#Beach #Walk: Headache from strong winds?


I like to go to the beach with the dogs at least once a week for a good wash. Our dogs enjoy running in the soft sand and even get the water zoomies.


January and February is the time of the year in Cape Town when the Cape Doctor is blowing with powerful gusts.


It’s great for kite surfers, but it means sand is blowing across the beach giving your legs an unexpected scrub and the wind howls in your ears.


Not an excuse for our puppies not to go. So also I am bracing the weather.


I quite enjoy the wind, it usually leaves the beach pretty empty but full of colourful kites dancing on the sea.


But this day I got a bit much of it:

A headache crept across my forehead towards the temples, squeezing my skull together.


It seems strong wind can trigger migraine.

I never had migraine, but this headache felt really bad. Furthermore I was dizzy and everything was spinning.


Apparently “Wind also triggers headaches partly because of the things that may be in the wind as it blows through but also because the wind blows in your nose and your ears and irritates the membranes and triggers a headache that way.” – Non-Food Headache Triggers


Oh well, next time I wear earmuffs to the beach then…



New Facebook Design: A bit like Twitter


Of course, it was about time that Facebook had an overhaul. Its interface stayed visually the same for many years.


Now Facebook got a fresh, simpler look

Change is here: Facebook is rolling out its new interface design.

A bit like Twitter.

Just like Twitter Facebook’s desktop interface now looks more mobile friendly, offers dark mode and is less cluttered:

Changing over to the new look: Refreshing my Facebook tabs results in displaying the new Facebook favicon.

But unlike Twitter the internet is rather favourable towards Facebook’s long overdue design update. Maybe because Twitter did a good job as a trailblazer.

So we’re back to different but all the same.

#Beach #Walk with the #dogs: like a healing meditation

Arriving at the beach is like finally getting a chance to breathe:


The vast landscape allows the eyes to relax with far and free views:


Walking by the waves, inhaling the fresh crisp breeze, simply invigorating:


Simply sitting on the sand in the sun, being:

#Puppy #Bliss: Our dogs are cuddle masters at spooning


The way they sleep: Our dogs sleep like humans.


Out puppies enjoy sleeping with their head on the pillow, nicely tugged in our soft and fluffy feather duvet.

Sometimes they even snore!

And mostly they end up in some funny sleeping positions.


Like when Lola’s cuddle spooning Gigi:


Total puppy bliss! I just want to snuggle in there and be showered in puppy love.


#Puppy #Bliss





Members of Parliament of South Africa – none?


With the latest SONA hoo-ha I happened to watch the proceedings of the House and got curious to find out about the members of parliament.


So I went to the official Parliament of the Republic of South Africa website and found on their official page on Members of Parliament – none: 

That’s because this dedicated landing page has been left empty assuming users will navigate through the drop-down menu and neglecting that this powerful stand-alone page comes up in Google search results on its own.

Always ensure all your pages have Value Added Content and a menu to navigate to the next interesting page.


#GoodPractice #Tip brought to you by #YoursTrulyJuly

#SONA2020: Amusing dinner TV


We don’t have a TV and I usually listen to the State Of the Nation Address (SONA) on the radio.


But on the evening of the SONA speech we happened to be out for Steak Thursday.


We were the only ones inside and enjoyed a TV-free time.


But as if on cue for the breaking news, the TV right in front of us was switched on: SONA suspended after EFF disruptions.


Indeed it was quite a spectacle: the red overalls, the red hard hats, the chanting, the protesting, – or maybe not judging by the completely unperturbed expressions on the faces of the members of parliament.


We only got in late, the EFF was already leaving the house, but just in time for the funniest moments.


This was my favourite scene, fast forward to 2:50, just before the end, when one EFF member thinks he gets heckled but luckily realises quickly that it was one of his own colleagues:


Clearly the EFF caused a lot of confusion, even amongst themselves.


But respect to Julius Malema for once again playing the media well to give his own speech to the nation ahead of the official SONA:


All in all, amusing dinner TV: 

Steak and Sona: Amusing dinner TV



Positive things out of loadshedding

Be prepared for loadshedding: There are positive outcomes from power outtakes, such as being organised for the next scheduled blackout. (parent24, iStock)


I’m surprised there’s a word and a system for the scheduled outtake of power supply: Loadshedding.

Unless you live it you will never understand what it means to have such important supply as electricity cut off.

But, it’s not all bad.


How loadshedding can change you for the better


You become more organised.

Ah, you think you can take it easy and burn the midnight oil on that presentation? Not so fast: There’s probably loadshedding on and no electricitý to power your technical equipment.
Knowing when loadshedding is going to happen is a new form of being organised.
Of course, there’s an app for that. But if you don’t use mobile data, and instead connect your phone to wifi, that too will be switched off during loadshedding.
You need to check ahead, early enough to not be caught out.
So just to be on the safe side, revert back to the good old print out. Have your loadshedding schedule handy in an easy to access place. Make it a habit to regularly check for upcoming blackout periods.


You learn to plan ahead.

Loadshedding is not so bad when you’re prepared.
There’s quite a tick list of things to do before loadshedding begins.
Starting with stocking up on all sorts of goods, from batteries to gas cooker, to prepping hot water for tea or coffee, and ending with switching off all appliances on the main plug.
If you get it all done in time, you can clap yourself on the shoulder.


You become more efficient.

You better get that report done before loadshedding begins. That’s a serious hard core deadline, because when the electricity switches off, that’s it.
From trying to turn off the PC in time for when loadshedding kicks in, to trying to get your work done before your laptop’s battery runs out.
Quite good incentives to stay focused and get your work done.


You get to be inventive.

Any makers and creators out there are finding their own interesting hacks around loadshedding.
A lot can be achieved with LED lights and solar power. You get a feel how much electricity appliances actually consume and what it takes to make electricity.
Necessity is the mother of invention.


You become cat-like.

Wow, loadshedding at night.
While maybe a great incentive to get a good night’s sleep, it also trains you in total ninja skills:
Walking around the house in darkness. Making out the slightest sources of light. Outside the moonlight is bright enough. Inside we navigate with heightened senses. Learning the walk to the bathroom by heart. Finding our way with closed eyes.
At the same time you walk light, as to not accidentally run into anything and hurt yourself. Like a cat we are ready to fall on all fours. Like a ninja we keep soft in our knees to prevent any mishaps. Ready for anything.


You go back to basics.

Loadshedding brings back the good old ways: 
Making coffee on the gas stove instead of the fancy schmancy plastic polluting coffee machine.
Cooking a dish from scratch instead of heating up a ready meal in the microwave.
Playing a board game instead of a computer game.
Reading a book instead of watching TV.
Going for a jog instead of running on the treadmill.


You become more social.

With access to electronics denied, there’s time to do the things our modern lifestyle neglects:
Spouses are talking to each other.
Flatmates cook together.
Neighbours chat on the side of the street.
Friends meet up to do something while loadshedding is on.
Loadshedding provides a break from FOMO and gives opportunities for JOMO.


The examples are endless. How has loadshedding affected you in a positive way?




#Good #Practice #Tip: How NOT to post links

Sharing a link is easy:

A simple copy and paste of the address bar and you get the url that brought you to the site you want to link to.

However, this is what you might end up with:


For tracking user traffic, links often contain more information than just the basic url.

For best practices you need to clean up that url before sharing it.


It is not always easy to detect the original link amongst all that extra coding info and sometimes workarounds are needed to get the clean permalink.


A common solution is to use a URL Shortener, which can be customised into an easy to remember link.


Don’t just copy and paste mindlessly. Take a look at what you are inserting and if there is a way to edit it for improved usability.





#Good #Practice #Tip: Work-Life Balance with OPPP – One Page Personal Plan


We live in fantastic times where work-life balance is even a thing.

A relative new concept from the 1970s / 1980s, work-life balance is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal.


In order to give our private life the attention it deserves, an equally powerful tool like the OPSP can help to keep the focus on what’s important for you personally:


A summary of your own goals: One Page Personal Plan

The One Page Personal Plan provides a clear overview of your short-term to long-term goals.

It gives you a birds eye view to see how your different life goals can fit together.

It also boils down your great expectations to achievable steps.

It can help align your goals with the goals of your life partner, – why not do the exercise of filling in the OPPP together.

The process of setting your life goals alone is a big step in your personal development: Do you know what your goals actually are? Do you know how to get there?


It feels good to have a direction in life, unless of course you like to live dangerously:

#Good #Practice #Tip: Success thanks to #OPSP – One Page Strategic Plan


There are many handy business tools out there.

And that’s exactly what’s overwhelming.


With all these different brainstorming, design thinking, copy strategy methods we create a lot of content.

It’s important to keep an overview to stay on track.


At a glance summary: One Page Strategic Plan

The One Page Strategic Plan shows everything you need in a concise outline one one page.

You can print it, hang it up on the wall and grasp what you are doing, why and who you need for that in one glance.

Furthermore, others can see if they’re on board with it.

And even better: The process of working out the 4 Key Decisions of Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up step-by-step formula aligns everyone’s goals, bringing all together in completing the One Page Strategic Plan.


Get cracking at your strategy, so you won’t have to revert back to: 

Our Strategy is to develop a Strategy!