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Cleaning is a b*tch: Without doing anything it gets dirty again.


That turns cleaning up somewhat into Sisyphus work: As soon as you’re done, you can start all over again.

It’s a never ending chore that has to be done, if we like it or not.


Yet, cleaning is also incredibly rewarding:


Benefits of cleaning up


–  Instant results

It doesn’t take much effort and you don’t need to know special skills to clean. Yet, as soon as you start the results show: A clean surface, windows you can actually see through, pots that look like new, floors that don’t feel sticky on your feet, sofas that don’t engulf you in a dust cloud, a fresh smelling home, a sparkly bath, a neat garden.

Whatever you clean, it’s an accomplishment and you can be proud of it. enjoy the rewards right away.


–   Healthy lifestyle

Having a clean home exposes you to less mould, spores, germs and bacteria, and thus saves you from allergies, asthma and irritated skin reactions.

In addition you’re less likely to catch a flu, as there’s less opportunity for viruses to linger.

Also pests like flies, fleas, moths, silverfish and bedbugs have little chance to fester.

Extending your cleanliness to the courtyard and garden areas means keeping away cockroaches, mice, rats and other unwanted guests: Leaving debris as shelter and waste as food is an invitation to any scavenger.
Remember: Pests are a symptom of your mess and dirt, not the cause. Never poison rats!


–  A free workout

Some people pay a maid to clean and then pay a gym to get a workout.

Guess what: Clean up yourself and you’ll have your workout included, for free!

Sweeping and mopping can burn 240 calories per hour, an equivalent to jogging for half an hour.

Just make sure you maintain a good posture and clean in a safe manner to avoid injuries and accidents.


–  A clear mind

Cleaning most often also includes decluttering, as it’s pointless cleaning around all that knick knack or removing it from the surface to clean and then putting it back.

Some think lots of pictures on the wall and lots of memories on the shelves is interior design, but really it is just clutter.

Clutter not only makes our homes look bad, it makes us feel bad, too.

Clutter has a profound affect on our mood and self-esteem: The more stuff, the more stress women feel.


–  Reduce risk of injury

The home is the most common location for accidents to happen.

Having lots of mess flying around is a serious health risk: You can fall over objects and slip on toys.

Anything that blocks doorways and corridors is a fire hazard: Clutter can easily catch and thus spread fire. Objects on the floor can hinder your escape or others getting in to rescue you.


–  A sense of pride

A clean and organised home is something to be proud of. After all, everyone can be lazy and messy. It speaks for your life attitude if you can stay disciplined enough to keep your home in order.

Enjoying your own home makes you more likely to invite friends over and welcome any surprise visit.

You never know what opportunity might knock on your door. But with a clean home, you can rest assured you are prepared.


–  A good deed of the day

Cleaning doesn’t just need to apply to your home, it can extend to your neighbourhood.

Leading by example, you can include the pedestrian walkway in front of your house in your cleaning routine: Keep it litter free and safe for passing by removing slippery leaves or ice and snow.

Pay it forward and organise or join a local CleanUp to uplift your hood. Wind can distribute rubbish in the streets that no-one feels responsible for, but invites dumping of more rubbish. A MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) Swoop helps keeping your neighbourhood clean and friendly and thus can even reduce crime.







What gives people feelings of power - Bringing a plant back to life from the brink of death

What gives people feelings of power – Bringing a plant back to life from the brink of death



Growing food is possible for anyone and it is super fun.


Even in a relative small plant pot, you can get impressive yields.


And plants are not expensive to keep, it is even possible to grow food on a zero budget.


Yet, the reward exceeds the effort by far.


Benefits of growing your own food


–  You know what you get.

When you grow your own food you can be sure no-one meddled with it.

You alone control what fertilisers or pest controls touch your plants. If you prefer organic food, growing it yourself is the surest way of knowing you eat pure goodness.


–  It can’t get fresher than this.

As soon as greens get cut they lose moisture and nutrients.

There is no way of knowing how old the food at the supermarket really is. When you grow it yourself, it goes straight from the garden onto the plate, packed with all its natural nourishment.


–  Homegrown food tastes better.

Even a small deformed tomato from your garden tastes better than the big plump tomato from the shop. Looks can be deceiving.

It’s also because you put in a lot of TLC and care that makes reaping the rewards taste delicious


–  You get instant results.

Food grows faster and more plentiful than we expect.

And wow, it is exciting to see the first seedling sprouting! It’s like a miracle that a fully fledged plant comes out of that tiny seed. You might get overwhelmed with how eager nature is to grow and multiply and end up with a nursery jungle: Plants and seedlings everywhere!


–  You improve your health.

Eating this fresh and organic will give you a natural boost.

In addition, working with soil and greenery is a stress reliever: It takes your mind off your worries and brings you back in touch with nature. Growing your own produce fills you with a deep sense of accomplishment.

If you’re lucky and have a garden, working outdoors keeps you fit with low-impact exercise and ensures you’re soaking up a lot of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin.


–  You save money.

Even those superfoods that cost a fortune at the organic grocery store turn out to be very easy to grow. Rocket salad grows like a weed, yet even a small packet comes with quite a price tag.

You can save the seeds from your own produce and continue growing your food next season. Keeping plants indoors means you can grow food all year round.


–  You do your bit for the environment.

Buying local is lekker, but growing local is even better.

You reduce food miles and lower your carbon footprint. Your food doesn’t need to be packaged, so you create less waste for landfill. Composting means less rubbish goes into your bin. When you go green you become more aware of opportunities to recycle and upcycle.






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I don’t do any exercise.


For me it’s important that exercise relates to a fun activity or a purpose, such as a team sport or cycling to commute or walking the dogs.


Being under lockdown for 5 weeks made me try out some exercises to stay fit.


Push-ups are great, as they can be done anywhere. Same for planking.

Both exercises can be quite tough if you’re not fit.


But here is the great rewarding thing:


You don’t need to exercise much, just regularly.

If you do exercise daily, it will get easier.


If you start with just 1 push-up per day or 10 seconds of planking every day, you will feel the improvement and notice how it gets easier every time.


A great lifehack: Don’t increase the number of exercise repetitions, but the number of sets.


Yes, reps how they call it in the gym simply means you do the same exercise again right away.


Instead do the same exercise at later time on the same day.

For example 2 push-ups, 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening.

Or 20 seconds planking, 10 in the morning, 10 in the evening.


Then you can rev up the number of exercises and create reps.


For example a rep of 5 push-ups in a row. Or 30 seconds of planking with no break.


Then it’s already easy to do 10 push-ups a day, as you do 2 sets of 5 push-ups. Or a minute of planking, as you do 2 sets of 30 seconds.


You don’t have to be into exercising to appreciate that even very little can go very far if done with consistency.


That’s why exercising is highly rewarding and I totally recommend it.


Just make sure you do it right!


The right technique to correctly hold a plank.

The right technique to correctly hold a plank.




Arriving at the beach is like finally getting a chance to breathe:


The vast landscape allows the eyes to relax with far and free views:


Walking by the waves, inhaling the fresh crisp breeze, simply invigorating:


Simply sitting on the sand in the sun, being:

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Be prepared for loadshedding: There are positive outcomes from power outtakes, such as being organised for the next scheduled blackout. (parent24, iStock)


I’m surprised there’s a word and a system for the scheduled outtake of power supply: Loadshedding.

Unless you live it you will never understand what it means to have such important supply as electricity cut off.

But, it’s not all bad.


How loadshedding can change you for the better


You become more organised.

Ah, you think you can take it easy and burn the midnight oil on that presentation? Not so fast: There’s probably loadshedding on and no electricitý to power your technical equipment.
Knowing when loadshedding is going to happen is a new form of being organised.
Of course, there’s an app for that. But if you don’t use mobile data, and instead connect your phone to wifi, that too will be switched off during loadshedding.
You need to check ahead, early enough to not be caught out.
So just to be on the safe side, revert back to the good old print out. Have your loadshedding schedule handy in an easy to access place. Make it a habit to regularly check for upcoming blackout periods.


You learn to plan ahead.

Loadshedding is not so bad when you’re prepared.
There’s quite a tick list of things to do before loadshedding begins.
Starting with stocking up on all sorts of goods, from batteries to gas cooker, to prepping hot water for tea or coffee, and ending with switching off all appliances on the main plug.
If you get it all done in time, you can clap yourself on the shoulder.


You become more efficient.

You better get that report done before loadshedding begins. That’s a serious hard core deadline, because when the electricity switches off, that’s it.
From trying to turn off the PC in time for when loadshedding kicks in, to trying to get your work done before your laptop’s battery runs out.
Quite good incentives to stay focused and get your work done.


You get to be inventive.

Any makers and creators out there are finding their own interesting hacks around loadshedding.
A lot can be achieved with LED lights and solar power. You get a feel how much electricity appliances actually consume and what it takes to make electricity.
Necessity is the mother of invention.


You become cat-like.

Wow, loadshedding at night.
While maybe a great incentive to get a good night’s sleep, it also trains you in total ninja skills:
Walking around the house in darkness. Making out the slightest sources of light. Outside the moonlight is bright enough. Inside we navigate with heightened senses. Learning the walk to the bathroom by heart. Finding our way with closed eyes.
At the same time you walk light, as to not accidentally run into anything and hurt yourself. Like a cat we are ready to fall on all fours. Like a ninja we keep soft in our knees to prevent any mishaps. Ready for anything.


You go back to basics.

Loadshedding brings back the good old ways: 
Making coffee on the gas stove instead of the fancy schmancy plastic polluting coffee machine.
Cooking a dish from scratch instead of heating up a ready meal in the microwave.
Playing a board game instead of a computer game.
Reading a book instead of watching TV.
Going for a jog instead of running on the treadmill.


You become more social.

With access to electronics denied, there’s time to do the things our modern lifestyle neglects:
Spouses are talking to each other.
Flatmates cook together.
Neighbours chat on the side of the street.
Friends meet up to do something while loadshedding is on.
Loadshedding provides a break from FOMO and gives opportunities for JOMO.


The examples are endless. How has loadshedding affected you in a positive way?






We live in fantastic times where work-life balance is even a thing.

A relative new concept from the 1970s / 1980s, work-life balance is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal.


In order to give our private life the attention it deserves, an equally powerful tool like the OPSP can help to keep the focus on what’s important for you personally:


A summary of your own goals: One Page Personal Plan

The One Page Personal Plan provides a clear overview of your short-term to long-term goals.

It gives you a birds eye view to see how your different life goals can fit together.

It also boils down your great expectations to achievable steps.

It can help align your goals with the goals of your life partner, – why not do the exercise of filling in the OPPP together.

The process of setting your life goals alone is a big step in your personal development: Do you know what your goals actually are? Do you know how to get there?


It feels good to have a direction in life, unless of course you like to live dangerously:

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One of the reasons why we fail to stick to our New Year’s resolutions is because we have unrealistic expectations.


There are lots of great examples of realistic New Year’s Resolutions. However, they are quite general. If you want to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll need to make your own to be specific and personally relevant to you.


How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions realistic


–  Break your year down quarterly, monthly, weekly

Take your New Year’s resolutions and break them down into the smaller steps it takes each quarter, month, week to achieve them.


–  Use a one page yearly calendar as a goal setting template

Use a large one page yearly calendar to jot down your goals over the course of the year, hang it up clearly visible and easily accessible.


–  Fill in your goals backwards

Start with the end of the year and your New Year’s resolutions. Work back to the beginning of the year with the necessary actions and complete the timeline.



Finally! Some Realistic New Year’s Resolutions that are easy to keep. 😉




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