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Monthly Archives: July 2019

It was meant to be a healthy rattie treat: Clovers I pick for the makeshift rattie garden, to bring fresh greens into the wintery hibernation time.


But pet rat Sisi pulled it all into the rattie nest. It seems clovers make for a great substitute to ripped paper or shredded bags.


So it comes that Sisi is sleeping on a bed of clovers:




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Now that #PlasticFreeJuly is coming to an end, your commitment doesn’t have to.


Continue to  #Refuse  #Reduce  #Reuse  #Recycle and prevent 1 billion items from reaching the ocean by 2020.


I just chose Planet. Will you?

I just chose Planet. Will you?


The National Geographic is running an awareness campaign, challenging you to choose Planet or Plastic.

You can design your individual pledge, picking which plastics you #ChooseToRefuse.


#Reduce  #Reuse  #Recycle  #ChooseToRefuse  #NoPlastic


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Everyone’s got an app for that and with easy third party login via Facebook or Google, it becomes tricky to remember all the platforms previously registered for.


Yet, when landing on a new site, I often get prompted to log in OR sign up.


So it takes some time to try out my email address and password combinations, only to give up and try to sign up, only to be alerted that this email address already exists, so I’m back at the beginning.


All the while it is the app that knows if my email address is already in the database.


So why not have a single button for login or create an account:


While I type in my email, the backend can check if an account has already been created for this email address and guide me accordingly to either sign in or sign up.


One button to get in: Either log in or create an account.

One button to get in: Either log in or create an account.


#GoodPractice #Tip by #YoursTrulyJuly



I love the idea to move Christmas to winter on the southern hemisphere like it’s supposed to:

The pagan origin of Christmas was celebrating the winter solstice.

This is now becoming a thing with concepts such as Christmas in July.

Just as well, because any celebration to emerge out of hibernation for is worth it.


However: Christmas in July is not the correct half year mark. That would be June, as in the 6th month of the year.

I encounter this mistake often, as shown in the screenshot:

From Christmas in July to Christmas in December is 5 months.

From Christmas in July to Christmas in December is 5 months.


You can count it on one hand: Because July is the 7th month of the year, it takes 5 months to December.

So the correct date to celebrate Christmas in winter on the southern hemisphere would be in June.


But since it doesn’t match the winter solstice in any case, I think we can simply celebrate both:

21st June: Winter Solstice

25th July: Christmas in July


When it comes to winter, I say to any added festivity: The more the merrier!
Let’s bring light and warmth into the cold months of the year.




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Jesus was not born on Christmas Day.

There is biblical evidence that Jesus’s birthday is very unlikely to have been during winter.

It is rather the adoption of an already popular pagan celebration of the birthday of the sun.

When exactly Jesus was born is unclear.
The estimated time points to summer, so it might’ve even been in July.

Either way, everything associated with Christmas, such as snow, decorating an evergreen tree, eating warm and filling foods, bringing light into the dark, relates to winter.

And any excuse to add a festivity to the southern hemisphere winter is welcome.

So: Happy Christmas in July!

Happy Christmas in July!

Happy Christmas in July!






Twitter has redesigned its desktop website, and the internet responded.


For 7 years the Twitter’s desktop interface was not updated. An overhaul was long overdue.


The desktop version now looks more similar to Twitter’s mobile app, adding features from its mobile app to improve its desktop experience.


However, one feature that I enjoyed on Twitter desktop is no longer available: Find Friends.

It was a neat way to import your contacts from other platforms and connect to the resulting Twitter profiles in one go.

wikiHow explains nicely this now outdated feature: Find Friends by Email Contacts.


Searching around where this functionality has gone, Twitter Help tells me I can sync my device’s address book contacts.

However, I’m still waiting for my complete contact list, as I’m met with constant scrolling to get to the end of my contacts, which then gets disrupted with the error message: “Something went wrong.” and I can start all over again:

Twitter's 'Find Friends' service has gone and the 'Manage contacts' option is not working out for me.

Twitter’s ‘Find Friends’ service has gone and the ‘Manage contacts’ option is not working out for me.


Twitter has a history of gradually disabling other platforms’ API access:

It used to be possible to upload contacts to Twitter from Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL.

Initially it was allowed to follow Twitter contacts on Instagram.


I would’ve thought it’s in Twitter’s interest that I can follow all the profiles I’d like to follow.

But the redesign is another step towards alienating Twitter from other social networks, making this really difficult.




Hi, how are you? Wow, you’ve grown since your mural got painted on our wall! Like a little gentleman.


Are these all your dogs?




All four of them?




Where you’re taking them?


For a run on the mountain.


All four go into the car?


Yes, in the boot.
If they stayed there!
Look, our puppy Lola already jumped to the front.
She probably wants to drive! But she’s not allowed.


But… Can she drive?


No! No, she can’t. That’s the problem.


I know a cousin, he couldn’t drive, but he went anyway and had an accident.


You see? That’s what happens.
You shouldn’t be driving if you haven’t actually learned it.
Or, if you’re a dog…



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