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Protests over violence against women have been on the news all of last week.


And that’s how some treat this: just like news.


And then there are some who do something.

I was very impressed with radio channel ‘5FM‘ making a stand, united, against gender-based violence:

Throughout all of Friday they observed a minute of silence every hour after the news.

But even more disruptive, they also really caused a wake-up call when they interrupted songs by female artists with a moment of silence and a statement to remember what the world would be like without women.

Listen to this sample clip, it gives me goosebumps!


Kudos to 5FM for going the extra length to really make a difference.


I don’t know how to combat violence against women. The statistics show what a scary size problem this is.

But I believe that speaking up can have an impact: If you can name it, you can change it.


So let’s make enough fuss about this dire state of affairs where women are oppressed around all corners of the world, and:

Be the change!


#WomenPower  #BeTheChange  #WakeUp  #StayWoke

#SheIsMe  #WeWillNotBeNext  #WeAreTiredOfBeingScared  #Femicide  #OneEveryThreeHours  #WakeUpGovernment  #WomensMonthDisgrace



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I always look out for little treasures when going for a walk at the beach.


Especially with the sun glaring eye searingly low during winter, turning the ocean into a glittering sea of dancing sparks, also the sand reflects the sun beams with twinkles all around.

Every now and then something flashes and catches my attention.


Like this damaged gemstone: A milky quartz broken in half.

Washed smooth and round from tumbling in the waters, it looks silky white on the outside.

But the rigety edge of the cracked surface reveals the true beauty of this stone:

Depending on the angle it reflects the light, it flares up with a blaze of glistening brilliance. Flickering and gleaming, simply mesmerizing to watch.


Beauty in the detail:

We can see its beauty because it’s broken.


Milky Quartz gemstone: Because it's broken we can see its beauty.

Milky Quartz gemstone: Because it’s broken we can see its beauty.






The light in Cape Town is wonderful.

It definitely helps seeing things in a positive way.


Normally the sight of plastic bags caught in barbed wire is a shameful reminder how dirty and segregated Cape Town is.

Hopefully the upcoming plastic bag ban will help keep Cape Town clean.


In the meantime, seeing beauty in the ugly helps to stay positive:

Driving into the setting sun, a low hanging fire ball that paints everything golden, the sun rays make even the plastic bags caught in the barbed wire look pretty:

The beams of light shining through the ridge between Lion’s Head and Signal Hill reflect in the plastic bags, making them glisten as they gently move in the breeze.

As if the city was decorated with lit pom poms, like Chinese lanterns lining both sides of the road.


Sometimes just a shift in perspective can let things look differently.


#LoveCapeTown   #StayPositive


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Apparently it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.


So better start now!


I started committing to #ABlogPostADay back in February 2017.


I took a break. It didn’t work. After such a long time of making writing my daily habit I feel bad not doing it.

 Yours *TrulyJuly* Blog Post Frequency: Taking a break did not feel good.

Yours *TrulyJuly* Blog Post Frequency: Taking a break did not feel good.


It’s a relative easy task to implement: Whatever it is you really like doing, the thing you dream of being your career one day, do it. Every day.


So, if you like photography, take a picture every day. Even if it’s just a snapshot with your phone.

If you like baking, bake every day. Or at least tend to your dough every day.

If you like painting, paint every day. Or at least draw or doodle every day.

If you like running, run every day. It doesn’t have to be long. Simply getting into the routine to put on your running gear helps.

If you like cooking, cook every day. Or at least think of a recipe every day.

If you like to cycle, cycle every day. Even if it’s just to get from A to B.

If you like playing the guitar, play every day. Even if it’s just your favourite piece of music.

If you like reading, read every day. One page will do for a start.

If you like soccer, kick the ball around every day. The kids in our street do it, every day after school.


If this is really what you like doing, it should come naturally to you to do it as often as possible.

If this is really where your passion lies, you’ll find a way of doing it.


And if you don’t, then it’s maybe because this is not your true calling.


Either way, commit to it every day and you’ll soon find out.


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I think I’m having a midlife crisis. It’s just dreadful to realise: All the dreams you had… – It’s too late now to make them happen.


I don’t know. Like my dream would be to write a book. And there’s still plenty of time for that!


What an inspiration! As seen in the news: 93-year-old launches her book

What an inspiration! As seen in the news: 93-year-old launches her book



Rattie Kisses times three! 😘

Rattie Kisses times three! 😘


#RattieSitting: Luna, Mommy and Fadley are sending cute kissies!


Follow Rats Make Great Pets on Facebook and Google+. 🙂


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Südafrika - das Land mit dem Sonnenvitamin

Südafrika – das Land mit dem Sonnenvitamin


Also, Du musst halt vorbeikommen. Du kannst dem europäischen Winter entfliehen und stattdessen den Sommer auf der anderen Seite der Erde genießen, da kommst Du nach Südafrika.


Ich würd ja gerne, aber der Flug ist so teuer!


Ja, dann musst Du einen Weg finden, Geld zu machen, ganz im südafrikanischen Unternehmergeist.
Wie wär’s zum Beispiel eine Gruppe zu organisieren, die nach Südafrika reisen will und dort den Tour Guide zu machen?
Oder wie wär’s eins unserer Zimmer als B&B anzubieten und noch ein Touri Programm draufzusetzen?
Oder mit ein paar Jugendlichen ein ehrenamtliches Projekt durchzuführen?
Denk mal darüber nach, mit welchen Deiner Talente Du Geld verdienen kannst. Hier in Südafrika machen wir das jeden Tag. Das lernt man ganz schnell.


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