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I don’t do any exercise.


For me it’s important that exercise relates to a fun activity or a purpose, such as a team sport or cycling to commute or walking the dogs.


Being under lockdown for 5 weeks made me try out some exercises to stay fit.


Push-ups are great, as they can be done anywhere. Same for planking.

Both exercises can be quite tough if you’re not fit.


But here is the great rewarding thing:


You don’t need to exercise much, just regularly.

If you do exercise daily, it will get easier.


If you start with just 1 push-up per day or 10 seconds of planking every day, you will feel the improvement and notice how it gets easier every time.


A great lifehack: Don’t increase the number of exercise repetitions, but the number of sets.


Yes, reps how they call it in the gym simply means you do the same exercise again right away.


Instead do the same exercise at later time on the same day.

For example 2 push-ups, 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening.

Or 20 seconds planking, 10 in the morning, 10 in the evening.


Then you can rev up the number of exercises and create reps.


For example a rep of 5 push-ups in a row. Or 30 seconds of planking with no break.


Then it’s already easy to do 10 push-ups a day, as you do 2 sets of 5 push-ups. Or a minute of planking, as you do 2 sets of 30 seconds.


You don’t have to be into exercising to appreciate that even very little can go very far if done with consistency.


That’s why exercising is highly rewarding and I totally recommend it.


Just make sure you do it right!


The right technique to correctly hold a plank.

The right technique to correctly hold a plank.




Police Minister Bheki Cele announces that under SA lockdown regulations the sale of cigarettes and alcohol are banned.

Police Minister Bheki Cele announces that under SA lockdown regulations the sale of cigarettes and alcohol are banned.


We could’ve stocked up our liquor cabinet easily in time for the coronavirus lockdown, as I had done the stockpiling of essentials early and can’t say I wasn’t warned.


But I refused the urge to panic buy:

–  Smoking increases the risk of severe COVID-19.

–  Alcohol use, especially heavy use, weakens the immune system.

So why would I hoard more of the stuff that’s increasing the risk to fall ill from the virus.


However, with the SA lockdown extension we’re indeed coming to an end of our usual stock.


A moment to fully embrace the lockdown experience:

–  It is quite liberating to encounter scarcity and realise nothing bad comes from running out of a convenience.

–  Instead of buying more stuff and pushing it in front of the old, we’re actually taking stock of what we have and use up what we don’t need to keep any longer.

–  Whatever we can, we make ourselves. This feeling of autonomy can be very self-empowering.


The lockdown is long enough to form a new habit or break a bad one.

Why not take it seriously and see it as the opportunity to change and improve.

So what if alcohol and cigarette sales are banned, this is a great chance to quit.


We are experiencing a once in a lifetime global pandemic that forces the whole world to change.

What massive inspiration to lead a healthier life.









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January 19th 2020 is the day people are most likely to give up on their New Year’s resolutions according to new data insights from Strava, the world’s largest sports participation platform.


Quitter’s Day

Last year’s Quitter’s Day was January 17 2019, which is now honored as Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.

Based on global athlete data from 2019 this year’s Quitter’s Day is January 19 2020.


Concluding from this global community data, Strava’s tips for extending the New Year’s resolution past Quitter’s Day include:

–  People keep people active: Find a friend or join a club to help keep you motivated. Cyclists going on group rides cover twice the distance of solo rides. One in three weekend activities in the UK is done with at least one other person.

–  Staying consistent: Athletes aiming for three activities a week instead of two tend to be more consistent, resulting in twice as many activities over the year.

–  Goal setting: Athletes who set goals in January are increasingly likely to remain active as the year goes on, and are still active.


So push past Quitter’s Day! 




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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In a fantastic initiative to create awareness about breast cancer and how to detect it, Know Your Lemons uses lemons to explain what breast cancer can look like:

Touch your lemons!

Cancer has no cure, so in order to combat it, early detection is key.

Generally women self-examining their boobs watch out for lumps, the most common sign of breast cancer.

But there are many other symptoms to watch out for as explained in the Know Your Lemons in 60 seconds video:

Learn how to examine your breasts.

Download this great free resource: ‘3 Steps to Early Detection‘.

Now that you know what to feel for, make sure you touch your boobies regularly, at least once a month in order to know how your breasts usually feel, so you notice if something abnormal crops up.

This applies for both, women and men.





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I use South Africa’s public health care system, because it’s free and offers excellent service. Of course, waiting times are annoying, but medical advice is helpful.


Recently I discovered a women’s clinic around the corner, which I decided to give a try.



I got an appointment within a couple of days, but was told to come in early on that day and wait until called to be seen.


That’s usually the part where the queueing comes in.


Not so here: I was sent around for a couple of tests, with relative short waiting times in between.


One of the tests was an HIV test.



It is my philosophy to be sure about my HIV status, so I was glad to accept this free service.


Without further ado we chatted while I had a tiny blood drop taken from my finger and we continued chatting.


After a couple of minutes the nurse picked up a little white test stick and tells me I’m HIV negative.


In South Africa getting tested for HIV is quick and completely free at government clinics.

In South Africa getting tested for HIV is quick and completely free at government clinics.


I was baffled: THAT had been the HIV test? With the result in minutes?


We’ve come a long way!


I remember how back in highschool when we talked about why we chose biology as a major in our A-levels, one of the replies was: To find a cure for AIDS.


And now we’ve done it!


Being HIV positive is no longer a death sentence, and with testing this quick and easy nothing should stop anyone from knowing their status.


#HIV  #GetTested  #KnowYourStatus  #HIVprevention


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Laughter is the best medicine... Unless you have diarrhea.

Laughter is the best medicine… Unless you have diarrhea.


Especially during the cold seasons more people tend to get ill and more people huddle together indoors.

Bugs spread easily and with the rise of the superbug can be dangerous.

Read here: How to prevent a superbug infection.


If you do catch gastroenteritis, there’s not much you can do besides treating the symptoms, especially if it’s a superbug and resistant to antibioatica treatment.

To be on the safe side consult a doctor or pharamacist. You can get medicine that helps with the diarrhea, the dehydration it may cause and nausea.


You can also try some homemade remedies:


How to survive a stomach bug


–  Rehydrate, but not immediately after vomiting

It’s important to make up for the loss of fluids caused by diarrhea.
But if you’re vomiting, let your stomach settle first: It is irritated already, don’t put anything more into your belly for at about 1 hour.


–  Try small amounts first

If you feel nauseous but have appetite, try small amounts of liquid first. Wait 10 minutes to see how your stomach reacts. If the vomiting have passed you can try the same with food.


–   Replenish electrolytes

Electrolytes are essential minerals that you lose with the excess fluid from dirrahea. Coconut Water is a great source of natural electrolytes.  If you can eat food, try bananas, watermelon, avocado for an extra boost of electrolytes.


–  Combat the nausea

Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue to get that fresh feeling.
Lemon, ginger, chamomile, mint help with the nausea, make a tea and smell the fumes to find out if your stomach can take it.


–  Skip digestive irritants

Give your body a rest from dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, fatty, spicy or sugary foods.


–  Eat bland foods and drink clear fluids

Slowly ease back into eating:
Start with bone broth, which is nutrient-dense, easy to digest, and can heal the gut.
Stick to bland foods, e.g. rice, oatmeal, boiled potatoes, crackers and only drink clear liquids, e.g. water, herbal tea, dilluted juice.


–  Take a good rest

Treat yourself to a hot bath or a day in bed. Your body is exhausted from the cramps and nutritinal loss. Take a break and look after yourself.


–  Recharge with probiotics

Now that your digestive system has been flushed clean, help your gut recover by ingesting probiotics.
Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for your digestion.
Probiotics can be found in naturally fermented foods, e.g. yoghurt, kefir, buttermilk, pickles not using vinegar, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh, kombucha, natto.




Street Side Bakery Pty LTD in Makhaya, Khayelitsha.

Street Side Bakery Pty LTD in Makhaya, Khayelitsha.


I have IBS and thus try to follow a LOW FODMAP diet.


Usually this means: Pastries and muffins are a no go for me, leading me to try find alternatives, e.g. for sandwiches and biscuits and bread.


Attending a course on Leadership for Social Change we were blessed to have Street Side Bakery cater for our breakfasts and tea breaks.


Thus I got to try a variety of their baked goods: From egg and tuna sandwiches to berry and cappuccino muffins to cacao and lemon biscuits, all of which delicious.


When it comes to yummy food I can hardly resist, but I tried to keep the intake of simple carbohydrates as low as possible.


However, Street Side Bakery take into account your possible tummy problems baked goods can cause: They offer a great range free of milk and eggs to accommodate lactose and egg white intolerant customers.


To my surprise I found myself digesting the Street Side Bakery foods very well. And they taste as good as they are: Proper home-made, with only good ingredients and lots of love. 🙂


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