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The sun in South Africa creates a wonderful light.

Especially in Cape Town, surrounded by oceans, the sky is so blue you want to fall into it.


At the beach the sea reflects the sun and the wet sand also sparkles up every time the waves retract.

It’s a glistening spectacle bigger than Christmas.

Twinkles dancing in the surf, running across the gleaming coat of our dogs, disappearing in the Fata Morgana around Robben Island.


There is a misty haze moving in and it blurs the horizon, somehow putting us in a bubble, like we’re sitting inside a snow globe where the sun always shines.


As I stare into the distance trying to decipher Robben Island from haze, mirage and glare, the dogs join me and Starsky sits by my side.


Our puppies also enjoy the beach and take a moment to appreciate the viewappreciate the view.


#LoveCapeTown #AdoptDontShop



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During Cape Town’s chilly winter weather, everyone seems to be hibernating.


Also our dogs snuggle up warm under the thick winter duvet.


While it’s fine for dogs to sleep under the duvet with no risk of suffocating, our pups prefer to keep their heads above the blanket.


Puppy Lola even puts her head on a pillow.


So our dogs sleep just like humans:






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Going to the beach is always such a wonderful experience, our dogs get excited when we get ready for the car.


Getting to the beach, they jump out of the boot in pure joy.


For Hutch this continues all the way until he hits the waves.




Hutch loves water and turns out to be a real good swimmer.


I don’t let him swim in the ocean, but he loves jumping about in the surf.


I love that he gets a good wash out of it which is desperately needed after a dusty and tick infested hike on Table Mountain.


I also enjoy wading into the fresh and energising sea, together with the dogs it’s like being a child, playing around in the cool surf.


A walk at the beach is like a holiday.





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I love going to the beach with our 4 rescue dogs.


4 dogs is quite a lot and when I take photos, chances are, there’s a dog in there somewhere.


Sometimes I just want to capture the scene, like this picture of Stairs that Sink in the Sands.


The truth is: I go through a lot of puppy photobomb shots before I get to snatch the actual image:


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#Beach #Walk with the dogs: #Photobomb #shots. #AdoptDontShop

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Our rescue dogs live in total bliss:

They are allowed to sleep in our bed and in this cold winter weather appreciate cuddling in our thick duvets.


It’s funny to watch the way they sleep.

Puppy Lola sleeps like a human: She likes to rest her head properly on a pillow.

About to nod off, she is only bothered by my attempt to film her, before she relaxes and falls asleep:





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Every walk at the beach is pure joy.


I often stop to just take in all the beauty Cape Town has to offer.


I’m not the only one:

Even our dogs stop in their puppy play and take in the vastness of the view.




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When I buy fish, I ask for it to get filleted and keep the bones.

That makes two dishes: The fish I fry and from the bones I make bone broth.


The longer fish bones boil, the softer they get.

When the fish broth is done, what remains is a mushy mix of bones turned jelly and fish meat.


Removing all remaining big fish bones, this makes a great treat for dogs!

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#Puppy #Treat: Fish Stock

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Homemade fish stock, like any bone broth, is a super food for humans and pets alike.


It also tastes really good, as our dogs are enjoying this special treat: 

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#Puppy #Treat: Fish Stock

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