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Facebook has a way of triggering you to stay on their platform by sending you pseudo alerts: Notifications that urge you to click on them and turn out to be nothing.


Recently I received 4 of the same pseudo alerts about some changes to the verification of Facebook pages and when I clicked on them I got notified that “this content is no longer available”.

However, the 4 notification alerts did not go away.


Trying all options possible to me: Clicking on it, rating it – as worst obviously, would not take away the 4 in red warning on my notification icon.


So, I tried to get rid of these pseudo alerts.

Which is not what I want to do, because I like to keep these messages for reference, but I was offered no alternative.


But guess what:

After being asked if I want to “remove this item from my inbox” and I have to double confirm: “Delete Message”, this pops up: “This content is no longer available”.


Yes indeed, Facebook’s loop of pseudo alerts has come full circle and ends in complete and utter nonsense.



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