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It was all easier back then…

Having a puppy is pure bliss. :) Lola loves a good belly rub. She looks like she is laughing!

Having a puppy is pure bliss. 🙂 But I somehow remember it easier back in the good old days… 😮


Life has gotten so busy and complicated. Was it always like this? I don’t remember it so.

But that’s of course totally subjective, plus ‘back then’ was when I was a child / teenager and my perception of things was obviously very different.

But now I have a real example that does lead me to think: It was easier back in the good old days:

I got a puppy.

To many, this scenario might be familiar: I grew up with puppies, but now for the first time, I got my own pooch.

This means I’m finally learning what I’ve been taking for granted thanks to my super mum: I’m googling everything I need to know and it’s a lot!

As I’m reading up about what’s best for pups I come across some rules that are striking me as something I never even heard of before:

Puppies are not allowed to go out on the streets and meet other dogs until they’re fully vaccinated.

Puppies are not allowed to go for long walks until their bones have developed fully.

Dogs are not allowed to eat bones.

Wait, what?

That’s what I asked my mum, and she confirmed: Back when she had puppies, there were no such concerns. She was just as perplexed as I about what a job it has become to bring up a puppy.

So it seems back in the day there were indeed fewer things to consider.

The question remains: Have we become cleverer or are we just more paranoid?

Living in the age of information overload, is all of this knowledge useful or are we just driving ourselves mad?

Well, let me google this… 😛



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