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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The decrowned Queen

The decrowned Queen


Pretty much every MOOP Swoop I find something.

Playing cards seem to be popular at the moment, as I found a Ten of Spades earlier.


This time: A decrowned Queen of Diamonds.


The Queen of Diamonds certainly’s got to do with money and represents vanity. In that sense, maybe she deserves to be decrowned.

But on the positive side she represents Liberality, Greatness of Soul, Generosity.

In that sense she stands for trusting in the universe and that the forces at play will take care that everything works out fine.


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A magazine ad I wrote back in the day. You can tell, because I used my mom's name! ;-)

A magazine ad I wrote back in the day. You can tell, because I used my mom’s name! 😉


Are you an autodidact?

A copywriter needs to become an expert in any given field in a very short time.

Can you write about technical equipment? No? Well you better learn quickly, because the copy must sound like it was written by a professional in the industry.

You might get a brief, but this is only a summary. For the nitty-gritty authentic stuff, you have to do your research and catch up quickly.


Are you a wordsmith?

And with that I don’t mean are you creative, but do you understand the concept of language, and are you excelling at grammar and spelling.

I’ve worked in agencies where copywriters had to be proofread, because they didn’t even master their own language.

That is like wanting to design jewellery without understanding the materials and processes: It doesn’t work. And eventually, it’ll fail. This is the reason why there’s so much bad copy with even worse spelling errors out there.


Can you get to the point?

The attention span of consumers is shortening and so is the copy. Can you describe the purpose of that product in one sentence, or one word? This is essential to stay on topic.

The best copy is still a fail if it doesn’t achieve the goal it was written for.


Are you an empath?

If you’re an ego-driven narcissist, you might fit in well in the advertising world, but your calling should not be on the creative side.

The copy you write, no matter how commercially driven, needs to connect with the reader. And enough to grasp and hold their attention.


Can you be a translator?

The client talks in industry slang, the agency talks in industry slang, the techie guys speak in industry slang. But the consumer doesn’t understand any of that, and you need to translate. Depending on who the end-consumer is, you might need to translate into their specific choice of tone and words, too.

Translators even have a specific word for that: Localisation – when you adapt the copy for the market, not just the language.


Are you a creative?

Can you come up with a clever idea or a funny joke, at the snap of a finger?

There are ways to spur your creativity, and good agencies will inspire, train and incentivise you.

But when it comes down to it, it’s just you and the blank screen.


Can you perform under pressure?

In the agency world everything has to happen yesterday. There are real deadlines at stake, and they don’t just swoosh by, there are serious knock-on effects if you cause delay in the machinery of advertising production.

An easy way to tell if you excel under pressure: How did you do at your school exams? If you attended well-prepared or even if you just pitched up to somehow wing it, you probably have a great ‘I’m ready to tackle whatever comes my way’ attitude.


Can you distance yourself from your writing?

The client is always right. So if they make it sound like your grandma just got transported back into the medieval ages, then you have to let go.

Yes, that is the moment, when you’re no longer a writer, but are starting to turn into a media prostitute or short: media pro. 😉

Welcome to the media world. 😀


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These shells look like freshly collected from the beach, but we excavated them from our garden where they were burried for decades.

These shells look like just collected from the beach, but we dug them out from our garden where they were buried for decades.


Another maybe a bit puzzling item we keep on digging up in our garden are shells.

It is so many of them, especially the shells of the moon snails, that this must still stem back from the days when Woodstock had a beach.


I wonder if The Broken Palace was maybe a beach house? Or are these shells coming from a time preceding The Broken Palace?


If you’d like to share any memories about The Broken Palace, kindly get in touch: 🙂


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If you have a wire mesh cage for your pet rats, make sure you cover the surfaces, so their tiny feet stay healthy.

If you have a wire mesh cage for your pet rats, make sure you cover the surfaces, so their tiny feet stay healthy.


Apparently the wire floors and ramps in pet rat cages can be quite bad for rattie feet.

It’s healthier for your ratties to cover the wire mesh and provide solid flooring.

Ideas for materials are endless, just make sure they are non-toxic and easy to clean or replace:


Handy materials for surfaces in your pet rat cage

– plastic sheets

– newspaper (printed with non-toxic ink)

– fleece

– old towels / t-shirts

– egg tray filler flats

– cardboard

– cereal boxes


Bonus Tip: Use office pegs to pin down the material to the cage floor, so the ratties can’t remove it.


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Yum! I love drinking milk.

Yum! I love drinking milk.


I love my coffee and tea in the morning. Yes, often I have my coffee with my tea, like drinking double-handed. But one thing that can really spoil the delight of my hot beverage is: If there’s no milk.


Now that I’m trying the Low FODMAP diet to relieve my IBS, I’m not allowed lactose.


What is a good alternative to milk?


Lactose-free milk

Of course there’s lactose-free milk, which has all the benefits of regular milk, just that the lactose has been pre-digested into glucose and galactose by adding the enzyme lactase to milk. It might unfortunately be difficult to come by or more expensive than normal milk, and it is not vegan.


Soy milk

Unfortunately with all the GMO and unwanted additives, Soya milk is to be considered carefully and is not an alternative for me.


Hemp milk

Hemp seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, but don’t provide enough calcium. I have no clue where to buy this, please comment on this blog post if you have more info.


Rice milk

Rice milk is high in carbohydrates, and doesn’t contain lactose or cholesterol.  As I’m already eating a lot of rice, I’ve decided against also drinking it for breakfast.


Almond milk

Almond milk offers not as much calcium as cow’s milk, but with 30% of the recommended daily amount, as well as 25% of the recommended amount of vitamin D, and a low carbohydrate content it’s a healthy alternative. Avoid any almond milk that contains Carrageenan.


Coconut milk

Coconut milk has a high proportion of medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fatty acids that is metabolism boosting and thus increases the energy expenditure. This helps to fill up and curb overeating or snacking throughout the day. It provides enough iron to prevent anemia. Coconut milk nourishes the digestive lining with its electrolytes and healthy fats, improving gut health and reducing IBS.

Therefore, my preferred choice of milk alternative for the Low FODMAP diet.


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An elderly man in even older clothes and a beery smell about him shuffles to the entrance corner, getting down to business.


What are you doing there!


Armed with a rubble sack he stutters: Clean, I clean.




Yup! We excavated these 4 balusters from our garden soil.

Yup! We excavated these 4 balusters from our garden.


Yes, imagine digging out these babies! When all you wanted to do was planting some tomatoes…

At 63cm tall it really feels like unearthing a house. And it gives a better idea of “The Broken Palace” that once stood here:


The colours vary in layers of pink to yellow to babyblue, and leave a chalk-like imprint on everything they touch.


These concrete pillars look like Victorian style balusters:

Different styles of porch spindles.

Different styles of porch spindles


Just that they are like two opposing each other, similar to these symmetrical balusters:

Example of symmetrical balusters from a building in Italy

Example of symmetrical balusters in Italy


I’ve seen these on houses around the neighbourhood.

Do you know this particular baluster style?

Can you remember the Broken Palace being adorned with these balusters?

If so, kindly get in touch: 🙂


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Ready or not, here we come: Even though the house isn't finished, we moved in already.

Ready or not, here we come: Let’s move in already!


Of course: Everything takes longer and is more expensive than expected. Even if you planned for it.

So forget about planning for it. 😉


But how many times do you let the deadline slip?

I like to believe in third time lucky.


So when our builder said we’d be moving in by December, and then moved the move-in date to March, and then still did not look like he’s going to make it, we set the deadline to June. And made it very clear that we will be in, if the house is ready or not.


Of course, the house was not ready.

But we moved in anyway.


It was crazy, we literally lived on a construction site.

We had no kitchen and no water taps, no sofas and no space to sit, no cupboards or anywhere to hang clothes, not all the doors making it really very open plan. It was like doing an AfrikaBurn in our own house.


You will hear from anyone that living in the property while it’s busy being renovated / finished is a nightmare. Unfortunately you might have to face it if you want the building work to get done.



#GoGreen: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

#GoGreen: Reuse, Reduce or Recycle


I grew up in Germany and the environmental movement of green activists during the early nineties hit me in my teenage years.

Not only did I learn how to recycle, consume consciously, be vegetarian / vegan, tolerant and inclusive, I internalised this as my duty.

Because, you know, the planet is dying…


When I moved to London, the UK was quite behind with ecological awareness. People were eating fries with chips on the side and fast foods were packaged in plastic.

So I underwent the environmental movement again. For me it felt about time and thanks to the EU opening up, it seemed the UK was aware they needed to catch up and improvements were implemented quickly.

Soon the days where recycling was not possible and 100% orange juice was not available were forgotten. For me, things were back to normal.


Then I moved to South Africa. Of course, I hit the environmental movement again.

I can’t believe that there’s no recycling, plastic abuse everywhere, littering, and hardly any awareness about going green. There’re simply more severe problems.

So the environmentalists here have to work double hard, against all the odds. Fighting for something that to me is the status quo.


I truly can say: Been there, done that. And still, I learn something new every day, as I try to promote to Go Green.

If you have any questions about going green or need help with implementing green campaigns, drop me an email: 🙂


Single page printable FODMAP diet chart for an easy overview.

Download a single page printable FODMAP diet chart for an overview.


Fed up with the ever increasing pain IBS is causing me, I went for a consultation to the Groote Schuur Hospital – Gastroenterology Clinic.

For the first time my tummy troubles were taken seriously and not just waved off as one of those female problems similar to PMS.

Still, there’s no easy way out with IBS, some say it’s psychological, some say it’s emotional, some say it’s physiological.

While it might be debatable what cause IBS has, the effects are very real.

At least at Groote Schuur I got advice how to reduce the physiological impact of IBS:


The Low FODMAP Diet

Elimination Phase

The idea is to remove all possible irritants from your diet during the elimination phase and cleanse your digestive system. Hopefully this allows for your gut system to reset and be less intolerant. The low FODMAP diet is only a temporary measure, and should only be adhered to for 2 to 6 weeks.

Reintroduction Phase

So the gut can reset, it actually needs FODMAPs. But in order to determine which one of them is upsetting your stomach, you reintroduce them one by one, during the rechallenge phase. This requires washout periods and can take almost a week per reintroduced food.

Not a lifetime diet!

Because the low FODMAP diet is so restrictive, it’s important to find adequate alternatives for nutritional intake of what this diet is underproviding, mainly: fibre, calcium and B-vitamins.

To avoid undernourishment and making sure you follow the low FODMAP diet correctly, it is advised to consult a dietitian.


But there’s so much useful information available on the internet, that the doctor at Groote Schuur recommended I do substantial research myself.

That’s why I’m writing this blog: To share my learnings and invite you to do the same: Please comment with your experiences and resources and let me know your feedback: 🙂



As most weeks, my MOOP Swoop finds are startling. This time of a bit of a worrying kind:

Picking up the usual rubbish clutter, I uncovered this makeshift knife stashed away.

This is what can happen to the broken knife you thought you had thrown away: It’s been turned into a weapon.

This is what can happen to the broken knife you thought you had thrown away.

I got quite a fright ending up with this potential weapon in my hands.


So next time you throw half-broken things into the bin, think again:

Make sure the items you want to throw away are indeed unusable, and that you dispose of them in the correct way.

Or better still: Repair, reuserecycle or freecycle. 🙂


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Artwork © Christian Ranzani

Artwork © Christian Ranzani


Taking the pitfalls of building our own home with a smirk:

What better thing to do than to adorn the cracks in our newly built walls with little comical characters. 🙂


If you can spot where this little guy is taking a cross-country adventure drive in our house, it’s a free coffee for you, on the house!


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Even our puppy Lola looks on in shock as the water just keeps pouring into our house from the leaking flat roof.

Even our puppy Lola looks on in shock as the water just keeps pouring into our house from the leaking flat roof.


Oh my, there’s a lot to consider with a flat roof. It seems to always come with problems…


And we don’t even have a flat roof, we just have a roof walkway. But that’s the weak point, and it leaks.

Assessing the damage on the roof walkway: This is where the water accumulates and seeps through.

Assessing the damage on the roof walkway: This is where the water accumulates and seeps through.


So when everyone rejoices that Cape Town is being blessed with rain, for us it also means we better get going to assess and sort the mess:



Of course we catch whatever water possible with buckets and pots. But most of the water runs down the wall, there’s no way to capture it besides mopping it up.


And of course we’re in the process of fixing that stretch of flat roof. But only the next rainy day will tell…



Usually the sourdough bread comes out nicely. Yum!

Usually the sourdough bread comes out nicely. Yum!


I have IBS and am looking into the Low FODMAP Diet in the hope to relieve my tummy from this grief.


FODMAP stands for ‘Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols’, or in lay terms: rapidly fermentable, short-chain carbohydrates.

Basically all non-complex sugars such as fructose in apples and lactose in milk or fructans in wheat and galactans in legumes or sugar alcohols used in artificial sweeteners.


One cause for IBS can be food fermenting in the large intestines. How about fermenting the food beforehand then?

That’s basically what sourdough is: Fermented flour.

So the good news is: Even if it goes wrong, it’s still beneficial for your digestion. Because the longer it sits, the more it ferments, and the easier to digest.

But: It also gets more sour and compact, a very different taste from the fluffy, light and sweet bread we’re used to from the supermarket.


Experimenting with my own bread starter, I experienced this to the extreme when my sourdough didn’t rise again after I fed it with more flour. In the hope it might just need more time I let it sit and sit and sit. When days started to turn into weeks, I decided: Either throw it or bake it.


So I put it in the oven and because it had been fermenting so much, there were no bubbles left to rise and the bread came out incredibly dense, almost moist.

Still, I like sourdough bread and find the taste goes particularly well with rich creamy gouda cheese. In addition, my tummy says thanks with a big warm fuzzy feeling of a healthy digestion. 🙂


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Let's begin the puzzle work! These are the ceramic pieces we excavated from our garden.

Let’s begin the puzzle work! These are ceramic pieces we excavated from our garden.

Luckily my grandma was good in passing on practical skills, such as how to puzzle!

Can you imagine that I put 6 tiles together out of the pieces we found scattered around our garden soil!

Flower Tile 1

Flower Tile 1

Flower Tile 2

Flower Tile 2

Flower Tile 3

Flower Tile 3

Flower Tile 4

Flower Tile 4

Flower Tile 5

Flower Tile 5

Flower Tile 6

Flower Tile 6

After decades of being buried beneath layers of building rubble, clay, soil and other rubbish, this tile is almost intact:

This flower tile is one remembrance of The Broken Palace we excavated from our garden.

Is this flower tile we excavated from our garden one of the remembrances of The Broken Palace?

Do you remember this flower tile? Was it part of “The Broken Palace”? If this flower tile triggered some memories, please get in touch: 🙂


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Show with Playing Card: How do these things land up on the abandoned plot next to us?

How do these things land up on the abandoned plot next to us?

Doing a MOOP Swoop can mean you find the weirdest things.

I don’t question it but I wonder if it means something, like a message for the day.

So when this playing card came along, and in such glorious presentation, I was inclined to look up the meaning of Ten of Spades – it seems to relate to labour and loss, but also a new beginning.

Somewhat befitting since these items are going into the bin.

And then the composition of this: a black stiletto with red insole and the white card. Black, Red and White – they are the colors of shadow, light and life (blood).

Anyway, it somehow looked good together, so I took a picture of it. 🙂

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I once surprised a burglar. He was busy in the front room when I came home. I chased him out all the way to the back.


There you go! Life’s a blessing!


Just that on his way out he passed through the kitchen and I had left my laptop on the kitchen counter. Even being chased, he still managed to grab it and escape.


There you go! Life’s a beatch!



Ever curious, ratties love going new places. Give them the confidence to feel comfortable in their new environment by packing plenty of their familiar things.

Besides being super lovable, rats are also super practical pets to keep.

For example, you can easily take them with you on holiday. Or you can easily bring them over to a friend or ratsitter. What ever you decide to do, here’s a quick list what to pack:

Travel Cage

You might need to disassemble the cage, in any case it is a good idea to keep the ratties in a small cage or box while travelling.

Don’t clean the cage

Wherever you go will be new and full of unknown smells, so it’s good to have a familiar home as a safety point. Don’t scrub your ratties’ cage clean just before travelling. Of course keep it clean, just ensure everything you pack has a comforting smell for the ratties.

Toys and Treats

To keep everything as homely as possible, remember to pack your ratties’ favourite blankies, maybe a t-shirt that smells of you, gnawing toys, treats and snacks.

Dry Food

Prepare a mix of your ratties’ favourite dry foods. Even though the environment changes, try keep most of their essentials the same.

Extra Water

Make sure there’s always enough water around, especially when travelling in hot weather or long distances.

Replacement Bedding

Instead of changing hammocks and cleaning houses, use bedding as an inlay and swap it regularly.

Old Newspapers

To catch any pee or poos that slip past the loo and dispose of them easily, put down sheets of newspaper and remove one by one from the top down.

Spare Litter

Ensure there’s enough litter to easily clean the rattie toilet. Like with cat litter the wet areas can be removed to keep the toilet clean. To avoid any bad smells, it helps to have plenty litter.

Blanket to cover the cage

Especially in winter rats are prone to respiratory diseases due to draft. A thick blanket covering the entire cage keeps them warm and snug.


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The female figure with her wonderful well-rounded curves was the inspiration for this painting: “Droplets – Woman” © Julia Ranzani


To me this sums up perfectly what is wrong with gender equality in the business world:


For supporting women to do business, networks for “women entrepreneurs” or “female entrepreneurs” are being formed.


“Entrepreneur” is a French word and means “businessman”.

So a female entrepreneur is a female businessman, or a female male enterpriser.


How about we don’t try to do it the male way, but stay true to our womanhood? What could we possibly improve if we oppress ourselves into the oppressor role just to get ahead in our career or enterprise? Female qualities are much more helpful in the workplace. Luckily it looks like the days of patriarchy and masculine business models are coming to an end.


So instead of forcing our femaleness into the male practice and become a female businessman, how about we turn the word into a female version?


The French language has by default a male and a female version and the female form of “entrepreneur” is: Entrepreneuse


So let’s carry it with the grandeur and pizzazz it suggests and do business in a more feminine way. And not because we are feminists, but because feminity is underrepresented in our current business landscape, and we need to strive for more balanced leadership.


Join the Entrepreneuse network on Facebook and Google Plus.



I see you’re collecting rubbish from the streets around here, yes yes? You shouldn’t do that. Let me do the work, yes yes.


You do the work?


Yes yes. I do the work. You pay me.


You do the work, and I pay you?


Yes yes.


But I’m already doing the work, so you pay me.


Yes ye…, wait, what?




Illegal Dumping: Despite steep fines, people keep on dumping...

Illegal Dumping: Despite steep fines, people keep on dumping…


Cape Town is dirty. The amount of rubbish that lands on the streets and flies around everywhere; the plastic bags caught in fencing, antennas, gates and on top of roofs; pavements are littered with glass shards and stompies.


People in Cape Town dump their waste straight on the street, even though littering is illegal and there’s a high fine looming.


On top of it, the wind distributes everything that was not securely disposed off everywhere. And not evenly, because it all gets caught in our entrance corners.


Because the wind also transports dust, sand, seeds and other more or less biodegradable material, this rubbish compacts into layers of hard soil, raising the ground level bit by bit.


So what can be done about this?


Make your Bin Day your weekly MOOP Swoop Day


MOOP defines perfectly what should be swooped up: Matter Out Of Place.


Everything that wasn’t here before us humans spoilt it all must go Leaving No Trace. This burning principle can easily be applied to everyday life, and Bin Day is just the perfect occasion: We never fill up our bin, so before it gets collected we fill it with whatever rubbish is flying around.


It is slow going and it can get frustrating especially after the South Easter has buried us in a heap of rubbish, but it feels good to contribute to our community and make it nice for everyone.


This was a sh*t load of work, but the result is worth it.

This was a sh*t load of work, but the result is worth it.


And doing good is one step closer to receiving good. You never know what positive impact your actions can have.


Finally getting to the ground of all that rubbish reveals some interesting heritage: A stoep in front of our back door.

Clearing the ground from all that rubbish reveals some interesting heritage: A stoep in front of our back door and some old service lane path maybe?




#Reuse  #Reduce  #Recycle  #ChooseToRefuse  #NoPlastic  


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A lovely leather bound diary invites to keep a journal.

Keeping a diary has many benefits.


I always did this and started quite early getting organised about it: Keeping a diary.

Not one of those “Dear Diary”, but a proper calendar where I eternalised moments by jotting them down on the day they happened.

Keeping a diary can be a bit of a love-hate relationship: Sometimes you missed out on so many days that your guilt trip hinders you from starting up again. It’s kind of a commitment to yourself, so it’s important to keep it up.

But then again, does it really matter. Should you not rather live right now instead of writing about having lived.


So why keep a diary?


There are many beneficial reasons:

– Journaling can help you with Time Management.

– Keeping a diary can help your career.

– Regular diarising can help with goal keeping.

– Writing a journal can be the Ultimate Self-Help Tool.


Personally I can say writing down the day helps me remember details better and puts my mind at ease. It really helps getting it off my chest.

Here are my top 3 motivators for keeping a journal:


Keeping a diary helps to:


Keep track of things

Some things are important to know for sure: Your cycle, your spending, that phone number, the next meeting, that important appointment.


Keep everything in one place

Use the same diary for different purposes: as your work calendar, your dream journal, and your exercise tracker. Try cram as many reasons to use your diary into one book, keep it easy and simple, don’t edit yourself, simply put into your diary whatever it is that came along that day. Don’t overcomplicate it. Get inspiration from Smash Books. Like a House Book, turn your diary into a one-stop know-it-all answer book for all your life questions.


Keep paper clutter organised

Even if you digitalise it, file it away or even rigorously throw it away, there are these special snippets, those precious memories that just don’t have a space. Maybe in a shoebox or glass jar, but still without context. Sticking them into a diary, maybe with a date reference or a few words, puts them into a place neat and tidy.


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How can these bottles have stayed intact for decades?

How can these bottles have stayed intact for decades?


Our garden soil is littered with glass shards and I’m the one who MOOP swoops them.

But every now and then I get to feel like Indiana Jones, because lo and behold, I excavate fully intact bottles.


Interesting small bottles I dug up from our garden.

Interesting small bottles I dug up from our garden.


Quite delicate little flasks in shapes we are not even used to seeing anymore. How can it be that they didn’t break in all these decades? What were their contents, what were they made for?

If you can remember what these bottles were used for, please get in touch: 🙂


Excavated bottles we found in our garden from the good old days.

Bottles we found in our garden from the good old days.


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