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Happy Women’s Day! 🙂


This year’s theme for International Women’s Day (8 March) is,
I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”.


The generic symbol for gender equality combines the symbols for Masculism and Feminism in an equal way.

The generic symbol for gender equality combines the symbols for Masculism and Feminism in an equal way.


A very clear message that most pro-women initiatives are simply about equality.


UNICEF says gender equality “means that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. It does not require that girls and boys, or women and men, be the same, or that they be treated exactly alike.” 


When I voice women’s rights I’m often belittled as a feminist or I’m being accused of being against men.


It is astounding how some men appear to be fearful of women excluding them and how guilty some women seem to feel when they support other women – not excluding men, but not making the whole shebang about them either.


There seems to be an underlying resistance to give more power to women.


But women are not asking for more power.


Women are asking for equal power.


And in order to get to an equal balance with men, women still need more support from both sides:


–  About three-quarters of violent crimes against women are committed by males.

–  The majority of rape victims are female.

–  Women are still being paid less than men.

–  Worldwide 1 in 4 girls are neither employed nor in education or training – compared to 1 in 10 boys.

–  Women’s mobility is limited in many countries.

–  Women suffer more severe injuries in car crashes because safety features are designed for men.


… and the list goes on…


We’re still far far off from achieving gender equality, for example:
The global pay gap will take 202 years to close.


In times of #20Plenty, let’s make this a year of #20PlentyForAll and change this world to a better place for everyone.







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We live in fantastic times where work-life balance is even a thing.

A relative new concept from the 1970s / 1980s, work-life balance is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal.


In order to give our private life the attention it deserves, an equally powerful tool like the OPSP can help to keep the focus on what’s important for you personally:


A summary of your own goals: One Page Personal Plan

The One Page Personal Plan provides a clear overview of your short-term to long-term goals.

It gives you a birds eye view to see how your different life goals can fit together.

It also boils down your great expectations to achievable steps.

It can help align your goals with the goals of your life partner, – why not do the exercise of filling in the OPPP together.

The process of setting your life goals alone is a big step in your personal development: Do you know what your goals actually are? Do you know how to get there?


It feels good to have a direction in life, unless of course you like to live dangerously:

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There are many handy business tools out there.

And that’s exactly what’s overwhelming.


With all these different brainstorming, design thinking, copy strategy methods we create a lot of content.

It’s important to keep an overview to stay on track.


At a glance summary: One Page Strategic Plan

The One Page Strategic Plan shows everything you need in a concise outline one one page.

You can print it, hang it up on the wall and grasp what you are doing, why and who you need for that in one glance.

Furthermore, others can see if they’re on board with it.

And even better: The process of working out the 4 Key Decisions of Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up step-by-step formula aligns everyone’s goals, bringing all together in completing the One Page Strategic Plan.


Get cracking at your strategy, so you won’t have to revert back to: 

Our Strategy is to develop a Strategy!


A new year, a new you! This year will be different!


It’s easy to dismiss new year’s resolutions as unachievable with the news pounding into us that only an elite few of 8% ever manage to stick to them.

Unlike us ordinary humans who last on average a mere 12 days until we break our annual commitment.


So why set yourself up for failure? some would conclude from this.


Because something is better than nothing. To start something is better than never giving it a try.

If we need motivation to achieve our goals in the year ahead, then why not get a kick-start from the good old tradition of making wishes for the new year.

While it is lovely to make a wish upon a star, this is also a great exercise to define your path ahead.


New Year’s Resolutions that work:

–  Take it easy by choosing one word to inspire your upcoming year.

–  Turn your resolution into a ritual.

–  Set SMART Goals, try CLEAR Goals.

–  Create a One Page Strategic Plan.


Happy #20Plenty!

Happy #20PlentyForAll!




The SouthAfrican:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 12.1 in every 100 000 women are victims of femicide in SA each year.

Surprisingly, there are three countries with a higher femicide rate than South Africa. Honduras, by a wide margin, has the dishonour of being the worst place in the world for the murder of women – their femicide rate stands at a despicable 32.7 – more than double that of its nearest competitor, Jamaica (15.5).

Our neighbours in Lesotho complete the top three, recording a rate of 15.4 murdered women out of every 100 000 citizens. South Africa is fourth – according to the WHO – and Guinea-Bissau completes the top five with 11.1



According to a 2018 Crime Against Women in South Africa Report by Statistics SA, a woman is murdered every three hours.

About 3,000 women were murdered last year – or one every three hours – which is more than five times higher than the global average, according to the World Health Organisation.


The Citizen:

South Africa’s legal definition of rape is broad. It includes the oral, anal or vaginal penetration of a person (male or female) with a genital organ, anal or vaginal penetration with any object and the penetration of a person’s mouth with the genital organs of an animal.

The police recorded 41,583 rapes in 2018/19, up from 40,035 rapes in 2017/18. This means an average of 114 rapes were recorded by the police each day.

The rape rate increased from 70.5 in 2017/18 to 72.1 in 2018/19.


#SheIsMe  #WeWillNotBeNext  #WeAreTiredOfBeingScared  #Femicide  #OneEveryThreeHours  #WakeUpGovernment 



Femicide rates in South Africa are “five times” the global average.


A woman is murdered every three hours in South Africa.


#EnoughIsEnough is Cape Town’s response as thousands take to the streets #RememberingUyinene:

The 19-year-old’s life came to a tragic end when she was raped and murdered at a post office.


Women and men alike are reacting in very emotional ways as they chant, sing and mourn:


Protesters are dressed in black in remembrance of the many lost lives:


Strong statements in reaction to the violence against women:


Typical: A peaceful protest is met with equally strong police force:


#SheIsMe  #WeWillNotBeNext  #WeAreTiredOfBeingScared  #Femicide  #OneEveryThreeHours  #WakeUpGovernment  #WomensMonthDisgrace




Banyana Banyana are making history playing for the first time in the FIFA World Cup.

Banyana Banyana are making history playing for the first time in the FIFA World Cup.


I hear on the news about the CAF Champions League and the Cricket World Cup, but it was only by chance that I learned the 2019 FIFA Soccer World Cup is on, and South Africa is in!


That might be, because it’s the Women’s World Cup. As usual with male dominated sports, no-one seems to pay attention when women do it.


Back in 2010 we kept our fingers crossed in anxiety the host nation would not make it into the Soccer World Cup themselves.
Bafana Bafana made it, but hopes got crushed when South Africa became the first host nation in World Cup history to be eliminated in the first round.

After that, we were not surprised they didn’t even qualify for the 2014 nor 2018 FIFA World Cups.


Not only did the South Africa women’s national football team qualify for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, it was also for the first time ever, thus making history.

Now Banyana Banyana is battling it out at group stage and it’s a tough group with Germany and Spain.

But no-one seems to care!


It really astounds me how sexist sports and sports news reporting still are.


Anyhow, on 17 June 2019 South Africa is playing against Germany and I for one want to watch this game.


I just have to find a place where they actually screen it…  😮



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