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Whereas I only got South Africa’s desktop theme beforehand, I now have 4 more themes added to ‘My Themes’.

Whereas I only got South Africa’s desktop theme beforehand, I now have 4 more themes added to ‘My Themes’.


It’s like taking a mini holiday at your desktop:

By default Windows lets you see only desktop wallpapers from your region.

But if you activate themes from another country you get to see amazing landscapes right on your screen.


1) Unhide hidden folders:

Open Windows Explorer, unfold the drop-down menu beneath ‘Organize’, click on ‘Folder and search options’. Select the ‘View’ tab and ensure ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’ is marked, whereas ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ is unticked.


2) Activate hidden themes:

Go to: C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT

Go into the different country folders that are presented to you and click on ‘Theme’ to double click and run the theme.

It will change your background image immediately. You can change it back to the previous version and reactivate it again later, as it is now saved in your Control Panel.


3) Change between themes:

Go to: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization

Click on the Windows Start button and chose ‘Control Panel’. Tap on ‘Display’. Beneath ‘See also’ on the bottom left corner click on ‘Personalization’.

Now you can simply select the theme of your liking and the desktop images update right away.




Really Windows, it takes you 1 day to move not even 2 gigs?

Really Windows, it takes you 1 day to move not even 2 gigs?


Of course this didn’t take 1 day. How does the PC even come up with this time frame?


The time references Windows presents us are really sometimes quite hilarious, especially when they’re so totally beyond reality.





My projection for profile views looks rather gloomy on LinkedIn:

Who knows how these forecast algorithms work, but this one seems to be quite a downer. ;)

Who knows how these forecast algorithms work, but this one seems to be quite a downer. 😉



It’s like Microsoft resorts to the double opt-out to really prevent you from quitting Skype.

It’s like Microsoft resorts to the double opt-out to really prevent you from quitting Skype.


If you use Skype you know how difficult it is to close it:

Because when you click the right top red x button it doesn’t close, it only minimises.

And when you go into the Skype menu and select ‘Close’, it doesn’t close, it only minimises!


So you have to be really really determined to indeed close Skype:

The only way is by right clicking on the Skype icon in your desktop toolbar – this is not available anywhere in the actual Skype menu, where you can only ‘Close’ or ‘Sign Out’ – and select ‘Quit Skype’.


But halt!

Not so fast!

Even if you made it this far, Skype still has a comeback, trying to deter you from finally exiting this program:


A pop up window asks quite patronisingly: “Sure you want to quit Skype?”

Followed by a FOMO inducing warning: “You won’t be able to send or receive instant messages and calls if you do.”


Dark Patterns at work:

Microsoft is famous for their really bad way of trying to manipulate you.

This one feels like they got it all wrong all together and created a double opt-out when they learned about the double opt-in.


Yet, don’t despair: It is possible to quit Skype, you just have to click buttons a few more times than any good practice usability guide would allow, but it is possible, eventually!


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The communication between machine and human is a difficult thing.


But still, every machine was initially programmed by a human, which justifies a ‘What were they thinking?’ non-usabilityfriendly induced irritation.


So here is one of those double blink excusez-moi is this happening for real moment:


I’m glad this is ‘The exception’ then.

I’m glad this is ‘The exception’ then.


When doing some Google research and the page froze, Chrome popped up with an explanation: “The exception”.


Great, I’m glad we cleared that one up. I’m sure all of the possible browser errors are exceptions, but it’s good to be told, just in case.


And I wonder if one late night the dude who’s still working for free couldn’t be arsed to explain why on earth Chrome messed up this time and simply called the application error “The exception”.


‘Nuff said: OK


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Being prompted to check out 'New Groups' for nothing: Why am I alerted to 'Suggested Groups' when then there aren't any?

Being prompted to check out ‘New Groups’ for nothing: Why am I alerted to ‘Suggested Groups’ when then there aren’t any?

Lately I’m being prompted all sorts of things on Facebook: To link Instagram, to link groups, to create a new post, to keep up the likes… It keeps me busy.

Especially as half of these alerts are outdated or simply fake:

Facebook keeps on alerting me about the same thing, for example I’m constantly alerted about my inbox, as if it sits on a timer set to bug me at regular intervals. I’ve actioned on that message long time ago, but I’m still being bugged about it.

But the worst is to be alerted about something that turns out to be nothing:

Facebook offers me to check ‘Suggested Groups’. Yet, when I do it tells me: “We don’t have any suggestions at the moment.” The red ’20+’ alert is however still hovering next to my ‘New Groups’, urging me to click on it.

Dark patterns at work. 😮


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I’m not very often on Instagram. But I was surprised when all of a sudden a follow request popped up.


My profile is public, so I really couldn’t see a reason why I’m alerted if someone is following me.


Until I checked out the actual request:

The answer to why I have to approve a follow request.

The answer to why I have to approve a follow request.


Ah. Oh. Ok.


So Instagram alerts me as I might not want to be followed by vulgar people. I guess thanks are in order.


In this case however the profile seems to belong to an artist. And if it’s in the name of art, anything goes, doesn’t it.



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