’s a whole house buried in our backyard.


But of course! For there used to stand The Broken Palace.


The what?


We used to call it The Broken Palace.

Ha, we used to pass it plenty of times when we were on the run.

That alleyway over there, it was covered with a fishing net. Only we knew how to get through. Very handy when running from the police. Approaching The Broken Palace always meant being safe.


Running from the police?


Yes yes, fond memories. Good times back then.



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