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Monthly Archives: May 2010

A podcast is like a radio show you made once, but you can offer indefinitely online for downloading and listening to later.

A podcast is like a radio show you made once, but you can offer indefinitely online for downloading and listening to later.


Why limit your audio quality?

Choosing the best bit rate for your podcast is a balance between sound quality and download speed.

While you might be happy to offer your podcast for free, your customers could experience it as costly when they see their data bill.

A big portion of the internet is being browsed on mobile phones and disk space and processor capacity are limited.

Optimised audio files can keep the file size and thus the bandwidth strain at a minimum.


Optimise your audio files

When determining the minimum acceptable sound quality you need to consider what components your recording consists of:

1) Voice only: 64 kbps – e.g. a simple spoken word recording

For voice only 64 kbps is more than enough. If it’s really about keeping the file size down you can record voice as low as 24 kbps.

2) Voice and sound effects / music: 128 kbps – e.g. a radio play

If you have any added sounds on your recording, you’ll require at least 128 kbps. The BBC radio play podcasts come at 128 kbps.

3) Music: 320 kbps – e.g. a band recording

320 kbps is considered CD quality. But quality for music is an open end depending on what sound experience you like and if you have the equipment to appreciate it. If you don’t want to hand out high quality tracks, 128 kbps is still acceptable.




The World Cup foreshadows its impact

The official World Cup stadiums have been handed over to FIFA with the result that some of them are no longer available for rugby games. This coincides with The Super 14, a major rugby competition at a scale comparable to the Champions League.

No wonder there were outcries when rugby fans were told they can’t use their home stadium any longer. The Bulls, a rugby team from Johannesburg with prospects to win the Super 14, had to leave their home turf and move to another stadium.

What’s more the new stadium allocated to them was the Orlando stadium in Soweto. Soweto stands for South West Township. A place that back in Apartheid had been allocated to the blacks. Rugby fans are traditionally white. Now they were asked to mix for the sake of sport.

Concerns were voiced and discussed in the media and the news around Johannesburg. Against all fears, the game was a huge success. All kinds of people, no matter what colour, had a blast.

The traffic jam leading up to the game was used as an opportunity to dance on the streets. Vuvuzelas, usually associated with football, were trumpeted at the game. Everybody despite of race, background or age celebrated together.

No surprise that this event was stipulated as “The most important development in rugby since the Springboks won the World Cup in 1995”. And it all happened because of the World Cup.

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