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Monthly Archives: January 2019


The bliss of having puppies! Especially keeping rescue dogs is very rewarding. They all have their own interesting and curious personalities.


Hutch for example likes to sleep like humans. – In our bed of course, and with his head on the pillow:

Rescue Puppy Hutch sleeps like a human: With his head on the pillow.

Puppy Hutch sleeps like a human: With his head on the pillow.


But alas! Sleeping like a human in Hutch’s case means snoring like a human!

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Haha, puppy Hutch sleeps so deeply and relaxed, he actually snores!

What a cutie pops. Luckily Hutch is also a cuddle master, snuggling up to him makes up for everything. 🙂





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I thought I’m being clever switching my phone to German.

But now all my apps are by default in German.

So I get to see all the bad German translations.


What a translation mess! This calendar is meant to display the weekdays, but it's all nonsense in German.

What a translation mess! This calendar is meant to display the weekdays, but it’s all nonsense in German.


Translation Fail from English to German:


This is what you get when using automised translation instead of human localisation:

‘Sun’ as in ‘Sunday’ gets translated as ‘Sonne’ meaning ‘the sun’.

‘Wed’ as in ‘Wednesday’ gets translated as ‘Heiraten’ meaning ‘to wed’.

‘Thurs’ gets translated as ‘Du’ meaning ‘you’, no idea how they came up with that one.

The rest they didn’t even bother.


Also: Where in the world does the week start with Sunday?


As a human it’s easy to see the mistakes. Shocking how apps don’t care about other languages and create such nonsense.





Every time you make a typo, the errorists win.

Every time you make a typo, the errorists win.


I’m a #GrammarNerd.


I can’t help but see the mistakes.


I’m so used to seeing the correct version that the incorrect version jumps out at me.

My eyes get caught on this wrong looking spelling and I can’t continue reading. Which is pretty upsetting, because I was probably just enjoying the flow.


So it’s not like I have nothing better to do but hang around all day trying to find grammar errors.

It’s rather like: I want to get on with things and instead my eyes keep on jumping back to that spelling mistake.


And it’s not like I’m enjoying pointing out grammar mistakes.

But rather like: I better double check that my copy indeed contains no spelling errors, one of the criteria for Value Added Content.


Wrong spelling always puzzles me: Has it not made the rounds yet that automatic spellcheckers do exist?


So please follow this Good Practice TipAlways proofread before publishing.



With drought and gale winds, fires can easily start around the Cape.

A terrifying event, as flames can spread and quickly engulf precious habitats, putting residential areas at risk.


Even more scary when the blaze is so close that the waterbombing helicopters are flying past your roof.





That’s how we noticed Lion’s Head is on fire.




When the sun was setting, the flames became visible.



Firefighters did their best all night long.

The flames come dangerously close to Cape Town's CBD.

The flames come dangerously close to Cape Town’s CBD.


Having battled a 5m high fire myself to protect our property, I can only imagine what it must be like to fight a veld fire.


Thank goodness, the City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue Service managed to get this blaze under control.


A big thank-you to our local heroes!


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Yoh! One of my New Year resolution is to keep at #ABlogPostADay again, but this week I was hit flat and couldn’t write: I had caught a superbug!


Image: Antibiotic resistance tests by Dr Graham Beards.

Image: Antibiotic resistance tests by Dr Graham Beards.


What is a superbug?


A superbug is a virus that is resistant to medical treatment such as antibiotics or antiviral drugs.


That means there is no cure. You’ve got to get through it. It’s only possible to treat the symptoms.


I already suffer from IBS and being hit by such severe gastroenteritis with extreme abdominal pains was like going through hell.


So better watch out not to catch one of those superbugs in the first place.


How to prevent a superbug infection


Wash your hands

Generally we wash our hands after using the bathroom, before preparing or eating food, and after gardening or other dirty tasks. You should also wash up after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, feeding or stroking your pet, or visiting or caring for a sick person. However, don’t over sanitise either.


Keep yourself healthy

Any bug can only get to you when your immune system is down. So eat nutritious food, get proper sleep, do your exercise, laugh a lot and get some sunshine.


Keep things clean

Wash fruits and veggies before eating, wipe frequently kitchen and bathroom surfaces, pack away food right away, wear gloves when doing gardening work, throw away trash without delay, pick up and dispose of pet poop in a safe manner, fix drafty holes, wet leaks, mouldy corners.


Avoid food that contains antibiotics

Mass farming means antibiotics are administered preventively, contaminating the meat we eat. Buy organic produce, grow your own veggies, avoid processed foods.


Avoid using antibiotics

Nowadays we get easily antibiotics prescribed. Is it really necessary? Are there alternative ways? Ask your doctor how to cut down on the antibiotics consumption.

If you do decide to take antibiotics, insist on getting one that is specific for your bacterial infection rather than a cocktail of many antibiotics, and to only take the minimum amount. Dispose of any leftovers, do not take the antibiotic for something else.


Travel safe

When you go abroad, ensure your vaccinations are up to date and you are following the health and safety recommendations provided by the local embassy or centre for disease control and prevention or hospital for tropical diseases.

Heat kills bacteria, so eat properly cooked food, boil water before drinking it or buy bottled water, avoid ice cubes.




How hilarious rats are! Just watching them is always so entertaining!


In an effort to catch some cuddles, Fadley is leaning forward even more.

In an effort to catch some cuddles, Fadley is leaning forward even more.


Rattie Fadley is such a cool dude, he’s simply hanging in there, only to lift his head to check who’s coming for cuddles.


Rats Make Great Pets.


Follow Rats Make Great Pets on Facebook and Google+. 🙂


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Deworming tablets: Generally best with breakfast.

Deworming tablets: Generally best with breakfast.


It is imperative to deworm your dog regularly. And not only your dog, but also yourself and your family.


Ideally you have a deworming schedule that you stick to.


When you’re deworming for the first time you might wonder:


What time of the day is best to administer deworming tablets?


The answer to this question depends on the medicine and your dog. Always consult your vet first.


Some factors to consider:


–  Deworming tablets contain some powerful medicine and are best given with food.


–  To make sure all worms get properly killed, you want the medicine to stay in the digestive tract long enough.


–  It might be advisable to not feed your dog for 8 hours after ingestion of the deworming pills.


So dinner could be a good time to feed the deworming tablets. After the last meal of the day there is a down time of sleep in which the medicine can do its work.


But some dogs can react sensitively or even allergic to deworming drugs. In this case it’s best to feed the medication at breakfast, so you can monitor your puppy throughout the day. Hence, choose a day on which you are free to be with your pet.


Once you have established your pooch handles the deworming medication well, you can switch to feeding it in the evening.


However, don’t stick to the same medication all the time: It can be useful to try different deworming products, as it gives a greater chance of treating a variety of worm infections.


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