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Monthly Archives: April 2018


Alles Bist Du

Die Wohnung

Das Auto

Das Fahrrad

Das Bett

Der Tisch

Der Sessel

Die Kuscheldecke

Die Wanduhr

Die Kaffeemaschine

Das Trinkglas


Alles Bist Du

Der Laden um die Ecke

Der Bauernmarkt

Die Radiostation

Die Zeitung

Das Fernsehmagazin

Der Zahnarzttermin

Den Müll rausbringen

Das Brot schneiden

Die Kartoffeln schälen

Die Gartenarbeit


Alles Bist Du

Das Frühstück

Das Mittagessen

Das Abendessen

Das Wandern im Wald

Der Spaziergang im Park

Die Radtour

Die Aussicht

Der Sonnenuntergang

Die Stadt

Die Welt



Just like any other day.

That too is life.

When faced with the impossible, and no options at hand to be able to do anything about it: Light a candle.

Light a Candle

Light a Candle


When life throws you curveballs, it’s tough to find a way to cope.

Especially when it’s a situation that’s out of your hands, when the questions start circling in your head: Why? How can this be? What can I do?

This is however only a downward spiral. For some events that happen to you, there’s simply no explanation and it remains incomprehensible.


One way to find condolence is to light a candle.

There’s something to igniting a flame and keeping it alive.

Bringing light into the dark.

Creating warmth in the cold.

Making a bleak environment homely.

Watching the flame dance is soothing.

Following how the wax melts, circling towards the wick to feed the fire is like meditation.

Appreciating the glow, the peaceful atmosphere it creates is calming.

It’s a simple act. Yet, it can have so much meaning.

It’s not much. Yet, it’s a small thing we can do.

It might not have an immediate impact. Yet, it allows us to put a pause to our worries.


When left with nothing to hold onto, solace can be found in kindling a candle.


Plastic everywhere: Plastic pollution is a global crisis. - Photo Credit: Chris Jordan / US Fish and Wildlife Service

Plastic everywhere: Plastic pollution is a global crisis. – Photo Credit: Chris Jordan / US Fish and Wildlife Service

April 22nd is Earth Day.

The outlook is bleak. Our planet is dying and it’s our fault. Weltschmerz seeps in easily.

One of the major problems we all contribute to is plastic.

Yet, it is so easy to avoid using plastic bags.

The Earth Day movement has launched a Plastic Pollution Calculator:

Use this calculator to learn how much plastic you waste.

In addition you can pledge to reduce your plastic consumption.

Plastic pollution is a global crisis. Be the change. Stop using plastic!

#Reuse #Reduce #Recycle #ChooseToRefuse #NoPlastic

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Tip: Laugh more!

Tip: Laugh more!


I’m a trained laughter coach, because laughing is one of the healthiest exercises we can do.


The Benefits of Laughter

Physical Health Benefits: Mental Health Benefits: Social Benefits:
Boosts immunity Releases endorphins and makes us happy Strengthens relationships
Lowers stress hormones Eases anxiety and fear Improves communication
Decreases pain Relieves stress Enhances teamwork
Relaxes muscles Improves mood Promotes group bonding
Prevents heart disease Enhances resilience Defuses anger and conflict
Lowers blood pressure Improves memory and learning Helps as a coping mechanism
Increases blood oxygenation Increases alertness and creativity Gives a welcomed distraction
Workout for diaphragm and abdominal, plus respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles Liberates suppressed emotions Prevents us from taking things too seriously
Excellent cardiac exercise Combats Depression Raises energy and self-esteem
Speeds up metabolism Fosters positive thinking Builds rapport
Burns calories and keeps us fit Produces a sense of well-being Makes us attractive



InHappiness Foundation



National Center for Biotechnology Information

Laughter Online University



Laughing or crying? When facing a difficult situation, laughter can help.

Laughing or crying? When facing a difficult situation, laughter can help.

I naturally laugh a lot.

This might be genetically or learned, as both my parents have a great sense of humour and can laugh freely and infectiously.

But it’s also, because a long time ago I made that decision:
It was clear to me that when faced with extreme situations I can either laugh or cry, and I chose laughing.

Of course I also cry. But having trained myself to tend to laugh, the recovery from crying is easier.

Apparently already Freud argued that laughter was a coping mechanism, quasi as a defense against too much sadness.

Some psychologists even classify humor as one of the “mature” defense mechanisms we invoke to guard ourselves against overwhelming trauma. This does not mean we ignore the traumatic events, it rather shows that we prepare ourselves to endure them.

Of course, sometimes laughing appears inappropriate. But then I can always explain that laughter is my coping mechanism.

Especially when it’s about facing a tough situation, laughing helps to reduce the anxiety.

We all have to fight ourselves through the difficulties of life.

A little laughter helps.



There are small ways to help we all can do: Give Blood

There are small ways to help we all can do: Give Blood


In these times of uncertainty, it is important that we prepare for all eventualities, and on a mass level. Especially as it is innocent people who are being targeted.


In case of the Muenster suicide attack, the blood reserves depleted pretty quickly. A call for extra blood donations was made and answered by the public with overwhelming response, restoring faith in humanity.


However, there’s a process to prepare the blood for transfusion, which takes some time.


It really is our duty as healthy people to donate blood.


Not just for general help, but also because unfathomable assaults are the new norm.


In every country you can sign up to be a blood donor to receive updates when there is a blood donation drive close to you.


If you think to yourself in face of such terrible tragic news:

What can I do?


Give blood.



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