Content Coach

I teach Best Practices for Content Marketing. You can hire me for training workshops, simply email:

I also offer content coaching on the job: It gives you greater flexibility and me the chance to produce more tailored solutions.

Please take a quick look at this slide show for an overview of the services I offer along the Content Marketing Journey.




Intro: Internet Safety

How to research the internet

How to spot fake news

How to spot a fake profile

Scams: If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is


Intro: What is Web Accessibility?

Optimising websites for disabled people

Making your website accessible for visually impaired people

Make your own website with WordPress


Intro: What is Content Marketing?

Creating Brand Awareness with 0 budget

Defining the brand: Tonality

Defining the campaign: Copy Strategy


Intro: Why Social Media?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Moderation


Intro: Why Mobile?

Mobile Content Production

Mobile Content Optimisation

Writing for Mobile

Imagery for Mobile