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A new year!

A new decade!

It’s 2020!

It’s #20Plenty!

In order to get ready for a fresh start we need to learn from our past.

Otherwise it’s just history repeating.

The turn of the year gives us the opportunity to look back and plan forward.

But where to begin? A good start is always to assess the status quo.

There are plenty of resources available to help you process the past year:

You can try A Top Ten List of Year-End Questions.

Here are 50 Year-End Reflection Questions to Help You Review 2019.

Or dive deep with 100 Personal End of Year Reflection and Review Questions.

It’s a great exercise to evaluate the past year on different aspects, some of which you might’ve not considered.

It is in comparison to your last year that you can analyse if you are on the right path that leads you where you want to go.

This helps to put adjustments in place to stay on course of your overall goal.

Hopefully the new year will bring you closer to your dreams!

Happy #20PlentyForAll! 

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