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Usually the sourdough bread comes out nicely. Yum!

Usually the sourdough bread comes out nicely. Yum!


I have IBS and am looking into the Low FODMAP Diet in the hope to relieve my tummy from this grief.


FODMAP stands for ‘Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols’, or in lay terms: rapidly fermentable, short-chain carbohydrates.

Basically all non-complex sugars such as fructose in apples and lactose in milk or fructans in wheat and galactans in legumes or sugar alcohols used in artificial sweeteners.


One cause for IBS can be food fermenting in the large intestines. How about fermenting the food beforehand then?

That’s basically what sourdough is: Fermented flour.

So the good news is: Even if it goes wrong, it’s still beneficial for your digestion. Because the longer it sits, the more it ferments, and the easier to digest.

But: It also gets more sour and compact, a very different taste from the fluffy, light and sweet bread we’re used to from the supermarket.


Experimenting with my own bread starter, I experienced this to the extreme when my sourdough didn’t rise again after I fed it with more flour. In the hope it might just need more time I let it sit and sit and sit. When days started to turn into weeks, I decided: Either throw it or bake it.


So I put it in the oven and because it had been fermenting so much, there were no bubbles left to rise and the bread came out incredibly dense, almost moist.

Still, I like sourdough bread and find the taste goes particularly well with rich creamy gouda cheese. In addition, my tummy says thanks with a big warm fuzzy feeling of a healthy digestion. 🙂



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