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#GoGreen: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

#GoGreen: Reuse, Reduce or Recycle


I grew up in Germany and the environmental movement of green activists during the early nineties hit me in my teenage years.

Not only did I learn how to recycle, consume consciously, be vegetarian / vegan, tolerant and inclusive, I internalised this as my duty.

Because, you know, the planet is dying…


When I moved to London, the UK was quite behind with ecological awareness. People were eating fries with chips on the side and fast foods were packaged in plastic.

So I underwent the environmental movement again. For me it felt about time and thanks to the EU opening up, it seemed the UK was aware they needed to catch up and improvements were implemented quickly.

Soon the days where recycling was not possible and 100% orange juice was not available were forgotten. For me, things were back to normal.


Then I moved to South Africa. Of course, I hit the environmental movement again.

I can’t believe that there’s no recycling, plastic abuse everywhere, littering, and hardly any awareness about going green. There’re simply more severe problems.

So the environmentalists here have to work double hard, against all the odds. Fighting for something that to me is the status quo.


I truly can say: Been there, done that. And still, I learn something new every day, as I try to promote to Go Green.

If you have any questions about going green or need help with implementing green campaigns, drop me an email: 🙂



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