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Ah, the sweet memories of the weekly beach walks with the dogs:



Finally, we ventured back to the beach!

The dogs needed a good wash and enjoyed so much a fast run and funny play in the soft sands and the refreshing spray.

At long last they were back in their element, like then, like now:






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Pet rats are the cutest!

They are such small munchkins, everything is cute about them, even their feet!



On a hot day rattie sisters Mia and Heidi are ditching their critter’s house and stretch out on the bare cage bars right next to it.

Cuddling up, their rattie feet are popping out at the bottom, dangling freely.

Just Heidi’s little nose shows she’s somewhere in there, too.


I love how pet rats are cuddle masters and always find the best comfy snuggle position.

They are so soft and warm, I want to nestle in there with them.


Luckily, ratties can settle in just as well around your neck, on your shoulders, and you can experience their loving nature up close.


With a pet rat, you’re never alone.






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4 years ago I offered to foster this little fluffball.

Needless to say, we fell head over heals in love with Lola and adopted her pretty much right away.



4 years on and Lola is the bestest dog we could’ve wished for.

She is so clever, she is actually of help around the house. Plus, she keeps our dog pack in check as a very strong leader.


To celebrate her birthday I tried to take a similar photo of Lola as an adult dog:

I had not pictured her turning into such an elegant hound.

I love the scruff of her neck, it looks like she’s wearing a fancy fur collar. Her coat has some interesting shading, typical for the Africanis, it enhances her beautiful features.



I can’t believe it’s already 4 years!

Check out the puppy and adult picture in comparison:





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Benefits of cuttlefish bone for your pets:


1)  A versatile snack

–  High in calcium

–  High in mineral salts

–  No calories

–  100% organic

–  Contains no toxins or contaminants


2) An entertaining toy

–  Light and soft

–  Slender oval or lanceolate shape

–  Adding variety with a grainy texture, similar to pumice

–  Crunchy to the bite


3) A natural abrasive

–  Helps with grooming, e.g. polish bird beaks, clean dog teeth


4) An excellent supplement

–  A practical solution for calcium deficiency such as rickets disease



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Our dogs are cuddle masters.


Gigi and Hutch make a cute pair when they cuddle up close.



Looks comfy and warm. 🙂





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Going for hikes on pristine table mountain I often come back with treats for our pets.

During autumn there are lots of acorns to pick up.


Can pet rats eat acorns?


Yes, rats eat acorns.

However, acorns contain tannins.

So it’s a good idea to boil the acorns first, to sterilise them and to drain the tannins.

It’s important to ensure anything from the outdoors is clean and safe.


Acorns make for a playful snack and cracking the shell is great entertainment for the ratties:

Watch as Heidi enjoys gnawing through the acorn shell.

Heidi steals an acorn.  

Watch as Mia tries a bit of acorn.

Mia likes gnawing the acorn.


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3 years ago I was asked to foster a little undernourished, sick and weak puppy.

She had epileptic fits, presumably from a worm infestation that had reached her brain.

From malnutrition she had developed rickets disease.

She was so tiny, the vet thought she might turn into a Chihuahua.

And she was so ill, the veterinary team were not sure she’d last the weekend.


Needless to say, we fell in love with this strong spirited, always happy, always loving little fighter.

A total foster fail, she became part of the family and stayed with us.



3 years on and we couldn’t be happier with our little sunshine.

Gigi has turned into a stunning elegant Africanis mixed-breed dog, full of energy, always wagging her tail.

She is smaller than our other dogs, but in no way does this show: She eats the same, runs as fast and even keeps the upper hand at playfights with our boy dogs.

She is strong and healthy. Gigi never needed the vet, even though she’s a little mischievous and puts herself under strain by eating tomato plants or getting cuts and bruises from crazy zoomies.


So today, as we celebrate her birthday, I took a picture just like when she was a puppy.


Gigi at 3 years old.

Gigi at 3 years old.


Just look at the photos side by side!


3 years ago I was asked to foster little puppy Gigi over the long weekend, as Youth Day fell on a Thursday. It was only…

Posted by SA Rescue Puppies on Tuesday, June 16, 2020


What a cutie!




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I always wanted a pet rat.

But my mom thought otherwise.


So when I moved into my own flat at the age of 19 to start out my life in the big city, I got a pet rat as a parting gift: Fitty!


#PortRATure: My first pet rat Fitty.

#PortRATure: My first pet rat Fitty.


I called her Fitty, because when she sneezed, it sounded like [ˈfyːt].

Rats make those tiny little cute sounds.


I got a book about how to keep pet rats, but I was in for a steep learning curve anyway.

Rats teach you a lot. And about yourself, too.


I had so many adventures with this very conniving clever one.

Fitty had her own will and I was in for a lesson about resilience, stubbornness and stamina.

She was very headstrong and did everything to get her way.


For example: When I went on holiday, I brought Fitty to stay with rattie friends.


Rattie friends here refers to friends I made through the unlikely and thus instantly connecting event of us realising we’re both taking our ratties out in public.

Because no, Fitty did not make friends with their rat.


In our blessed naivety we thought how nice for our pet rats to have a rat companion. So we placed them on a big kitchen table and wanted to see how they’d get along.

But there was no time for that: Fitty walked towards the other rat, who took one sniff of the air and turned and ran. Straight off the kitchen table.


Good thing we gave them enough space.

I had no idea Fitty was such a dominant rat that her mere presence could cause such a reaction in another rat.


I already feared that this would mean Fitty could not stay with them, but they were fine looking after her if she came with her own cage, so the rats could stay separately.


I guess they regretted that for a couple of days though, because when I came back they had this story to tell:


They got repairs done in the bathroom. Because one of the drains lay open, they made a point of always closing the bathroom door, especially when the rats had free roam time.

Obviously the one time they had forgotten, Fitty had already the better of them and went into the bathroom and disappeared into the drain pipe… Gone.

For three days, and she came back.


It’s a Rats! world.


Rats are not to be underestimated just because of their small size.

Pet rats are highly intelligent and might just outwit you.


I love that about these little critters, because life never gets boring with them.

And because ratties are so incredibly social, you can have a strong bond with them.

They love snuggling up on your shoulder and are absolute cuddle masters.


With a pet rat, you’re never alone.

The perfect pet, especially when you live on your own in a small flat.








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Happy World Rat Day!


Celebrating World Rat Day during SA’s Coronavirus Lockdown makes me realise how lucky I am to have my pet rats as companions:


Lonely during Coronavirus Lockdown?

Rats make great pets and can help as emotional support animal for lockdown loneliness:

They don’t need to go outside and are completely happy in the space of your home.

Still, ratties give all the love and affection one could wish for, being incredibly intelligent and social.


Bored during Coronavirus Lockdown?

Pet rats are fun to watch and make great entertainers during lockdown times:

If you ratproof your home you can give them free-roaming time and enjoy a hilarious rattie show.

Ratties are amazing acrobats, they can even climb up walls. They can learn clever tricks and enjoy playing with you.


Worried during Coronavirus Lockdown?

Pet rats are very emphatic animals. They are caring and altruistic, always ready to comfort you during lockdown:

Rats can’t wait to greet you followed by a thorough check-up to make sure you’re ok.

Ratties are so affectionate! As rats are naturally very shy animals, they have the most tender touch and humble approach. They enjoy being close to you and sit on your shoulder, which has a calming and reassuring effect.





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The way they sleep: Our dogs sleep like humans.


Out puppies enjoy sleeping with their head on the pillow, nicely tugged in our soft and fluffy feather duvet.

Sometimes they even snore!

And mostly they end up in some funny sleeping positions.


Like when Lola’s cuddle spooning Gigi:


Total puppy bliss! I just want to snuggle in there and be showered in puppy love.


#Puppy #Bliss





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Hutch, the biggest out of our pack of dogs, looks easily clumsy, lumbering along, trying to keep up.

But he always amazes me with his love for swimming.


In the water, everything that makes Hutch look cloddish on land, works to his advantage.

Instead of being heavy and slow, he is buoyant and strong.


No surprise then that Hutch loves the beach.


He can’t wait to get into the water and runs straight to the ocean, checking out the waves:


I only let our dogs play in the swash.

But Hutch decided otherwise and went for a little swim in the calm sea:




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Our rattie gardens came in many different shapes and variations, from tomato surprises to healthy wheatgrass to leftover seeds in a flower pot and now a whole planter box.


All I do is chuck what is left over from the rattie food into some soil instead of the bin.


A bit of water every now and then and the seeds and grains start growing.


The ratties love the fresh greens and enjoy foraging in the soil.


It gives them some outdoor playtime in a safe and well known environment.


It shows how comfy the ratties feel in their rattie garden when Mia starts to groom herself.




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Dandelion are edible even for humans and there are no known poisionous lookalikes.


I harvest dandelion from our garden, where I know it’s organic. Dandelion is very nutritious and has many health benefits.


So dandelion is a great treat for ratties!









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Our dogs get super excited when they get into the boot and notice we’re going to the beach!

Gigi, our Miniature Pitbull-Africanis, gets the zoomies pretty much from when she hits the sand.

When the sea is calm I often take our dogs into the shallow surf for a nice wash.

So Gigi gets the water zoomies!

Gigi runs in and out of the swash:

Gigi zooms back and forth, jumping for joy:

Gigi plays with some sea bamboo kelp:

Gigi hops into the small waves:

Gigi simply loves the shallow waters:

Cutie puppy Gigi.


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The ratties are wishing you a rattical festive season!


Rattie Luna wishes Merry Christmas:


Pet rat Fenris wishes a Happy Christmas:


Rattie boy Link is in festive spirits:


His rattie brother Mushu wishes Happy Holidays:





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It’s holiday season and I’m busy RattieSitting.


With all these rattie cuties around, what better time to do some PortRATure.


And of course, all in the celebratory spirit of the festive season:

Merry Christmas! 🙂









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I usually make sure there is a piece for everyone when I hand out rattie treats

Because otherwise this happens:

A piece of tomato is making the rounds as it gets snatched up from one rattie to the next:

Rattie boy Link is enjoying the tomato. Fadley picks up on the scent.
Fadley is going for the tomato.
Pet rat Fadley successfuly snatched the tomato from Link.
Now it’s Link’s turn to go for the tomato.
Success! Link got his tomato back.
Oops! Skaven has sneaked up on Link.
Skaven has stolen the tomato from Link.
Luna is also interested in the tomato, but gets distracted by Link, who is also interested in the tomato, but gets distracted by Luna.
Skaven prevails! Well, for now…




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I love watching pet rats, it’s better entertainment than TV.


Giving the ratties free roam time is always a good occasion to catch their latest shenanigans.


So thought our dogs, too, who conveniently sat themselves in front row seats.


As these ratties are visitors, I leave their travel cage close by as a point of safety they can get back to.

Rats usually take a bit of to and fro, forth and back before they go out and explore.


But these rats are very confident and familiar with their surroundings, as they have been here for RattieSitting before.


So rattie Fenris has no qualms to say hello to our puppy Gigi:


Neither does rattie boy Link:


Pet rat Fadley knows Gigi from before and they greet with a nose kiss:


All this interaction is tiring for little Gigi and she puts her head down on the sofa. But she doesn’t stop watching:


#RatsMakeGreatPets #EmotionalSupportAnimal

#GreatEntertainment #BetterThanTV


Please note: Our dogs grew up with pet rats and are trained to look after them.

Generally don’t let animals from different species interact and never without experienced supervision.


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Rats are loyal to their rat clan.


So when rats meet new rats from a different clan, there is going to be a lot of huffing and puffing going on.


When adopting ratties, ideally they can get introduced to the existing rat clan.


It takes time, but my experience is that pet rats always end up as friends in the end.


After about a week in separate cages, introductions can be made.


One way to speed up the process is to distract the rattie bunch with food.


After all, we all know how easy it is to bond over a shared meal:










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Pet rats are extremely well designed animals.

Their body flow is simply beautiful. They move with grace and astound with extraordinary acrobatic skills.


Ratties even look great when they’re asleep:

With their tail tucked under their head, their body forms a perfect circle.

I can’t help it, but just look at these wonderful beings: Everything they do is cute or entertaining or impressive or simply lovely to watch.

Somehow I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I see such tiny fragile creature so trusting that they feel it’s ok to relax and curl up in the open.

Life must be good if your pet rat can chill out like this.






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I can’t remember when last I actually bought a pet rat.


There are enough rescue ratties out there to rather adopt than shop.


And look what lovely surprise destiny has in store when taking on rescue pet rats:


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Welcome to new #rescue #rattie Heidi! #RatsMakeGreatPets #PortRATure

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The bliss of having these cutie little schmoopies around.

They haven’t been handled, but their curiosity gets the better of them.

It only took a few days for them to come excitedly to the cage door to interact and explore.

And they smell so nice! And they are so fluffy and cuddly!


Rats make great pets!





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Pet rats are cuddle masters and snuggle up to each other close and tight.

Sometimes you can’t make out where the one rat begins and the other ends. 


Pet rat Fadley has a lovely snooze on his extra soft pillow…

And sometimes you can’t make out that there is another rattie altogether, squashed in but still comfy.


… which turns out to be rattie girl Luna! 😮




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This is not a rattie couch, it’s actually just a sturdy rattie hammock that was folded together to fit into the travelling cage and got moved into the big cage to keep some familiar smells close by during their rattiesitting stay at the RAT hotel.


But Fadley makes it look like a comfy couch, he is so relaxed and easy going, anywhere he hangs just looks cool.


Every pet rat is unique and Fadley trumps it with the Fadley look: He just knows how to hang.





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Why shrink dogs to rat size when you can have a pet rat to begin with?


Ratties are total cuddle masters:

Not only is their fur the softest, their smell the sweetest and their body supple that they just drape around you like your favourite fashion item, they are also so gentle and giving in their nature.


Simply having this kind little soul settling in your lap is calming.


And unlike dogs that had to be bred to size first, rats feel like they were naturally made to nestle down in your lap.






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2 years ago Starsky & Hutch entered our lives.


What handsome boys they have become:

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Starsky & Hutch! #AdoptDontShop

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As your pet rats gets older, they are likely to become frail.


Some might start losing weight, even though they eat normally.


Sadly this is a sign that your pet rat is succumbing to old age.


To help old rats sustain themselves, they can get special high nutrition treats.

Some treats, that are usually only meant to be given in moderation, can help rattie oldies keep their body weight, such as avocado, nuts and seeds.


If just the rattie oldies get to eat it!

Surely, if there are some younger pet rats around, they come running to steal away the treats.


Like in this picture, where a curious nose is ready to check out the oldies’ rattie food. 

Luckily, Milka and Cinnamonkey are almost done, as they follow the motto: Share Snack – Double Taste!


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I didn’t even know this was such a common practice that there is a word for it:

Dog Dumping is when you drive somewhere with your dog and dump him by the side of the road.


In America this happens so often, especially in the South, that there is plenty of disturbing video footage.

Like this one, secretly filmed, so we get the full extend of this cruel ordeal:


Because dumping your dog isn’t as easy as it sounds:

First you have to go through your dog being happy and jumping for joy as he thinks you’re going for a walk. Then you have to push back your dog, so he doesn’t follow you back in the car. Maybe a bit of kicking is required. And finally you can drive off, with your dog running beside you not understanding what’s going on, just wanting to be with you.


It was at that point that I must have uttered such an upset sound – I can’t watch such acts of cruelty, I cannot believe any human could do such a barbaric thing – and I whaled: Oh no!

In a flash my dogs were by my side to check what had happened that made me so sad.

All of them showering me in kisses, barking to ask what was going on.

All I could do was embrace them and promise that such horror would never happen to them.


I’m so blessed with my puppies!

How can anyone dump their dog?






When your pet rat gets old, they become very fragile and need some extra care.

But just like in our human world, try and tell that to the young. With little regard for the elderly, they just want to play and cuddle, even if it’s too much for the seniors.

So it is no surprise that rattie oldies Cinnamonkey and Milka stick together.

They know each other from back in the day and have become best friends over the years of rattiesitting encounters.

They insist on cuddling together, actively seeking each other out and only settling down in each other’s company.

So we extended the rattiesitting visit, now they can stay together a bit longer.



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When your pet rat gets old, it can be challenging to keep a healthy weight.

Some ratties put on weight, some get thin.

Either way, at an old age your pet rat deserves some special rattie treats.


Milka is very old and very fragile. She got very thin, so she can eat any food she wants, anything that helps her gain some weight.

She is in good spirits and appreciates a yummy snack. She loves to lap up the baby puree out of the squeeze pouch:


Cinnamonkey is also old, but still quite fit. She enjoys a climb every now and then and always makes sure to greet you.

Cinnamonkey is a foodie and loves the baby puree. It looks so cute how she licks it from the squeeze pouch:


Luna doesn’t look her age, but is already a Grande Lady. She is maybe a little less active than the younger and naughtier version of herself, but she is just as energetic.

Accordingly she grasps the nozzle of the squeeze pouch to make sure she’ll get her fair share of the baby puree:




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There’s no denying it: Rats are nosy!


Of course, only in the cutest way possible:


Rats have a remarkable sense of smell


Rats have an amazing sense of smell and rank amongst the top 10 sniffers in the animal kingdom.


Rats smell in stereo and save human lives by sniffing out landmines and tuberculosis.


Rats even work for the police, as they are easier and cheaper to train than dogs in detecting gunshot residue.




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The dilemma:
How they went to sleep.

Pet rat Cinnamonkey likes to sleep in her favourite rattie bed, but two don’t really fit.
However, rattie oldies Milka and Cinnamonkey enjoy snuggling together so much, that they still try to squeeze in.


The solution:
How they greeted me in the morning.




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Vet orders are that rattie Fadley needs to lose weight.

As it’s impossible to cut down on his diet – he eats what everyone else in his rattie clan is eating – exercise is key.

So I spend a bit more play time with Fadley and for extra exercise, his task is to find his way back to the cage.

Already outside in the garden, he is eager to return and does some amazing climbing manoevres to end up on the middle piece of the outdoor table where he sits like on a throne.

Promptly, he gets a fan, as puppy Gigi can’t keep her eyes off of him.

Not too impressed, Fadley decides to take the other way back.

Back upstairs, I let Fadley run across the bed balustrade when alas, Gigi is back to snuffle him out properly.

Besides her “tackles”, he manages expertly and with a bit of encouragement finishes his exercise for the day.


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What a lovely sight!


‘Soleirolia soleirolii’ also known as ‘Peace in the Home’ indeed adds tranquility to any garden or indoor greenery.


Its bright yet delicate leaves are the perfect rattie size.

It is non-toxic and easy to keep in a shaded place with plenty of water.

When it thrives it grows all over the ground like a thick plush carpet.


Just the right foliage for a little rattie nose.


And so pet rat Milka enjoys rustling about in it:




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During Cape Town’s chilly winter weather, everyone seems to be hibernating.


Also our dogs snuggle up warm under the thick winter duvet.


While it’s fine for dogs to sleep under the duvet with no risk of suffocating, our pups prefer to keep their heads above the blanket.


Puppy Lola even puts her head on a pillow.


So our dogs sleep just like humans:






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Rattie sisters Sisi and Milka share happily their amasi treat.


Pet rats are so sweet and so kind to each other.

They both dive in to schleck up the yogurt.

But they both know there’s enough for everyone.

So they share their treat, with one eye winking, it’s the long whiskers that are in the way.


#Rattie #Bliss


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My pet rat sisters Milka and Sisi are oldies but goldies by now.


They are not so mobile anymore and mostly hibernating in Cape Town’s chilly winter.


So I treat them to ‘breakfast in bed’.


They don’t have to leave the warmth of their nest and happily share their sorghum amasi treat.






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Part of the daily rattie routine starts with a check up on the pet rats in their nest.


The picture that greets me in the morning is always the cutest:

When rats feel safe and allow themselves to properly fall asleep, they do so looking especially snug and comfy.


Accordingly, waking up takes a moment or two, and again makes for the most endearing moments:

Eyes still closed, a yawn, a stretch, a shuffle and a cute look.



#Rattie #Bliss          #RatsMakeGreatPets


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I love going to the beach with our 4 rescue dogs.


4 dogs is quite a lot and when I take photos, chances are, there’s a dog in there somewhere.


Sometimes I just want to capture the scene, like this picture of Stairs that Sink in the Sands.


The truth is: I go through a lot of puppy photobomb shots before I get to snatch the actual image:


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It was meant to be a healthy rattie treat: Clovers I pick for the makeshift rattie garden, to bring fresh greens into the wintery hibernation time.


But pet rat Sisi pulled it all into the rattie nest. It seems clovers make for a great substitute to ripped paper or shredded bags.


So it comes that Sisi is sleeping on a bed of clovers:




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It is so tricky to get a good photo of all the cute things pet rats do.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures of rats, but #PortRATure remains a challenge.

With ratties you have to be always ready to capture the next endearing moment, like this one:


Rattie Treat: Sorghum Amasi Meal


When I served my hibernating ratties a nicely cooked sorghum meal topped with amasi just outside their rattie nest, Sisi started slurping:




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Our rescue dogs live in total bliss:

They are allowed to sleep in our bed and in this cold winter weather appreciate cuddling in our thick duvets.


It’s funny to watch the way they sleep.

Puppy Lola sleeps like a human: She likes to rest her head properly on a pillow.

About to nod off, she is only bothered by my attempt to film her, before she relaxes and falls asleep:





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What a cute idea!


Crochet a cute rattie bookmark.

Crochet a cute rattie bookmark.


Crochet a Book Rat!

How adorable is this cute crocheted rat bookmark.

You can learn the crochet instructions for the amigurumi rat for free!


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Every walk at the beach is pure joy.


I often stop to just take in all the beauty Cape Town has to offer.


I’m not the only one:

Even our dogs stop in their puppy play and take in the vastness of the view.




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Pet rats are Master Shredders!


It is cold in Cape Town’s winter and my ratties are mostly hibernating.


Checking up on them, I’m always amazed at the amount of work they spend shredding paper, turning whole newspapers into finely ripped strips.


It’s like the tiny ratoots are hidden away in a sea of fluffy paper snippets:



But alas, with the next cage clean, it’s all going to go.


And so, with a whole lot of fresh newspaper, the shredding starts again.




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When I buy fish, I ask for it to get filleted and keep the bones.

That makes two dishes: The fish I fry and from the bones I make bone broth.


The longer fish bones boil, the softer they get.

When the fish broth is done, what remains is a mushy mix of bones turned jelly and fish meat.


Removing all remaining big fish bones, this makes a great treat for dogs!

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Homemade fish stock, like any bone broth, is a super food for humans and pets alike.


It also tastes really good, as our dogs are enjoying this special treat: 

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#Puppy #Treat: Fish Stock

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Lola the township rescue. I couldn’t have wished for a better dog.

I’m totally smitten by this gorgeous little lady.

During Cape Town’s colder winter days, Lola’s fur is so thick and soft, your hands sink into plush warmth. I just want to dive right into it and nuzzle up close.

Puppy Lola is the bestest.


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It’s getting cold in Cape Town with lots of rain.

Now is the time to snuggle up close and keep warm.

My pet rats – as the cuddle masters they are – have prepped their rattie home and perfected their nest to be super cosy.

And it’s really warm in there! Sometimes I stick my hand in to check up on them and I’m always amazed how mega warm they have it in there.

I’m glad to feel both my rattie girls are as fluffy soft cuddly as always.

Because in these cold days I hardly see them anymore!

They are hibernating. Well, honestly, there is no reason to leave the nest.

So a quick hello and back to bed is all I get from my ratties:



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To think back when Gigi came to us as this malnutritioned handful of a puppy, plagued by rickets disease and epilepsy.


What a pretty little lady she has become.


From ugly duckling to beautiful swan, a story true for all rescue dogs I know.


Adopting this little cutie pie was one of the best things I’ve ever done.


Puppy Gigi loves to cuddle all the time.

Puppy Gigi loves to cuddle all the time.


I can't stop cuddling her too.

I can’t stop cuddling her too.


Gigi is one of the best things that happened to me. #AdoptDontShop

Gigi is one of the best things that happened to me. #AdoptDontShop




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Pet rats are cuddle masters and amazing nest builders.

It seems an important part of their life is to be really comfy.


Rattie Olive knows how to be snug.

She just always looks so cosy:


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Another example that pet rats remember each other:


Rattie sisters Sisi and Olive were adopted into different homes at a young age, but being family we made sure they got to meet up.


They had not seen each other in a while though when Olive reunited with her sisters Sisi and Milka.


After a bit of a tussle about reestablishing the hierarchy order, Olive and Sisi hit it off like twins:







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Puppy Lola is obsessed with lights and shadows, reflections and laser beams.


At the beach that means she is constantly on the lookout for shadows of birds flying by.

Her eyes peeled to the ground, also my shadow is part of her game.


So I reach out to her with my shadow hand:


There’s always a new way to play with your puppy. That makes it so entertaining.








Pet rat Olive is a Master Nest Builder.

Because any time she can, she busies herself with building a nest.

So I give her nice papers, which she shreds duly and relentlessly into smaller pieces that fit well into the nest.

Because before you can become a Master Nest Builder, you first have to be a Master Shredder.

Sometimes I give her a head start with already shredded paper which gets incorporated into the nest construction.

Because a nest, just like any home, is never finished.

Then I don’t give her any nest building material and she just chills and enjoys her comfy hangout.

Because the next day I clean the cage and all is gone. All that effort and dedication simply lands in the bin.


Pet rat Olive is a Master Nest Builder.

That means any time she can, she will build a nest.

So I give her nice papers…