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Monthly Archives: November 2019


Why shrink dogs to rat size when you can have a pet rat to begin with?


Ratties are total cuddle masters:

Not only is their fur the softest, their smell the sweetest and their body supple that they just drape around you like your favourite fashion item, they are also so gentle and giving in their nature.


Simply having this kind little soul settling in your lap is calming.


And unlike dogs that had to be bred to size first, rats feel like they were naturally made to nestle down in your lap.






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Another one bites the dust: Photo hosting site Canon Irista is closing down.


After TinyPic and Use, even camera manufacturer Canon is stutting down its photo hosting service.


With all image hosting sites shutting down, who is left?


Facebook and Google. Our ususal culprits when it comes to monopoly.




2 years ago Starsky & Hutch entered our lives.


What handsome boys they have become:

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Starsky & Hutch! #AdoptDontShop

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The United States Embassy in South Africa has selected Silicon Cape, in partnership with HackOn, GirlHype and The Loudhailer, to implement the project: “Hackathons for South Africa: Digital Solutions for Real World Challenges”.

Consisting of four hackathons over a one-year period, with two in Cape Town and two in Johannesburg, the project seeks to build technical, problem-solving, creative thinking, and collaborative skills to create innovative digital solutions for key social, environmental, health, and economic challenges.


The first hackathon kicked off on the weekend of 23rd and 24th November 2019 in Cape Town and focused on gender-based violence.

For 2 days we were sifting through shocking statistics and research, heard personal accounts and thought about where the problem begins and what solutions can help to intervene.

The nature of the topic meant this hackathon was emotionally impactful.

Luckily the focus was more on the viability of the idea, so it wasn’t required to hack through the night for a working technical solution.


Support was available from the mentors:


Friendships were formed:


And it all ended with a bang, when the judges chose the winners:


It is amazing what can happen when people come together for a common goal.

With overwhelming social issues looming, we need to look for rapid change solutions and a hackathon is just the way to make real interventions happen.



The SouthAfrican:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 12.1 in every 100 000 women are victims of femicide in SA each year.

Surprisingly, there are three countries with a higher femicide rate than South Africa. Honduras, by a wide margin, has the dishonour of being the worst place in the world for the murder of women – their femicide rate stands at a despicable 32.7 – more than double that of its nearest competitor, Jamaica (15.5).

Our neighbours in Lesotho complete the top three, recording a rate of 15.4 murdered women out of every 100 000 citizens. South Africa is fourth – according to the WHO – and Guinea-Bissau completes the top five with 11.1



According to a 2018 Crime Against Women in South Africa Report by Statistics SA, a woman is murdered every three hours.

About 3,000 women were murdered last year – or one every three hours – which is more than five times higher than the global average, according to the World Health Organisation.


The Citizen:

South Africa’s legal definition of rape is broad. It includes the oral, anal or vaginal penetration of a person (male or female) with a genital organ, anal or vaginal penetration with any object and the penetration of a person’s mouth with the genital organs of an animal.

The police recorded 41,583 rapes in 2018/19, up from 40,035 rapes in 2017/18. This means an average of 114 rapes were recorded by the police each day.

The rape rate increased from 70.5 in 2017/18 to 72.1 in 2018/19.


#SheIsMe  #WeWillNotBeNext  #WeAreTiredOfBeingScared  #Femicide  #OneEveryThreeHours  #WakeUpGovernment 



Social media should be called commercial media.


But, there might be a light on the horizon: New social network WT:Social.


Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales launched a Facebook and Twitter rival to combat the downfall of news.

“The business model of social media companies, of pure advertising, is problematic,” Mr Wales said. “It turns out the huge winner is low-quality content.”


Instead WT:Social will rely solely on donations and promises never to sell personal data or run advertisements.


WT:Social originates from the WikiTribune platform that was first launched in 2017 as a news wiki where volunteers could write and curate articles.

Similarly, the new social network is news focussed and is aimed at tackling fake news and “clickbait nonsense” by simply allowing users to edit misleading headlines.

“Almost everything on the platform is editable,” Jimmy Wales said. “That alone gives a huge incentive for good behaviour because if you say something obnoxious, someone will just delete it.”


Ready to give WT:Social a try?

Click my WT:Social invitation link to get onto the waiting list. 🙂




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Facebook has a way of triggering you to stay on their platform by sending you pseudo alerts: Notifications that urge you to click on them and turn out to be nothing.


Recently I received 4 of the same pseudo alerts about some changes to the verification of Facebook pages and when I clicked on them I got notified that “this content is no longer available”.

However, the 4 notification alerts did not go away.


Trying all options possible to me: Clicking on it, rating it – as worst obviously, would not take away the 4 in red warning on my notification icon.


So, I tried to get rid of these pseudo alerts.

Which is not what I want to do, because I like to keep these messages for reference, but I was offered no alternative.


But guess what:

After being asked if I want to “remove this item from my inbox” and I have to double confirm: “Delete Message”, this pops up: “This content is no longer available”.


Yes indeed, Facebook’s loop of pseudo alerts has come full circle and ends in complete and utter nonsense.



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