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Some websites are so good, you don’t want to tell anyone about it, in fear this happens: Closed Closed


A bit late to mention a website that has been shut down already.

But I’m surprised that this is it. – No explanation, no statement, no nothing. Just: Closed. is not a pirate website, but rather a really good search engine that specialises in finding files for free download.

So if I was looking for a song, and it had been released somewhere on the internet for free, this website would find it.

I could then stream it and first listen if I like it, and then optionally download it. Accordingly the variety of tracks was limited, to only freely available songs. And accordingly it was possible to find some rare and cool stuff on there.

Sounds perfectly legal to me, but for whatever reason it’s now gone.


So RIP, it was a good run from 1999 to 2018, almost 20 years!

Luckily there’s so much free stuff out there, there are still plenty of alternatives.



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In a drive to get more subscriptions, many brands lure in new subscribers with the prospect of winning something.

I always felt that was pretty unfair to existing subscribers – after all their loyalty should get rewarded just as much.

The least already signed up customers should be allowed to do, is enter that competition too.

Here a great example of going one step further and proactively recognising and rewarding existing subscribers:

I'm already signed up, but can still enter this competition. - To minimise churn, reward your existing subscribers too.

I’m already signed up, but can still enter the competition. – To minimise churn, reward your existing subscribers too.

There are good reasons for marketing automation software to manage your customer engagement.

It works even better when you add a human touch to it: Like you would recognise returning customers, they should feel welcomed by your brand, too.



Wait what? But that’s already past! Why didn’t I hear about it?

After the event and still "Awaiting an update on Safer Internet Day 2018 activities."

After the event and still “Awaiting an update on Safer Internet Day 2018 activities.”

Well, maybe because the Safer Internet Day (SID) initiative is still “Awaiting an update on Safer Internet Day 2018 activities” from the South Africa Safer Internet Day Committee – Film and Publication Board.

And there’s no reference whatsoever to the Safer Internet Day 2018 on the Film and Publication Board website:


The only reference I could find googling was this PR info, published on 6 Feb late afternoon: Google partners with FPB to inform kids on Safer Internet Day.

There are a few more mentions, but only from tech publications.


This might give an idea why there’s such a digital divide in South Africa: The content it would take to create awareness – if it exists, it’s still not being spread to reach its audience.

Perhaps a bit of VAC could help?


The good news is, there’s always another one: The next Internet Safety Day will take place on Tuesday, 5 February 2019.


In the meantime, you can still pledge your support of Internet Safety in SA:


Tags: , , is the default domain for companies in South Africa. Why is it not just simply .za? is the default domain for companies in South Africa. Why not just simply .za?


Is your url ending in


Do you know why South Africa is having this tongue twister as the default web address?


Few countries are using the second level domain .co in their url. It stands for ‘commercial’ as opposed to ‘academia’ (.ac) or ‘government’ (.gov) before the country’s top level domain.


One of these countries is the UK, where I first encountered the practice of using second-level domains in the url.


It annoyed me back then in the UK and it still annoys me now in SA:


Of course it makes sense to create credibility with moderated second level domains such as .ac or .edu or .gov or .ngo, because they help the user identify an official institution at a glance.


But, and are unmoderated second level domains, which means anyone can just get them.


So why not just go for .za then?


Many countries skip those superfluous letters of the second level domain and simply stick to their country’s top level domain. Like the host of my email address which uses only the German country domain, keeping it short and simple: 🙂


Interestingly, the UK has since changed to not only offering, but also swapping second level domains for the shorter and sweeter top level country domain on its own.  As per Wikipedia:

“New registrations directly under .uk have been accepted by Nominet since 10 June 2014 08:00 BST, however there is a reservation period for existing customers who already have a,,,, or domain to claim the corresponding .uk domain, which runs until 07:59 BST on 10 June 2019.[7]




Google's New Year Doodle looks like

Google’s New Year Doodle looks like “GO GIF” in the search results thumbnail view.


This was funny, at first glance I misread it, but I think it’s still a great way to welcome the new year:

Today’s Google Doodle for 2018 looks like “GO GIF” in the search view thumbnail version or “GO GLF” on the main Google search display.



Especially the “GO GIF” is worthwhile googling if you need a bit of an upliftment for the new year ahead.


So: Happy New Year and GOoooo!


You go! :)

You go! 🙂




Surely, the Microsoft Windows Firewall should be familiar with Skype, a Microsoft owned app?

The Microsoft Windows Firewall has a problem with the Microsoft Skype program. Surely it should know by now that Skype is trustworthy?

The Microsoft Windows Firewall has blocked the Microsoft Skype program. Surely it should know by now that Skype is trustworthy?

I just wonder how this company is running when already their tech is rejecting each other?


“A LinkedIn connection means you’ll never lose touch”. Exactly the reason why I keep on connecting with my contacts on LinkedIn.


The connections you make are valuable. But keeping in touch with them poses a problem: Their contact details can change.

Maintaining a good relationship with potential customers is key to business success, but what if the contact details are outdated?

Or worse: What if your contact details update? You only need to change jobs and the rapport you built over time disappears in the moment your work email is discontinued.

One way to maintain your business relationships is through LinkedIn.

The advantage: You remain connected no matter what happens to the contact details.


3 simple steps to import your contacts to LinkedIn


1) Export your address book to a .csv, .txt or .vcf. file.


2) Go to and click on ‘Upload a file’. Browse to and select your contacts database.


3) Select the contacts you want to stay in touch with and press ‘Add connections’.



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