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Signing up to a social network without uploading a profile pic mostly leads to a default picture being displayed.

Often this is a stylised form of a portrait photo, one with long hair for female and one with short hair for male.

Why such stereotyped gender differentiation?

Here’s a neat solution to keep things simple:

Good idea: Simply convert the first letter of the name into a profile pic.

Good idea: Simply turn the first letter of a name into a profile pic.

Convert the first letter of the name into a profile pic.

This is personalised yet completely neutral way to let users sign up without even getting close to touchy topics such as gender.


Google translates 'Eier abschrecken' in a funny way. ;)

Google translates ‘Eier abschrecken’ in a funny way. 😉


Lol, it’s funny when automated translation doesn’t get an idiom.


Eier abschrecken is the process of rapidly cooling down boiled eggs with cold water so they are easier to peel (which apparently is a myth anyway).


There is actually a close translation in English:
To shock the eggs, which means to plunge into ice water in order to halt the cooking.


So always remember to deter your eggs after you boiled them. 🙂

Deter? Don’t deter me! Not me, man. Deter, what does that even mean, deter? Why would you deter me? What has this world come to, when you get deterred at any given chance. And for what? Is it even worth it? All the deterring? That’s just, who’d want to deter all the time. Just, take a break. And, just not me. Yeah? Just don’t deter me.

Deter? Don’t deter me! :-S


Build your own website!

Build your own website!


You’ve decided that you need a website, but what kind of online solution is best for you?

A straight forward way to determine what web presence works best for you is your budget. Essentially you can get everything, from 0 budget to crazy budget.

As I’m a fan of Marketing on a 0 Budget, here an overview of free platforms.


Free websites


Free basic sites – no authentic but customised url:

Webs, good examples: /

Wix, good examples:

Weebly, good examples: /


Open source solution – own coding possible:

WordPress, good examples: /

Joomla, good examples:

Drupal, good examples:


Social media platforms – easy but limited:

Some would argue that with all the various social media presences available, who needs a website?

The answer is simple: Whatever activity you do out there on the internet you want to lead your potential prospects ‘home’, to a consistent site where all the necessary information is in one place.

Remember that you don’t own your social media presence. If you are deemed to have breached rules, it can be deleted without any warning. A website however, you own and are in charge of.

Still, you might want to try easy no budget solutions first, such as these:

Google Sites, good examples:

Tumblr, good examples: /

Blogger, good examples: /



“His debugging skills are exceptional.”


Ever published a post and only afterwards thought of a real cool intro snippet? Or posted a headline you thought was a fun pun on words until you realised you didn’t mean that kind of fun?


Luckily, in the digital world, all you got to do is update your site and nobody will even know you made that faux pas, right?




Your site was probably cached and even though you updated the original version the cached version remains the same.


It might eventually get updated, but if it’s urgent to erase the previous version, you need to debug:



How to debug your web page url


When you share a link on social media, it reads the meta tags and combines them into a nice post mainly consisting of title, description, image.


To force update this content you need to manually ask the social media site to fetch the new information and replace the old version.


Simply enter the link and hit the button:

Facebook Debugger:

Google Data Testing Tool:

Twitter Cards Validator:


Social Debug gives you a nice overview of how your posts will fare across the main social media sites.


Iframely gives you more insight into the code of the meta tags.



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I don't always make fake Facebook profiles but when I do, I troll the f$%& out of people.

I don’t always make fake Facebook profiles but when I do, I troll the f$%& out of people.


Be it is a friend request on Facebook or LinkedIn, or an email complementing you on your online profile, if you don’t know the sender, check them out online before engaging in any way:


How to quickly check if a profile is genuine


1) Google their email address / username

You’ll quickly see other profiles associated with this identity and if they are consistent and authentic. You’ll also see if the email address has been blacklisted and already has a history of fraudulent activities.


2) Google their real name

If their name is very generic you can search it together with the email address / username. If there are no matches it’s probably because it’s a fake profile.


3) Google their profile image

If the image is being used or has been used by someone else, it might be that their account got cloned. If the name brings up a different image in the search results than the profile image it could mean this is a false profile.


Don’t take anything at face value in the online world. It is not real. It is a virtual world. Just because some of us keep it real doesn’t mean anyone on the internet can be trusted. Be vigilant and smart.


You know, like Sherlock:

Fake Profile Sherlocked

Fake Profile Sherlocked


Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 😮


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Microsoft OneNote comes free with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft OneNote comes free with Microsoft Office.


It’s free

Probably a move to compete with Evernote, giving away software for free is very hard to beat.


It’s already on my computer

OneNote is already installed, as it comes with the Microsoft Office suite.


I’m already signed up

I can simply include OneNote to my Microsoft OneDrive.


It works with the rest of Microsoft

I can insert content straight from other Microsoft Office programs and the edits I make are automatically saved to the corresponding file.


It offers real-time collaboration

I can start a shared notebook for a group project – all already set up in a template in OneNote New Notebook Wizard – and have a good chance most team members can participate because of the points above.


It’s future-proof

As part of the Microsoft Office suite, this program is not going to be discontinued any time soon.


It gets better

Microsoft is continuing to improve OneNote with good results and positive reviews.



It took me ages to get that heart into my photo above, so here’s a


Quick guide how to insert a special character:


1. Use the Character Map

In Windows:

Click on the Windows Start Button -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map

On a Mac:

Go to the top menu bar -> Click on the flag (language) icon -> Choose ‘Show Character Viewer’.

If you can’t find your Character Viewer: Go to the Apple menu -> Systems Preferences -> Keyboard -> Check the option ‘Show Keyboard and Character Viewers in menu bar’.

You can search the Character Map for the special symbol you want to insert.

You can search the Character Map for the special symbol you want to insert. Remember to Select and Copy.


2. Use the Webdings or Wingdings font

Somtimes inserting a symbol does not render correctly. You can then type the character in Webdings or Wingdings.

You can type the character in Webdings or Wingdings, just find the equivalent letter in this handy cheat sheet.

You can type the character in Webdings or Wingdings, just find the equivalent letter in this handy cheat sheet.


3. Use the Custom Shape Tool

If you can’t find the symbol you need or want to modify it, you can create a custom shape: In Photoshop’s Tool Bar, find the Shape Tools, e.g. Rectangle Tool / Line Tool, and select the Custom Shape Tool.

You can choose from many special characters in the drop-down menu. You can select more symbols when clicking on the right-hand arrow and even load more custom shapes that you can download for free. These custom shapes are rendered as objects and you can easily move and place them anywhere on your canvas.

You can find many special characters in the Custom Shape Tool.

You can find many special characters in the Custom Shape Tool. They can be placed on the canvas like an object.




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