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When your pet rat gets old, it can be challenging to keep a healthy weight.

Some ratties put on weight, some get thin.

Either way, at an old age your pet rat deserves some special rattie treats.


Milka is very old and very fragile. She got very thin, so she can eat any food she wants, anything that helps her gain some weight.

She is in good spirits and appreciates a yummy snack. She loves to lap up the baby puree out of the squeeze pouch:


Cinnamonkey is also old, but still quite fit. She enjoys a climb every now and then and always makes sure to greet you.

Cinnamonkey is a foodie and loves the baby puree. It looks so cute how she licks it from the squeeze pouch:


Luna doesn’t look her age, but is already a Grande Lady. She is maybe a little less active than the younger and naughtier version of herself, but she is just as energetic.

Accordingly she grasps the nozzle of the squeeze pouch to make sure she’ll get her fair share of the baby puree:




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