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Ceramic heart painted in dry brush technique

In the spirit of gifting: Make a personalised Mother’s Day present.

When it comes to finding a present for Mother’s Day I prefer something personalised, something that comes from the heart.

So I looked for inspiration and came across John Bauer’s exquisite ceramics. One of his signature artistries is to imprint fine lace and other knitted patterns into his porcelain.

As with all people who have found their true calling, John is thriving on exercising his talents. He has produced a many beautiful things. One very endearing one is a ceramic heart you can stick to the refrigerator.

I was fortunate enough to snatch one up, as I felt this makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The heart itself with its fragile delicateness of detailed designs is gift enough. But I wanted to personalise it.

John Bauer is also incorporating a special clay mixing technique that leaves lovely traces of colour in the pottery. This made my decision a tough one, but I chose to paint over it.

There is a simple enough dry brush painting technique that works especially well if the surface has a high contrast structure. And so the results were stunning: With very little effort the decorative reliefs sprung out and came to life.

Using different colour saturation and dryness, I created various looks on the different parts of the heart, exaggerating an in-depth, almost 3D appearance. This was fun! And it enabled me to give the heart for my mom a very personal touch.

As the heart is so light, I could post it like a normal letter. I can’t celebrate Mother’s Day with my mum in person, but now I can at least send a small token of my love instead.

If you’d like to learn how to dry brush or where to purchase John Bauer’s ceramic hearts, please contact me:

Happy Mother’s Day!


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