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Combing through that mess while it's still wet? No way!

Combing through that mess while it’s still wet? No way!


I used to be very picky with my hair:

No colour and only the best hair care products would touch it.
From expensive shampoo to special conditioner to elaborate leave-in intensive hair treatment.


Then I became a hair model.

That meant lots of colour, from blonde to grey to brown to red, but still only the best colour care products for my hair.


Until I had enough. I lost all flexibility and flow of my hair, it was so damaged. My hair became unmanageable and it was time to leave it in peace for a while.


I decided nothing would touch my hair:

No colour, but also none of those manipulatively advertised beauty products.
I realised it was silly stripping my hair off all its natural oils and then replacing them with silicone and who knows what is in that mass produced big corporate’s merchandise.


After a long break from any treatment of my hair, I started with some colour again, but I still stay away from conventional beauty products.


So now I only use very mild non-foamy shampoos that have nothing but natural ingredients.

This of course left me with a dilemma:

Combing long hair that has not been treated with conditioner.
– An almost impossible feat.


However, there’s a trick that makes it much easier:

Don’t comb your hair while it’s wet.
Leave it to dry first.


Any knots or entanglements are so much easier to comb through when your hair is dry.
The hair also still straightens once it’s combed, mine doesn’t stay curly or frizzy just because I didn’t comb it right away.


When I didn’t use colour in my hair, it was so fine and straight, I sometimes didn’t comb it at all.
Then it just would fall in big strands with no risk of looking frizzy.


All this nonsense of hair care is overrated.

Sometimes leaving your hair natural can give you quite a cool look, you know: that ‘I just came from the beach’ or ‘I just fell out of bed’ look.
And it definitely makes you get to know your hair and yourself better. 🙂




Der BBC Learning English Podcast ist ideal, um seine Englischkenntnisse zu vertiefen.

Der BBC Learning English Podcast ist ideal, um seine Englischkenntnisse zu vertiefen.


Man lernt nie aus.

Selbst wenn man denkt, man kann die Grammatik, hilft es doch sein Wissen aufzufrischen.

Und man weiß ja nie, vielleicht lernt man ja doch noch eine neue Gedankenstütze oder Eselsbrücke, um Englisch korrekt zu verwenden.


Die BBC Learning English Podcasts erklären in einfach zu verstehendem Englisch all die Regeln und Ausnahmen der englischen Sprache.

Jedes Thema wird in nur 6 Minuten abgehandelt. Kurz und bündig, um sein Englisch auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten.

Die Podcasts sind zum Downloaden 30 Tage lang verfügbar:

BBC 6 Minute Grammar

BBC 6 Minute English

BBC 6 Minute Vocabulary


Ich lade mir regelmäßig diese Podcasts auf mein Handy und höre sie mir an, wenn ich zu Bett gehe.

Sollten sie tatsächlich doch mal etwas langweilig sein, funktionieren sie immer noch total gut, um dabei schön einzuschlafen. 😉


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The BBC Learning English podcast is ideal to deepen your English skills.

The BBC Learning English podcast is ideal to deepen your English skills.


There’s always something new to learn.

Even if you think you know your grammar, it helps to get your knowledge reaffirmed.

And you never know, you might be surprised to learn a new memory hook or an easy mnemonic trick for using correct English.


The BBC Learning English podcasts explain in easy to understand English all the rules and exceptions of the English language.

Each topic is presented in only 6 minutes. Short and sweet to keep your English up to scratch.

The podcasts are available to download for 30 days:

BBC 6 Minute Grammar

BBC 6 Minute English

BBC 6 Minute Vocabulary


I regularly download these podcasts onto my mobile phone and listen to them when I go to bed.

If they’re indeed a bit boring, they still function well to let you fall asleep. 😉


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When faced with the impossible, and no options at hand to be able to do anything about it: Light a candle.

Light a Candle

Light a Candle


When life throws you curveballs, it’s tough to find a way to cope.

Especially when it’s a situation that’s out of your hands, when the questions start circling in your head: Why? How can this be? What can I do?

This is however only a downward spiral. For some events that happen to you, there’s simply no explanation and it remains incomprehensible.


One way to find condolence is to light a candle.

There’s something to igniting a flame and keeping it alive.

Bringing light into the dark.

Creating warmth in the cold.

Making a bleak environment homely.

Watching the flame dance is soothing.

Following how the wax melts, circling towards the wick to feed the fire is like meditation.

Appreciating the glow, the peaceful atmosphere it creates is calming.

It’s a simple act. Yet, it can have so much meaning.

It’s not much. Yet, it’s a small thing we can do.

It might not have an immediate impact. Yet, it allows us to put a pause to our worries.


When left with nothing to hold onto, solace can be found in kindling a candle.


Plastic everywhere: Plastic pollution is a global crisis. - Photo Credit: Chris Jordan / US Fish and Wildlife Service

Plastic everywhere: Plastic pollution is a global crisis. – Photo Credit: Chris Jordan / US Fish and Wildlife Service


Today is Earth Day.

The outlook is bleak. Our planet is dying and it’s our fault. Weltschmerz seeps in easily.

One of the major problems we all contribute to is plastic.

Yet, it is so easy to avoid using plastic bags.

The Earth Day movement has launched a Plastic Pollution Calculator:

Use this calculator to learn how much plastic you waste.

In addition you can pledge to reduce your plastic consumption.

Plastic pollution is a global crisis. Be the change. Stop using plastic!


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Tip: Laugh more!

Tip: Laugh more!


I’m a trained laughter coach, because laughing is one of the healthiest exercises we can do.


The Benefits of Laughter

Physical Health Benefits: Mental Health Benefits: Social Benefits:
Boosts immunity Releases endorphins and makes us happy Strengthens relationships
Lowers stress hormones Eases anxiety and fear Improves communication
Decreases pain Relieves stress Enhances teamwork
Relaxes muscles Improves mood Promotes group bonding
Prevents heart disease Enhances resilience Defuses anger and conflict
Lowers blood pressure Improves memory and learning Helps as a coping mechanism
Increases blood oxygenation Increases alertness and creativity Gives a welcomed distraction
Workout for diaphragm and abdominal, plus respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles Liberates suppressed emotions Prevents us from taking things too seriously
Excellent cardiac exercise Combats Depression Raises energy and self-esteem
Speeds up metabolism Fosters positive thinking Builds rapport
Burns calories and keeps us fit Produces a sense of well-being Makes us attractive



InHappiness Foundation



National Center for Biotechnology Information

Laughter Online University



Your dirty dishwater could kill some of those creepy bugs.

Your dirty dishwater could kill some creepy bugs.


My urban gardening guerrilla tomatoes (guerrilla because they kind of have the tendency to grow themselves) were all of a sudden not faring so well. A close inspection revealed they were under attack: Red Spider Mites!


When I researched How to Get Rid of Red Spider Mites Organically I was surprised to read a simple recipe for bug spray listed:


Easy recipe for bug spray

1 litre water

+  2 tablespoons cooking oil

+  2 tablespoons soap


That’s basically my dirty dishwater!


If you brush your dishes free from food leftovers and wash them with biodegradable dishwashing liquid, you can use the dirty dishwater on your plants as a bug repellent. You might need to add oil or soap, or just want to use it as a preventative in a mild mixture.


Vinegar, lemon juice, hot sauce, essential oils are also great bug repellents. So if you have any of these left over, don’t waste them down the drain, but spritz them on your plants instead.


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