#Good #Practice #Tip: Use that spellchecker!

WordPress has an integrated spellchecker. It also automatically tells me when there's nothing to check: No writing errors were found.
WordPress has an integrated spellchecker. It also automatically tells me when there’s nothing to check: “No writing errors were found.” – Phew! 😉


Because we all make mistakes, why take a chance when it’s so easy to double check:


Write your copy in a text editor with a spellchecker. At least it’ll help you get rid of those really silly errors.


When it comes to using copy in an image editing program, copy and paste the text into a word editor to confirm your grammar is correct.


Even better: Use an integrated spellchecker in the software. Most programs offer to activate a spellchecker or to install a widget or plugin.


Don’t fall for the temptation to switch off the spellchecker.

Maybe you’re using professional terminology and get a lot of words highlighted as wrong. Rather add these to your spellchecker’s dictionary and customise it to your needs.


And because we all still make mistakes, always proofread your copy.


#Water #Saving #Tip: The Bucket Dance

Are you doing the Bucket Dance? Capturing every drop for grey water with multiple buckets in the shower.
Are you doing the Bucket Dance? Capturing every drop for grey water with multiple buckets in the shower.


In and around the buckets we shower,

We place them in line, in circles, on top of each other.

We do what we can, we take this power

in our own hands and prove that we bother.


It’s a means to save every drop,

Once you started you can’t stop.

So we turn, twist and hop, we balance, shuffle and mop,

anything to make sure this doesn’t turn into a flop.


Because water is rare and we’re running out.

No time for a blank stare, this is a serious drought.

We need action now, the question is not why but how,

so do your bit and put on a good show:


Lift that leg, do the fandango, take a stance:

Turn this from a crisis into a chance!

We’re all in this together so let’s do enhance

this situation by joining the Bucket Dance!




#Water #Saving #Tip: Check the Cape Town Water Map

The City of Cape Town’s water map shows the water usage of households around Cape Town.
The City of Cape Town’s water map shows the water usage of households around Cape Town.


Here we get to see what the City of Cape Town uses for an at a glance overview of water usage at residential properties: https://citymaps.capetown.gov.za/waterviewer.


Criticism arose that “the map enables residents to check up on their neighbours’ water habits” and thus acts as a “name and shame” campaign.


Surely, you’d check up on your own address first.


And as a self-check tool this water map is really useful:


Every month you get to see if you managed to stay below 6 000 litres at your property, indicated with a dark green dot. 🙂


If your plot shows a light green dot, it means you used between 6 000 and 10 500 litres last month and you need to read up on some #water #saving #tips. 😉


Use the map rather as a “name and acclaim” campaign: an incentive to show off and help your neighbours to #GoGreen, or to follow suit and work harder on your #WaterSaving.


#Travelblog: Batu Caves

Batu Caves

Travel Blog 18/03/06

Batu Caves
Batu Caves

Charan and his wife Monica took me to the Batu Caves.

Wow, there’s this big giant golden statue right by the steps up to the Batu Caves. Very impressive!

There are temples and you can watch their religious ceremonies.

It’s 272 extremely steep steps up to the caves, but I was so excited about the view and what was to come, I did it with no effort. I don’t mind the hot and humid weather at all really.

The caves are really massive and there are shrines and temples around, always very colourful and with candles and incense.

After some more steps we got to the big temple at the top. All sorts of animals are hanging around there, like monkeys and roosters. The roosters sing along with the Hindu music.

There are also smaller caves at the bottom, which are art galleries and filled with sculptures representing scenes from the ancient Hindu tales.

I took loads of pics, but it’s just so colourful and nicely crafted: http://www.zorpia.com/TrulyJuly/album/427125/album/page=all.


This blog post appeared originally here on Monday, Mar 20 2006, 03:21:35 pm: http://www.zorpia.com/TrulyJuly/journal/1499637.


#DIY: #HowTo paint interior doors for a professional finish

I painted this bathroom door myself and love the result.
I painted this bathroom door myself and love the result.


When our builder’s workers started applying the primer on our interior doors while they were still hanging, I knew this would end badly.

So I decided to save some costs and paint the doors myself. It couldn’t get worse than how it had been done so far.

Of course I knew nothing about painting doors, so I first had to do my research which I’m happy to share:


Good Practices for Painting Interior Doors


1) Lay down the door flat on saw horses

Painting a new interior door is easiest on saw horses:

–  Only when the door is removed from the frame can you reach all the edges. Especially new doors need to be sealed everywhere to prevent moisture from entering – that includes the bottom edge.

–  Only when the door is lying flat down can you achieve a smooth streak-free paint finish. It is easy to miss drips and runs leaving unsightly paint marks on your door. Plus you’ll avoid any mess on the walls and floors.

If the door is already installed, take it off for painting. Interior doors are hollow and easy to remove from the hinges.


2) Clean the door

Make sure there is no residue or grime on the door that would spoil the paint.

Wipe the door clean with soapy lukewarm water.


3) Sand down the door

If new or old, before painting you need to roughen up the surface.

Use a sanding block for profiled moldings and sandpaper on flat boards to smoothen any irregularities.

Clean up the dust with a vacuum or brush and damp cloth.


4) Fix any holes

Should the door have any holes, cracks or scratches, fill them before applying any primer or paint.


5) Dampen the surface

This trick is meant to help you achieve a smooth paint finish:

Wet the door’s surface slightly with a sponge or cloth.

When applying paint on the damp surface, it’ll take longer to dry, giving you more time to smoothen out any unwanted streaks or tears.


6) Prime the door

New doors need to be primed to ensure good adhesion of the finish coats. Already painted doors need no primer if they’re in good condition.

Apply one coat of primer and let it dry.

Sand down any irregularities.


7) Paint the door

The best way to avoid brush marks is by avoiding using brushes. Only paint the tricky parts like edges and ornamental designs with brushes.

Use a foam roller on all straight surfaces for an even looking finish. You might need to apply an extra coat, if the foam roller spreads the coat too thin.

Apply as many layers of paint as needed for a great finish. If you can still spot some irregularities, give it one more coat. It actually goes quick and will leave you truly happy with the result.


Seeing double: Doppelgaenger déjà vu


Doppelgaenger déjà vu: Starsky also has only the right ear up, just like Lola and Gigi.
Doppelgaenger déjà vu: Starsky also has only the right ear up, just like Lola and Gigi.


What is it with our dogs and having one ear up and one ear floppy?

And not only that, it’s also the same combination: The right ear stands up.


After seeing double with Lola and Gigi, the same is occurring now with Lola and Starsky:

He is ‘wearing’ his ears the same way Lola does – right ear up, left ear flopping down.


I don’t particularly remember dogs having different ears, as far as I can recall it was either or: either both ears stand up or both ears hang down.


Lola can do with her right ear both: She can let it hang loose or she can lift it up. She often sleeps with her right ear up, it’s as if she can only relax one-sided. She does make a great guard dog.


Gigi also went through a phase where only her right ear stood up. But she grew out of that, both her ears are floppy now, even though they’re so tiny. It’s hilarious she can’t perk them up, only raise them, but her mini cute ears are still hanging floppy down.


So who knows what Starsky’s ears will look like when he grows up, but this picture is just like: Doppelgaenger déjà vu!


#Good #Practice #Tip: Check your maths, too


Just because you’re a #GrammarNerd doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to math formulas.


Another example why you must always proofread your copy:

When creating an infographic double check that everything is correct.
When creating an infographic double check that everything is correct.


This is an infographic explaining payment flow and costs and still they managed to get the main equation wrong:

Of course it’s not R500 times 7.5% equals R462.50, but:

R500 7.5% = R462.50


A hint for this is actually the sentence below: “Bidda keeps 7.5% of all transactions.” Keep, as in retain / withhold / deduct / subtract.


If you’re unsure about your algebra but are creating explainer infographics which contain mathematical equations, get your calculator out – there’s an app on every device – and quickly double check.


#Travelblog: KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)

Kuala Lumpur - Petronas Tower
Kuala Lumpur – Petronas Tower

KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)

Travel Blog 17/03/06

Today I did all my internet stuff. I just love it, my little laptop is sooo coool!

I had been at the tourist information, where I could sign up for a shopping card and get some vouchers. One of them was a coffee at ‘The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’. When I arrived there, it was like a Starbucks but with a beautiful view over KLCC park. So I hooked up to their wireless internet access and enjoyed the view, doing my email stuff.

My gosh, it’s going to be a lot of coffee drinking this holiday if every time I want to upload my pics I have to go to a Starbucks!


This blog post appeared originally here on Monday, Mar 20 2006, 02:58:56pm: http://www.zorpia.com/TrulyJuly/journal/1499628.


A complicated url address: .co.za

.co.za is the default domain for companies in South Africa. Why is it not just simply .za?
.co.za is the default domain for companies in South Africa. Why not just simply .za?


Is your url ending in .co.za?


Do you know why South Africa is having this tongue twister as the default web address?


Few countries are using the second level domain .co in their url. It stands for ‘commercial’ as opposed to ‘academia’ (.ac) or ‘government’ (.gov) before the country’s top level domain.


One of these countries is the UK, where I first encountered the practice of using second-level domains in the url.


It annoyed me back then in the UK and it still annoys me now in SA:


Of course it makes sense to create credibility with moderated second level domains such as .ac or .edu or .gov or .ngo, because they help the user identify an official institution at a glance.


But .co.za, .net.za and .org.za are unmoderated second level domains, which means anyone can just get them.


So why not just go for .za then?


Many countries skip those superfluous letters of the second level domain and simply stick to their country’s top level domain. Like the host of my email address which uses only the German country domain, keeping it short and simple: TrulyJuly@web.de 🙂


Interestingly, the UK has since changed to not only offering, but also swapping second level domains for the shorter and sweeter top level country domain on its own.  As per Wikipedia:

“New registrations directly under .uk have been accepted by Nominet since 10 June 2014 08:00 BST, however there is a reservation period for existing customers who already have a .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .ltd.uk or .plc.uk domain to claim the corresponding .uk domain, which runs until 07:59 BST on 10 June 2019.[7]


Please Adopt: Rescue puppies Starsky & Hutch are looking for a forever home


Please help and find these two adorable rescue puppies a good home!
Please help and find these two adorable puppies a good home!


Please help!

Puppy brothers Starsky & Hutch are looking for a good home.


Starsky is the puppy with the dark hair like Ben Stiller in the movie and Hutch is the blond one like Owen Wilson.


Just like Starsky & Hutch they make a great team!


While Starsky is outgoing, adventurous and up for anything, always in the middle of the action, Hutch is a very gentle soul, a tender handsome little boy, who always wants to cuddle.


Together they play and explore. Watching out for each other, they always have each other’s back. With their puppy clumsiness and swagger, they make a funny pair. You don’t want to miss out on all the hilarious entertainment these adorable cuties bliss us with every day.


Both are housetrained and socialised with other pets. They get on well with children and are an awesome addition to the family. As young as they are, Starsky & Hutch are already very protective over us and would make great guard dogs.


They’ve had all their medical checks, are dewormed and vaccinated, and come with dog bed and harnesses, although they are outgrowing these quickly!


Because they get on so well with our dogs, we’d love to find them a home in Cape Town or even Woodstock, so we can meet up for playdates. I’m also happy to dogsit them any time.


Most importantly we’d like them to stay together, they’ve been through such ordeal as rescue pups, but they always had each other.


Could you be the one who can offer Starsky & Hutch a forever home?


If you know someone who has the space for two medium sized well natured and absolutely charming male dogs, please get in touch: TrulyJuly@web.de 🙂


For updates on Starsky & Hutch, please like their Facebook page: @SAfricanis




#Good #Practice #Tip: Avoid actual dates in your graphics

"Ready for Season 2017" - Not so much, as it's 2018 already.
“Ready for Season 2017” – Not so much, as it’s 2018 already.


So it’s the middle of January 2018 and I still find visuals referring to 2017 around the internet.

Why even? In the above example, simply stating: “Ready for This Season” could’ve worked just as well.

Using imagery with concrete dates is an easy trap to look outdated. Unless you’re spot on on the case, updating your campaign the minute it expires, don’t dig this unnecessary hole for yourself. Every time you’re tempted to use a real date, be it only the year, think about it:

Does the date make the campaign look more current or rather outdated if you don’t have the resources to keep it updated.

Even if a date is required, for example for a competition, remember that incorporating it in your imagery means you’ve got to update all your visuals should there be any change to the date, for example extending the entry deadline. Rather referring to the Ts & Cs means you only ever have to update your Terms & Conditions.

If you do decide to feature a particular date in your graphics, set yourself a reminder to be alerted when this date has passed.


#Travelblog: Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur 16.03.06

Travel Blog 16/03/06

1. Day in Malaysia - Exploring markets and shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur
1. Day in Malaysia – Exploring markets and shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur

Lola, who also came over to Kuala Lumpur to visit Laavan, and I went into the city centre today to explore Kuala Lumpur.

We went to Central Market, where they have lots of crafts, like wooden sculptures, masks, batik clothes, necklaces, paintings, accessories etc.

After that we went to Chinatown to see more peculiar stuff. Just walking around taking a look is incredible.

I’ve put up some pictures, so you can take a look at the album: http://www.zorpia.com/TrulyJuly/album/424638/album/page=all.

We travelled back to Laavan’s house on the LRT (Light Rail Transit). From the station to Laavan’s house we wanted to take a taxi, it’s so cheap and it was raining. But no taxi would pick us up! Apparently when there were heavy rains (and it does rain heavily all of the sudden later in the day), traffic goes manic and the taxi drivers just want to get back to their base.
So we walked back, luckily the rain had stopped. At Laavan’s place a lot of relatives arrived for the engagement party on Sunday and we had a fantastic dinner with squid and mutton and vegetable curry and rice. Laavan and Laavan’s mum had cooked it themselves and it tastes just amazing, like going to a restaurant.


This blog post appeared originally here on Monday, Mar 20 2006, 02:55:56pm: http://www.zorpia.com/TrulyJuly/journal/1499624.


Stuff I found in the garden: Vintage Mother of Pearl button


Look what I excavated from our garden: A vintage Mother of Pearl button
Look what I excavated from our garden: A vintage Mother of Pearl button


The excitement of excavating something shiny when cleaning up the garden soil from rubble and debris!


I gave this Mother of Pearl button a rinse and it’s gleaming in the sun.


According to Vintage Button Emporium this nacre button is even worth something, like a pound or two. It is the rim that makes it more valuable than just a plain version. Craftsmanship is always worth something.


Interestingly, this button seems to have been fastened with a metal noose, which is still attached to it. So was it part of some sort of uniform maybe?


If you know more about The Broken Palace or the people who lived there and what happened that we’re digging up so many artefacts. please get in touch: TrulyJuly@web.de 🙂


#GoGreen: #Recycle used tea bags


Oopsie, another bag full with used tea bags...
Oopsie, another bag full with used tea bags…

I drink at least 2 litres of tea a day. I use 3 teabags to brew 1 litre. That’s a minimum of 6 teabags per day.

So that 200 teabag bulk offer is probably what I go through per month.

Accordingly I have a lot of used teabags to do… well, what with? Read on for some useful tips.


What to do with used tea bags


Used tea bags belong in the garden.

A used tea bag is still full of nutrition. It is nitrogen rich and can be used like a fertiliser. Tear open the bag and sprinkle the tea into your pot plants or around your garden.

Line plant pots with old teabags, especially around the drainage holes, before filling them with soil. The tea bags retain water and nutrition.

Tea is a must-have for your compost, as it counter balances all the carbon-rich materials.

The caffeine in the tea is just as much a stimulant for your garden inhabitants as for you and has a great effect on earthworms: They will work and breed faster.


Used tea bags make great sponges.

Apparently adding used tea bags to your dishwashing water helps to break down grease and food stains.

You can use the tea bag itself to preclean dirty pans and trays. Be careful not to break the tea bag, as it works wonderfully to wipe up that grease, and simply throw it in the bin, instead of having to rinse your kitchen sponge with a lot of water. In addition, the tannins in the leaves will prevent the oxidising process, preventing rust.

Similarly, freshly brewed hot tea bags can be used to preclean windows. The tea’s tannic acid will leave the glass sparkling clean.

Scrub your dark leather shoes with a damp used teabag. Tanning leather involves tannin, the tea can add a new shine.


Used tea bags capture bad odour.

Place dried old teabags in the bottom of your kitchen bin to absorb liquids and odours.

Wash away odours from your hands: Rinse your hands with water and a brewed tea bag to remove odours of onions, garlic, fish and other foods.

If you’re a smoker or have an ashtray out for guests, put a wet tea bag or the leaves from a wet tea bag into the ashtray. When you or your guests ash in the tray, the wet leaves will hold the ash and absorb some of the smell from the smoke.

The antibacterial contents of tea bags will help neutralize the odour in your litter box as well. Just sprinkle the dried out contents of a brewed tea bag into the kitty / rattie litter.


Travelling from London to Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur

Travelling off into adventure! 3 months South East Asia!
Travelling off into adventure! 3 months South East Asia!

Travelling from London to Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur

Travel Blog 14/03/06 – 15/03/06

I flew out to Bangkok with Eva Airlines. The flight was quite cheap, considering I booked only one week before. Food and in-flight entertainment was ok, luckily the seat next to me was empty, so I could lie down and sleep a bit.

At Bangkok I had to wait a bit, so I sat outside for some sunshine. I got into a conversation with a Polish man, who had been in Burma (Myanmar) for two weeks. It was nice just sitting there, having an interesting conversation and enjoy the hot weather.

On my flight to Kuala Lumpur I promptly fell asleep. I could hardly stay awake for the take-off, even though I find that so exciting. I woke up as I was freezing, my gosh, aircon is nice, but does it have to be this cold? Luckily I got into a conversation with the man next to me. He planned my entire route across Malaysia for me and even drew a little map!

When I got to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the last train had already left, even though it says on the website it runs until 1am. Luckily I met Charan, who was waiting to pick up his Aussie friend to bring him back home to Bangsar, near by where Laavan’s family live. So I got a lift back there and was even invited for a snack and some nice ginger tea.


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#Pet #Portraiture #Fail: First time at the beach


First visit to the beach for Starsky & Hutch! And all I get a photo of is their backside… Which is, of course, also cute! 😉


“Hutch, over here!” Nope, Hutch is way too excited about what’s happening around him at the beach to look into the camera.


Clearly the first time at the beach is incredibly exciting, because not once did the puppies hold still just long enough to take a picture.


And the entire time Starsky & Hutch were watching Lola and Gigi run and enjoy the freedom of endless beach, with shadows of seagulls to chase.


The sand was also intensely interesting, to smell, to eat, and to dig. No time to look up at me long enough for at least one nice snap.


Well well, it was a lot of fun, and that’s all that matters. 🙂


Happy New Year around the globe


Did you know that New Year’s is celebrated around the world?

The calendar might differ, but the tradition to welcome the new year is honoured in most cultures.

Isn’t it lovely to know this is a custom for everyone, something we all join in to celebrate?


So, wherever you are, whenever and however you celebrate, I’m wishing you a: Happy New Year! 🙂


Cyanide & Happiness:
Cyanide & Happiness: “I celebrate New Year’s when I want.”


New Year’s Google Doodle looks like GO GIF


Google's New Year Doodle looks like
Google’s New Year Doodle looks like “GO GIF” in the search results thumbnail view.


This was funny, at first glance I misread it, but I think it’s still a great way to welcome the new year:

Today’s Google Doodle for 2018 looks like “GO GIF” in the search view thumbnail version or “GO GLF” on the main Google search display.



Especially the “GO GIF” is worthwhile googling if you need a bit of an upliftment for the new year ahead.


So: Happy New Year and GOoooo!


You go! :)
You go! 🙂