Dumping on abandoned corner plot


The abandoned corner plot at Greatmore and York Street is a neverending issue with illegal dumping.


It is an ongoing cycle of dumping and more dumping:


After big community effort to clean it up, it only took the festive season holidays for it to turn into a dump site again.


It is frustrating, as all efforts us neighbours are putting into keeping the abandoned field clean are a sisyphean task.


This time City of Cape Town cleaned up the worst of the rubbish, but not the rubble dumping: 

There’s even a brand new shoe! Why is it always only one?

It is however this unsightly dumping that attracts more dumping!

Who does this, dumping their rubble so it’s a problem for everyone. It’s free to drop off waste at the Woodstock Dump down the road!

That’s why access to this abandoned plot must be restricted with a fence. It’s simply not possible otherwise to fight against the flood of waste and dumping.



Abandoned plot at 27 Greatmore Street: A fire burns into the neighbouring house

Since out of control fires seem to be the norm on the abandoned plot at 27 Greatmore Street where we even have arson attacks, I react very worried every time I smell fire around the neighbourhood.

There is a distinct difference between a lovely braai smell and the sting of toxic smoke.

Looking around for the source of the fire, surely enough there is black smoke coming from 27 Greatmore Street.

The sight that presents itself is quite worrysome:


This time, the fire is burning into the neighbouring house:



Yet, it appears no-one cares!



People in the illegally built hokkie were passed out and it was not possible to wake them up.



So we called the fire brigade to avoid further spreading of the fire, it is a dry and windy summer in Cape Town after all.



This is the fourth fire at 27 Greatmore Street.

I cannot stress enough how dangerous a fire hazard illegal housing is, also for the surrounding properties.





#Beach #Walk with the #dogs: #Puppy Hutch goes for a swim


Hutch, the biggest out of our pack of dogs, looks easily clumsy, lumbering along, trying to keep up.

But he always amazes me with his love for swimming.


In the water, everything that makes Hutch look cloddish on land, works to his advantage.

Instead of being heavy and slow, he is buoyant and strong.


No surprise then that Hutch loves the beach.


He can’t wait to get into the water and runs straight to the ocean, checking out the waves:


I only let our dogs play in the swash.

But Hutch decided otherwise and went for a little swim in the calm sea:




#RattieGarden: #Pet #rats Mia and Heidi enjoy their planter box


Our rattie gardens came in many different shapes and variations, from tomato surprises to healthy wheatgrass to leftover seeds in a flower pot and now a whole planter box.


All I do is chuck what is left over from the rattie food into some soil instead of the bin.


A bit of water every now and then and the seeds and grains start growing.


The ratties love the fresh greens and enjoy foraging in the soil.


It gives them some outdoor playtime in a safe and well known environment.


It shows how comfy the ratties feel in their rattie garden when Mia starts to groom herself.




#Good #Practice #Tip: Check if your accounts have been hacked

The avast hack check shows you the accounts that have been hacked and had their passwords leaked.


As one of your regular internet safety measures you should update your passwords on a regular basis.


If you need motivation to do this, quickly check if your password was stolen.


Updating all your passwords across all online platforms can be an exhausting task, depending on how active you are in signing up for internet services.


So you know which accounts are the most urgent to start with, check which ones have been hacked:


Avast Hack Check shows the accounts of which hackers have stolen and leaked your password.

It’s a great way to actually remember some of those accounts that have been dormant for years.


Just make sure the new password is indeed secure!




#Tip: How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions realistic


One of the reasons why we fail to stick to our New Year’s resolutions is because we have unrealistic expectations.


There are lots of great examples of realistic New Year’s Resolutions. However, they are quite general. If you want to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll need to make your own to be specific and personally relevant to you.


How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions realistic


–  Break your year down quarterly, monthly, weekly

Take your New Year’s resolutions and break them down into the smaller steps it takes each quarter, month, week to achieve them.


–  Use a one page yearly calendar as a goal setting template

Use a large one page yearly calendar to jot down your goals over the course of the year, hang it up clearly visible and easily accessible.


–  Fill in your goals backwards

Start with the end of the year and your New Year’s resolutions. Work back to the beginning of the year with the necessary actions and complete the timeline.



Finally! Some Realistic New Year’s Resolutions that are easy to keep. 😉




New Year’s Resolutions Quitter’s Day – push past it!


January 19th 2020 is the day people are most likely to give up on their New Year’s resolutions according to new data insights from Strava, the world’s largest sports participation platform.


Quitter’s Day

Last year’s Quitter’s Day was January 17 2019, which is now honored as Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.

Based on global athlete data from 2019 this year’s Quitter’s Day is January 19 2020.


Concluding from this global community data, Strava’s tips for extending the New Year’s resolution past Quitter’s Day include:

–  People keep people active: Find a friend or join a club to help keep you motivated. Cyclists going on group rides cover twice the distance of solo rides. One in three weekend activities in the UK is done with at least one other person.

–  Staying consistent: Athletes aiming for three activities a week instead of two tend to be more consistent, resulting in twice as many activities over the year.

–  Goal setting: Athletes who set goals in January are increasingly likely to remain active as the year goes on, and are still active.


So push past Quitter’s Day! 




#RattieTreat: #Dandelion #fresh from the #garden


Dandelion are edible even for humans and there are no known poisionous lookalikes.


I harvest dandelion from our garden, where I know it’s organic. Dandelion is very nutritious and has many health benefits.


So dandelion is a great treat for ratties!









#Beach #Walk with the #dogs: Shallow waves for water zoomies

Our dogs get super excited when they get into the boot and notice we’re going to the beach!

Gigi, our Miniature Pitbull-Africanis, gets the zoomies pretty much from when she hits the sand.

When the sea is calm I often take our dogs into the shallow surf for a nice wash.

So Gigi gets the water zoomies!

Gigi runs in and out of the swash:

Gigi zooms back and forth, jumping for joy:

Gigi plays with some sea bamboo kelp:

Gigi hops into the small waves:

Gigi simply loves the shallow waters:

Cutie puppy Gigi.


Microsoft’s answer to Windows 7 upgrade headaches: Buy new PC

Microsoft is known for using unfair manipulation methods to trick you into actions that result in something different from what you were lead to expect.

In fairness though, Microsoft has started early to warn about Windows 7 support coming to an end.

But while Microsoft pushed Windows 10 on every computer out there when it launched, if you wanted it or not,
now its ‘solution’ to Windows 7 upgrade headaches is: A new PC.


That’s even worse than: Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Granted, any computer running Windows 7 is old.


And yes, upgrading or clean installing an operating system is not an easy tech task.


But to jump straight to: Just buy a new PC! is a bit too much of an in your face money making scam.


The joys of monopoly.



New Year’s Resolutions that work

A new year, a new you! This year will be different!


It’s easy to dismiss new year’s resolutions as unachievable with the news pounding into us that only an elite few of 8% ever manage to stick to them.

Unlike us ordinary humans who last on average a mere 12 days until we break our annual commitment.


So why set yourself up for failure? some would conclude from this.


Because something is better than nothing. To start something is better than never giving it a try.

If we need motivation to achieve our goals in the year ahead, then why not get a kick-start from the good old tradition of making wishes for the new year.

While it is lovely to make a wish upon a star, this is also a great exercise to define your path ahead.


New Year’s Resolutions that work:

–  Take it easy by choosing one word to inspire your upcoming year.

–  Turn your resolution into a ritual.

–  Set SMART Goals, try CLEAR Goals.

–  Create a One Page Strategic Plan.


Happy #20Plenty!

Happy #20PlentyForAll!


Year End Reflection

A new year!

A new decade!

It’s 2020!

It’s #20Plenty!

In order to get ready for a fresh start we need to learn from our past.

Otherwise it’s just history repeating.

The turn of the year gives us the opportunity to look back and plan forward.

But where to begin? A good start is always to assess the status quo.

There are plenty of resources available to help you process the past year:

You can try A Top Ten List of Year-End Questions.

Here are 50 Year-End Reflection Questions to Help You Review 2019.

Or dive deep with 100 Personal End of Year Reflection and Review Questions.

It’s a great exercise to evaluate the past year on different aspects, some of which you might’ve not considered.

It is in comparison to your last year that you can analyse if you are on the right path that leads you where you want to go.

This helps to put adjustments in place to stay on course of your overall goal.

Hopefully the new year will bring you closer to your dreams!

Happy #20PlentyForAll! 

Happy #20Plenty!


I love how these positive affirmations for the upcoming year are going viral.

It’s a creative play on words that also gives the new year a theme.


Last year we were invited to a Happy #20SHINETEEN.


This year we can look forward to a #20Plenty.


Of course a rather controversial outlook in times of extremely limited resources with the world population consuming as much as 1.7 planets Earth a year.


But also a really lovely idea: If there was plenty for everyone…

If all the rich people (Yes, that’s us, having the means to read this blog makes us part of the priviledged.) could give up just a little bit of their consumerism and convenience, learn to be more modest, actively making a change by supporting good causes such as refusing plastic and boycotting evil corporates, if just…

If just we could make the change happen that there is plenty for all.


Here’s to hoping for a better world in a new decade.


Happy #20PlentyForAll!