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Puppy Bliss: The joys of having puppies

Cutie pie Hutch looks like he's sticking out his tongue.

Cutie pie Hutch looks like he’s sticking out his tongue.

The funny moments puppies bring into our lives: Here rescue puppy Hutch looks like he’s sticking out his tongue. ♥

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RattieSitting always confronts you with the unexpected:

What do I find as I clean the rattie cage? My nail file! 😮


One of the reasons why you must always keep your home ratproof and how pet rats force you to be neat and tidy.

It also shows that you need to empty out your rat cage carefully, you never know what you might find in the depths of the rattie den!


This time I’m caught by surprise that beautiful Skavin is also a #CleverRat and turns out to be a nail file thief!

#CleverRat: Skavin turns out to be a nail file thief! ;)

#CleverRat: Skavin turns out to be a nail file thief! Can you see the gnawing evidence? 😉


Understandably so: Rats’ teeth never stop growing, which causes them to brux and gives them the need to gnaw.

What better instrument to keep your ever growing teeth in check than a nail file!

I can imagine that simply carrying the nail file in their teeth gives every pet rat a tingle right up into their spine.

Clever little munchkins, these ratoos!


And while it might’ve been annoying not to have my nail file at hand, I can’t help but think that rats make great pets. 😊


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I see triple: Who is who is who?

I see triple: Who is who is who?


As if it wasn’t enough to have Folly and Peanuts look the same, there’s of course still Folly’s sister Madness.


Can you tell the difference between these three?

Who is who is who?


Madness has dark socks, while Folly and Peanuts have white socks.

Peanuts has slightly darker ears than Folly.


But at first glance it’s close to impossible to tell them apart.


As long as they all get along, not a problem.


Only when it comes to going back home, it is of course paramount that we can identify the ratties properly.


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#RattieSitting: Folly is the spitting image of Peanuts.

#RattieSitting: Folly is the spitting image of Peanuts.


It does happen that I get lots of ratties at the same time for RattieSitting. Especially during holidays, the number of visiting pet rats can be quite big.

And it can happen that some ratties look really similar.


Even if it gets confusing when taking pictures for PortRATure, they mostly have some markings that makes it easy to distinguish them when comparing them side by side.

Not so with these two: Folly and Peanuts!


To let the ratties get to know each other, I often place them in the rattie garden: It’s an outdoor shelf with lots of pots for growing fresh grass for the ratties from their leftover seeds.

As this is neutral territory and a new environment, the ratties are busy enough to roam and explore, so that they make friends and huddle together.


Picking them up and wanting to put them back in their cages, I faced a serious dilemma with Folly and Peanuts: They are the spitting image of each other! Who is who?


Usually it’s quite easy to tell similarly looking ratties apart by their character. But these are guests, I also need to get to know them first.

And usually ratties prefer to hang with their own clan. But I just let them all get to know each other, so they don’t mind hanging with their new friends.


Luckily I’m very good with taking close-up portraits of the visiting ratties. So it was possible for me to identify Peanuts.


But just in case, I checked back with Folly’s owner to make sure she chooses the right rattie when it came to picking them up for taking them home again!


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I see double: Summer and Skavin

I see double: Summer and Skavin


The joys of RattieSitting:

Mixing it up with the visiting pet rats can also backfire!

Sometimes ratties look so similar, it becomes difficult to tell them apart.

Here we have beauties Summer and Skavin:

Luckily they do have distinctive marks: Summer has the cutest white belly ready for cuddly kisses while Skavin is a gorgeous black self, meaning she is black all over.

But at first glance, it’s hard to distinguish them.

Taking pictures for PortRATure for example is a challenge when these two pop up and it’s not clear who is who.

Well, it never gets boring with pet rats, that’s why rats make great pets! 😀


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Foster Puppy Hutch is double toothed: His adult tooth is growing next to his puppy tooth.

Foster Puppy Hutch is double toothed: His adult tooth is growing next to his puppy tooth.


Especially with rescue dogs it’s a good idea to note when they lose their puppy teeth, as it gives an indication of their age:


Puppies start losing their teeth at about 4 months.


To record the first tooth falling out with a time stamp, simply take a photo of your puppy’s state of teeth.


Watch out for the lost puppy teeth, they make a nice memory.


It’s important to catch the first tooth falling out, as the process of replacing puppy teeth with adult teeth can take several months.

Usually it should be completed around 6 months, but especially if the adult teeth are growing side by side with the puppy teeth, it can take a while until the puppy teeth finally fall out.


In the meantime you end up with a double toothed puppy:


Even though Hutch's adult fang is growing, his puppy tooth is still not falling out.

Even though Hutch’s adult fang is growing, his puppy tooth is still not falling out.


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All our dogs get an egg a day, it’s a complete dog meal and lots of fun to eat.


To turn it into a challenge, I sometimes give them the hardboiled egg as is: no cracks, no help.


It’s amazing how quickly they figure it out and crack the egg.
But more impressive even is how skilled dogs are at peeling eggs:
They use their front paws to scratch off the shell and then hold it down to munch up the egg inside.


Here you can see how much Hutch loves his egg, tenderly holding it in place with his left paw:

Foster puppy Hutch loves his egg! He's very skilled at peeling it with his front paws.

Foster puppy Hutch loves his egg! He’s very skilled at peeling it with his front paws.

His enjoyment can’t last long however, as Gigi is always ready to steal his treat:


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