Animal Cruelty: Dog Dumping

I didn’t even know this was such a common practice that there is a word for it:

Dog Dumping is when you drive somewhere with your dog and dump him by the side of the road.


In America this happens so often, especially in the South, that there is plenty of disturbing video footage.

Like this one, secretly filmed, so we get the full extend of this cruel ordeal:


Because dumping your dog isn’t as easy as it sounds:

First you have to go through your dog being happy and jumping for joy as he thinks you’re going for a walk. Then you have to push back your dog, so he doesn’t follow you back in the car. Maybe a bit of kicking is required. And finally you can drive off, with your dog running beside you not understanding what’s going on, just wanting to be with you.


It was at that point that I must have uttered such an upset sound – I can’t watch such acts of cruelty, I cannot believe any human could do such a barbaric thing – and I whaled: Oh no!

In a flash my dogs were by my side to check what had happened that made me so sad.

All of them showering me in kisses, barking to ask what was going on.

All I could do was embrace them and promise that such horror would never happen to them.


I’m so blessed with my puppies!

How can anyone dump their dog?




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