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A magazine ad I wrote back in the day. You can tell, because I used my mom's name! ;-)

A magazine ad I wrote back in the day. You can tell, because I used my mom’s name! 😉


Are you an autodidact?

A copywriter needs to become an expert in any given field in a very short time.

Can you write about technical equipment? No? Well you better learn quickly, because the copy must sound like it was written by a professional in the industry.

You might get a brief, but this is only a summary. For the nitty-gritty authentic stuff, you have to do your research and catch up quickly.


Are you a wordsmith?

And with that I don’t mean are you creative, but do you understand the concept of language, and are you excelling at grammar and spelling.

I’ve worked in agencies where copywriters had to be proofread, because they didn’t even master their own language.

That is like wanting to design jewellery without understanding the materials and processes: It doesn’t work. And eventually, it’ll fail. This is the reason why there’s so much bad copy with even worse spelling errors out there.


Can you get to the point?

The attention span of consumers is shortening and so is the copy. Can you describe the purpose of that product in one sentence, or one word? This is essential to stay on topic.

The best copy is still a fail if it doesn’t achieve the goal it was written for.


Are you an empath?

If you’re an ego-driven narcissist, you might fit in well in the advertising world, but your calling should not be on the creative side.

The copy you write, no matter how commercially driven, needs to connect with the reader. And enough to grasp and hold their attention.


Can you be a translator?

The client talks in industry slang, the agency talks in industry slang, the techie guys speak in industry slang. But the consumer doesn’t understand any of that, and you need to translate. Depending on who the end-consumer is, you might need to translate into their specific choice of tone and words, too.

Translators even have a specific word for that: Localisation – when you adapt the copy for the market, not just the language.


Are you a creative?

Can you come up with a clever idea or a funny joke, at the snap of a finger?

There are ways to spur your creativity, and good agencies will inspire, train and incentivise you.

But when it comes down to it, it’s just you and the blank screen.


Can you perform under pressure?

In the agency world everything has to happen yesterday. There are real deadlines at stake, and they don’t just swoosh by, there are serious knock-on effects if you cause delay in the machinery of advertising production.

An easy way to tell if you excel under pressure: How did you do at your school exams? If you attended well-prepared or even if you just pitched up to somehow wing it, you probably have a great ‘I’m ready to tackle whatever comes my way’ attitude.


Can you distance yourself from your writing?

The client is always right. So if they make it sound like your grandma just got transported back into the medieval ages, then you have to let go.

Yes, that is the moment, when you’re no longer a writer, but are starting to turn into a media prostitute or short: media pro. 😉

Welcome to the media world. 😀



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