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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Having a puppy is pure bliss. :) Lola loves a good belly rub. She looks like she is laughing!

Having a puppy is pure bliss. 🙂 But I somehow remember it easier back in the good old days… 😮


Life has gotten so busy and complicated. Was it always like this? I don’t remember it so.

But that’s of course totally subjective, plus ‘back then’ was when I was a child / teenager and my perception of things was obviously very different.

But now I have a real example that does lead me to think: It was easier back in the good old days:

I got a puppy.

To many, this scenario might be familiar: I grew up with puppies, but now for the first time, I got my own pooch.

This means I’m finally learning what I’ve been taking for granted thanks to my super mum: I’m googling everything I need to know and it’s a lot!

As I’m reading up about what’s best for pups I come across some rules that are striking me as something I never even heard of before:

Puppies are not allowed to go out on the streets and meet other dogs until they’re fully vaccinated.

Puppies are not allowed to go for long walks until their bones have developed fully.

Dogs are not allowed to eat bones.

Wait, what?

That’s what I asked my mum, and she confirmed: Back when she had puppies, there were no such concerns. She was just as perplexed as I about what a job it has become to bring up a puppy.

So it seems back in the day there were indeed fewer things to consider.

The question remains: Have we become cleverer or are we just more paranoid?

Living in the age of information overload, is all of this knowledge useful or are we just driving ourselves mad?

Well, let me google this… 😛



Note how the ‘Save image as…’ function is not available on Flickr.

Note how the ‘Save image as…’ function is not available on Flickr when downloading images is disabled.


It’s a dilemma every creative is facing:

Sharing your content and getting exposure OR protecting your art work from piracy.


Here’s how to get the best of both:

Not all platforms are treating your content with the security measures it deserves to be protected from plagiarism or copyright infringement. A simple ‘copy and paste’ or ‘right click and save as’ can mean your content going viral without any attribution linking back to you.


Make sure you stay in control of your content by publishing it on

online portfolio sites you can trust:



Flickr allows you to set your images as not downloadable to others. While this doesn’t stop anyone from saving a screengrab, it’s at least sending a clear message that these images are your intellectual property.

In addition Flickr offers you to embed your images from their platform, meaning all their security efforts stay intact with your picture.


Your own website

Using any third party platform means you are subjected to their rules and could get your account deleted without much you can do about it. Having a home for your content establishes you as the first point of contact for your content. There are many free services for creating an online portfolio website to choose from.



Behance lets you acknowledge the people involved in the art work properly, so there’s no excuse not to give credit where credit is due. Behance makes citing all these individuals really easy.



Dribble uses small screenshots to let you promote your work. This is a low resolution intended only for quick snapshots showcasing work in progress.



DeviantArt is the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts, and promotes a strong Community Etiquette Policy and Copyright Policy.


I had a shower and this is the result: Wet puppy footprints everywhere.

I had a shower and this is the result: Wet puppy footprints everywhere. 😉

No really, open plan is great.

Our bathroom is fully open plan. It’s a great design by The Workplace Architects and it works beautifully.

Of course the lavatory has a door, but other than that everything is freely accessible without any barrier in the way: The wet area is only divided from the main bedroom by a freestanding wall. Basin, bathtub and shower are enclosed in niches, and thus need no doors.

It makes the entire bedroom feel like a hotel suite, where you can just throw your clothes on the easy chair and simply walk into the shower as is. It is an invitation to let loose and enjoy the basics of life, unimpeded, surrounded by ergonomic functionality, everything is a flow.


But of course, in a hotel suite there are hardly ever puppies or children.

With unhindered access in a completely open plan house, and the everlasting attention seeking impulse to follow or find you wherever you go, the only hiding place that remains is, ehem, the toilet.

But then again, who’d ever want to hide away from these cuties anyway. 😉

So yes, thanks to our open plan, me taking a shower means our puppy taking a shower. And tappeditapp her wet footprints are everywhere. 🙂

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Dog urine can leave lawn burns from overfertilisation.

Dog urine can leave lawn burns from overfertilisation.

Why is dog pee harmful to vegetation?

“There are three primary reasons why dog urine burns grass: alkaline urine pH, the concentration of the urine, and its nitrogen load.” – 3 Reasons Your Dog’s Urine Kills Your Grass

“One of the primary components in dog urine that affects shrubs and other plants is urea, a type of nitrogen waste that is produced as the body metabolizes protein. Because dogs have a large protein requirement in their diets, a significant amount of urea can be produced by a healthy dog. When a dog pees on your shrubs, the urea in the urine acts as a source of nitrogen for the plant and the surrounding soil.
Nitrogen is an essential element for plant development, and in small amounts the nitrogen provided by dog urine can actually benefit your shrubs.
While shrubs need nitrogen for proper growth and development, too much nitrogen can be detrimental; it can stunt or potentially even kill the shrub.” – Will Dog Pee Kill Shrubs?

How to prevent dog pee from damaging your plants

– Protect your plants

While fencing your garden off is a bit of a harsh way to keep your dog out, raised flower beds are just as effective and have other practical benefits.

– Train your dog not to pee on the grass

“Provide an area in your yard, away from your garden, consisting of sand and soil covered in mulch or pebbles, where your dog can urinate without harming any of your plants or lawn. Plant salt-resistant greenery and grasses near this potty spot, in case it has any accidents. These plants are typically found along the coast and are more urine-resistant than other flora.” – Does Dog Pee Hurt Plants?

– Steer away from (distressed looking) plants and trees

“Of course, a dog’s gotta go when a dog’s gotta go. But when you have the option, steer Fido to a lamppost rather than a tree and a bark covered area rather than a stressed-looking lawn. You can spot stressed trees by bark that is discolored or even peeling off around the base. And trees that are under six inches in diameter or have thin bark are at higher risk.” – Why Does Dog Pee Kill Plants?

– Keep the pH in balance

“For the health of both your dog and your lawn, you should strive to keep your pet’s urine pH right around 6.5, and no higher than 7.
I recommend buying pH strips from your vet or at the local drug store to check your pet’s urine pH at home so you know when it’s in or outside the desired range. In the morning prior to feeding your dog is when you should collect the urine sample. You can either hold the pH tape in the stream of urine while your dog is voiding, or you can catch a urine sample in a container and dip the tape into the sample to check the pH.” – 3 Reasons Your Dog’s Urine Kills Your Grass

How to help your plants recover from dog pee

– Neutralise the soil

“You will need to neutralize the acid fairly quickly or your vegetables will not survive – my father’s trick was to use a few tablespoons of baking soda in a watering can and water the area.” – Is Dog Urine Bad for My Vegetable Garden?

“Sprinkling lime or gypsum in the affected area speeds up the recovery of existing grass, or new growth if you’ve reseeded, by neutralizing the acidity of the affected area.” – Gardening 101: How to have your dog and keep your garden, too!

– Dilute the urine

“After your dog urinates on any plants in your yard, douse the area with water from your garden hose. A thorough rinsing of the area within eight hours of urination dilutes the urine enough to prevent damage to the plant, according to Don’t wait more than 12 hours to rinse the plants because this could actually increase the damage to the plant. Provide your dog with plenty of water to drink, which dilutes the urine even before it winds up in your garden.” – Does Dog Pee Hurt Plants?

– Treat dog urine as fertiliser

If you fertilise your lawn, take into account the overfertilisation your dog can provide and avoid fertilising these areas on top of it.

– Consider plants that like dog wee

“Selecting plants that can survive getting drenched in dog urine is a good idea around your property perimeter. Violas, columbine, lilac, ornamental grasses and a host of other plants are virtually urine proof. Make sure the border plants are not poisonous to dogs.” – How to Stop Dogs From Urinating on Plants

“Clover is highly resistant to pet urine and helps maintain a uniformly green lawn.” – Benefits of a Clover Lawn

– Grow a back-up lawn

“With a little planning, you can easily grow small “turf repair” pots in your back garden. All you need is a small plastic flower pot (3 inch is fine), fill it with some soil, either compost or garden soil, then sow a few grass seeds in the top. Give it a good water and leave it outside somewhere keeping it moist over the next week or so. When your dog has burnt a section of lawn, simply dig out the circle, drop your lawn repair pot grass into the hole and hey presto … fixed! You can set up a number of these pots next to your shed and the grass will sit happily in the pot until needed.” – Dog urine patches killing your lawn?

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