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Monthly Archives: November 2016


He’s cleaned the pot nicely. It’s almost shiny.

He managed to fill it with water just enough to cover the meat.

This would take some time until boiled soft, good thing he started with the food first.

Now for setting the scene: He cleans up the place and ends up with a whole black bag stuffed with rubbish. He doesn’t have a broom, but pushes the dirt with his feet into the corner. He especially cleans the cooking area and checks that the pot sits stable. He makes the bed. He picks up chairs, drums, buckets, whatever he can find to sit on, and places them around the fireplace.

He heaves as he takes a step back to admire the result.


Then he turns to call: Mister, Mister!

A stressed out hipster opens the door.


What do you want?

Salt, Sir.

What do you mean, salt?

Well, please Sir, a pinch of salt. I’ve been cooking.


He points across the abandoned plot, along the evenly dispersed litter and the crude bed that is covered in a plastic sheet, at the makeshift fire with an old oil barrel for a pot that is steaming under the open leaping flames with a stomach churning smell.


Yes, a pinch of salt it is.




A class from a public school arrives at the youth theatre.

As the teacher needs to sort the tickets, she asks them to wait in the courtyard.

They are very tired: They had to get up at dawn to walk 15 minutes to the taxi rank, to be crammed in for the journey to the train station, to wait 20 minutes, to be crammed in standing for 1 hour on the train to the city, and then walk all the way uphill, to this fancy ‘wow check out the great view’ colonial cultural place.

There are some chairs stacked in the corner.

But the teacher had not said anything about sitting down, so they stand and wait.


A class from a private school arrives at the youth theatre.

As the teacher needs to sort the tickets, she asks them to wait in the courtyard.

They are very tired: The shuttle bus had been late and they had to stand by the road and wait for 10 minutes. Its air conditioner was broken and they got cold air blasted at them for the 15 minute journey. Then they didn’t get dropped off right in front of the door, but had to walk 2 blocks down to get here.

There are some chairs stacked in the corner.

Everyone takes one and sits down.

Wow check out the great view!


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Okay, nice speech and wrap-up at the end.

Now, ask the question.

Remember to give them time to answer, they’re teenagers after all. They might say something silly.

Wait until one says ‘airtime’. Then present the voucher for free airtime. You know, like we were reading their minds.

It’ll look great for the media. Like we truly understand their needs.


And now, as a surprise to end off, simply answer this question: What is the biggest hurdle that stops you from using your cell phone?


Yes! Wait, what?

A plug, you know, where you can recharge your phone.


Presents the voucher for free airtime anyway.


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Okay, she had managed to get there alright.

Now, for going back home, that should be easy peasy then.


How does this work again?


She fiddles with the remote control and the car makes a series of unfamiliar sounds. One of them indicates she unlocked it.

It also attracts the eyes of a group of youngsters hanging on the corner.


As she gets into the car, they start walking towards her.


How to lock the car doors? Shouldn’t there be a button somewhere?


She searches for a symbol that makes sense on the dashboard, when they increase their speed to a casual jog.


Nevermind, just get out of here!


In a sudden surge of panic, she reverses almost into them, and screeches off, away and gone down the road.


She doesn’t dare look in the back mirror and drives straight home where her husband awaits her.


Everything ok?

Well, I suppose yes…

Because you’ve been driving with the boot open.


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She should be here any minute.

Super, I’m so excited to see her new car.

She saved up a long time for it.

Yes, it’s one of those super advanced Japanese models with all the extra features.

Yeah, and she got it in red, what a daring colour.

Apparently you can like switch from city drive to highway cruise.

Must’ve cost a fortune.


There she is! Wow check out that car!


Whoohoo, how is it driving your new car?



Says the boyfriend as she steps out the passenger side.


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Puppy Lola is super excited to get a branch new stick to play with.

Puppy Lola is super excited to get a branch new stick to play with.


They were cutting down that lovely old Magnolia Tree on the corner.

It was blocking the view, but to cut the whole tree off?

They were cutting it bit by bit, chopping it off in pieces. Somehow a sad way to go for a tree.



A girl rushes in, but one glance shows that everything is too late.

You’re cutting the tree. There’s only a stump left.

Yes, ma’am.

A frown glides over her face and she presses her lips together in acceptance. She looks as if she’s going to move on, then looks up.

Well, can I have a branch?

She points at her puppy.

Yes, ma’am.

He heaves up one of the massive branches and cuts it in one zip into a handy stick.


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Somebody's happy with their new super amazing dog toy!

Somebody’s happy with their new super amazing dog toy! 🙂



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Lola is having neverending fun with her new toy: STICK MAN!

Lola is having neverending fun with her new toy: STICK MAN!


I was once part of a lovely community.

I sat on the corner of a lively intersection and oversaw all the busy activities of children playing, people chatting and of course, cars passing.

I shielded the children from those: It was like I formed a barrier towards the traffic and sheltered the school ground from noise and nuisance.

Every day the children came to play soccer. I cannot recall how many times I caught the ball. One of the children would then have to get it back from me and was always celebrated as a hero when he returned successfully.

I loved their laughter and their free-spirited energy.


But that is all a long time ago and I lost most of those happy memories when they hacked me into pieces.

At that time I was happy to be gone.

Something had changed. The kids were not allowed to play soccer anymore.

Instead, rubbish was piling up and sad souls were gathering, full of destructive energy.


I shone on strong, but soon my protection was perceived as concealment and the air got clouded with the slithering whisper of demise.


Then everything happened very quickly. I still wonder if anyone has actually noticed that I’m gone.


But in all this sore madness was a strange moment of kindness:


One of my limbs was preserved.


A light-hearted soul picked me up. One very small part of me, but me.

I was taken to a new place I belong to now.

I’ve completely transformed:

I’m mobile and independent. I can travel around. I got a head screwed on and now I can stand upright again, lifting my crown high above.

And the best: I’m surrounded by loving souls who can’t wait to play with me.


That’s because I’ve become STICK MAN, the coolest dog toy ever made from a Magnolia Tree branch. 🙂


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