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Having worked for 20+ years in the media industry doing everything content, I have learned that it’s a good idea to proofread your Graphic Designer.

It’s because they focus on graphics and design and not content.

They might not even be a native speaker of the language you’re publishing in.

Or they might be overly eager and add an apostrophe where it’s not needed.

As can be seen in the description copy to the right, the actual quote is spelled correctly.

But somehow that silly apostrophe made it into the image.

Another example why you must always proofread before publishing.

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Today I’m attending an event that made me feel very special and exclusive when I read the signage leading to the event room:


“Woman in Technology”



The Cape Town International Convention Centre mispelled the event title.


It’s of course “Women in Technology”.


It shows that even the simplest of written text, like a poster sign, still needs proofreading.


#GoodPractice #Tip by #YoursTrulyJuly


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As a general rule I don’t sign up for newsletters and such to keep my inbox free from clutter.

However, as shown in the screenshot below, I could not proceed with the registration when I unticked the opt-in option.

The error message: “This field is required.”

So I’m forced to keep the opt-in checked, otherwise I cannot register.

Also a way to get subscribers.

Seeing this is accompanied by some copy errors that show why it’s so important to proofread, I guess it’s not surprising how blatantly this usability fail goes against consumer protection.


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When my Login doesn’t work, I don’t necessarily know which part I did wrong:

From usernames to email addresses to passwords, – I’m registered with so many apps I cannot easily recall them all, let alone the right combination.


Thanks to AI I shouldn’t have to:

The underlying database knows the correct login, so why not give more specific feedback, as shown below.


When I type in my login details, I'm given specific feedback along the way, so I know right away which parts of the login I got right, - in this case my username - and what went wrong - in this case my password.

When I type in my login details, I’m given specific feedback along the way, so I know right away which parts of the login I got right, – in this case my username – and what went wrong – in this case my password.


Knowing which part of the login I got wrong, obviously shortens my time of trial and error.

And so it does for anyone who wants to hack my account…


But usability needs to start somewhere.

And it’s definitely more helpful to get specific feedback about which part of the login didn’t work.

Especially with kind words offering a solution: I can always reset that password.




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Everyone’s got an app for that and with easy third party login via Facebook or Google, it becomes tricky to remember all the platforms previously registered for.


Yet, when landing on a new site, I often get prompted to log in OR sign up.


So it takes some time to try out my email address and password combinations, only to give up and try to sign up, only to be alerted that this email address already exists, so I’m back at the beginning.


All the while it is the app that knows if my email address is already in the database.


So why not have a single button for login or create an account:


While I type in my email, the backend can check if an account has already been created for this email address and guide me accordingly to either sign in or sign up.


One button to get in: Either log in or create an account.

One button to get in: Either log in or create an account.


#GoodPractice #Tip by #YoursTrulyJuly



I love the idea to move Christmas to winter on the southern hemisphere like it’s supposed to:

The pagan origin of Christmas was celebrating the winter solstice.

This is now becoming a thing with concepts such as Christmas in July.

Just as well, because any celebration to emerge out of hibernation for is worth it.


However: Christmas in July is not the correct half year mark. That would be June, as in the 6th month of the year.

I encounter this mistake often, as shown in the screenshot:

From Christmas in July to Christmas in December is 5 months.

From Christmas in July to Christmas in December is 5 months.


You can count it on one hand: Because July is the 7th month of the year, it takes 5 months to December.

So the correct date to celebrate Christmas in winter on the southern hemisphere would be in June.


But since it doesn’t match the winter solstice in any case, I think we can simply celebrate both:

21st June: Winter Solstice

25th July: Christmas in July


When it comes to winter, I say to any added festivity: The more the merrier!
Let’s bring light and warmth into the cold months of the year.




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Sometimes, as if it’s not tough enough having to meet the demands of a bureaucratic system,

messy design makes you almost click the wrong button…


This form is a mess and represents several usability fails in its formatting and design.

This form is a mess and represents several usability fails in its formatting and design.


Usability Fail 1: Both buttons are in the same colour and design

When a Primary Action Is Positive (for example ‘Send’ or ‘Submit’)
The primary action associated with a form needs to carry a stronger visual weight. Secondary actions should have the weakest visual weight, because reducing the visual prominence of secondary actions minimizes the risk for potential errors and further directs people toward a successful outcome.


Usability Fail 2: Action buttons are weirdly aligned

If your form uses a one-column layout, your button will be more visible to users if you align it to the left of your text fields.


Usability Fail 3: Wrong order of actions

With the buttons visually separated, putting the action to continue (e.g., OK, Save, Submit, etc) on the right is more likely to match your users’ expectations.

On multi-page forms, you’ll have more than one button. You’ll have a ‘back’ button that takes users to their previous page. And you’ll also have a ‘continue’ button that takes users to the next page.

Because these buttons behave like pagination, they should follow pagination conventions. Continue button goes on the right while the Back button goes on the left. This maps to the direction users want to go when they paginate.


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