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Yum: Roasted melon seeds!

Yum: Roasted melon seeds!


When enjoying a refreshing melon, we often disregard the most nutritious part of it: The seeds!


Just like pumpkin seeds they can be roasted for a delicious crunchy munchy snack. Be it WatermelonCantaloupe or Honeydew, melon seeds are hailed as a superfood with various healing properties.


Roasted Melon Seeds

Scoop out the seeds from your fresh melon.

Place them in the oven or in a pan on the stove and slowly dry roast them.

Add a bit of fat so they don’t burn.

But no spices are needed: The roasting turns the melon seeds into a tasty snack. Remaining melon caramelises and adds extra taste.


As the seeds get roasted whole including the shell, they are quite tough to chew. But for that they are quite filling and come with a high fibre content which aids your digestion.



I see triple: Who is who is who?

I see triple: Who is who is who?


As if it wasn’t enough to have Folly and Peanuts look the same, there’s of course still Folly’s sister Madness.


Can you tell the difference between these three?

Who is who is who?


Madness has dark socks, while Folly and Peanuts have white socks.

Peanuts has slightly darker ears than Folly.


But at first glance it’s close to impossible to tell them apart.


As long as they all get along, not a problem.


Only when it comes to going back home, it is of course paramount that we can identify the ratties properly.


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Combing through that mess while it's still wet? No way!

Combing through that mess while it’s still wet? No way!


I used to be very picky with my hair:

No colour and only the best hair care products would touch it.
From expensive shampoo to special conditioner to elaborate leave-in intensive hair treatment.


Then I became a hair model.

That meant lots of colour, from blonde to grey to brown to red, but still only the best colour care products for my hair.


Until I had enough. I lost all flexibility and flow of my hair, it was so damaged. My hair became unmanageable and it was time to leave it in peace for a while.


I decided nothing would touch my hair:

No colour, but also none of those manipulatively advertised beauty products.
I realised it was silly stripping my hair off all its natural oils and then replacing them with silicone and who knows what is in that mass produced big corporate’s merchandise.


After a long break from any treatment of my hair, I started with some colour again, but I still stay away from conventional beauty products.


So now I only use very mild non-foamy shampoos that have nothing but natural ingredients.

This of course left me with a dilemma:

Combing long hair that has not been treated with conditioner.
– An almost impossible feat.


However, there’s a trick that makes it much easier:

Don’t comb your hair while it’s wet.
Leave it to dry first.


Any knots or entanglements are so much easier to comb through when your hair is dry.
The hair also still straightens once it’s combed, mine doesn’t stay curly or frizzy just because I didn’t comb it right away.


When I didn’t use colour in my hair, it was so fine and straight, I sometimes didn’t comb it at all.
Then it just would fall in big strands with no risk of looking frizzy.


All this nonsense of hair care is overrated.

Sometimes leaving your hair natural can give you quite a cool look, you know: that ‘I just came from the beach’ or ‘I just fell out of bed’ look.
And it definitely makes you get to know your hair and yourself better. 🙂


At the dentist in South Africa: Here amalgam has long been passé.

At the dentist in South Africa: Here amalgam has long been passé.


I have good teeth. So I don’t have to go to the dentist that often.

However, it’s a good idea to go for a check-up on a regular basis.


Now I live in South Africa.


So I first had to learn about the public health system in this country, my new home to be.


There are public dental clinics in South Africa, which are free of charge.


Should special treatment be needed, a charge related to your income is raised. That is fair.

Of course there are negative aspects, too: Long queues. Just like in England with the NHS. Never look a gift horse…


The basic treatment at the public dentist is enough for my needs. Plus professional tooth cleaning and even fillings – all paid for by the government.


I have no cavities. But my molars were sealed back in Germany for prophylaxis, which started to be not so great, as it seems bacteria still made their way through to my teeth.


So we had to break open that sealant to check what was going on beneath it. Indeed: It was quite brittle and broke easily.


Now it was about sealing my teeth again.


Suddenly I had a horror scenario running through my head of getting my teeth filled with amalgam or something similarly terrible.


So I asked in a bit of a panic: “Sealing? With what?”


After which the dentist replied in a calming voice: “Ceramic of course. What else? Amalgam? Where in the world would you get that?”


Well, I thought to myself: In Germany.


Beim Zahnarzt in Südafrika: Hier ist Amalgam schon lange passé.

Beim Zahnarzt in Südafrika: Hier ist Amalgam schon lange passé.


Ich habe sehr gute Zähne. Muss also nicht oft zum Zahnarzt.

Aber es ist ja immer eine gute Idee, mal zum Check-up hinzugehen.


Jetzt lebe ich ja in Südafrika.


Und da musste ich mich erst einmal orientieren, wie nun in meiner neu erwählten Heimat das Gesundheitssystem funktioniert: Health System in South Africa.


Es gibt in Südafrika öffentliche Zahnarztkliniken, welche kostenfrei sind.

Sollte die Behandlung über das Grundprovisorium hinausgehen, muss man gemäß des Einkommens dazu zahlen. Das ist fair.

Natürlich gibt es auch negative Aspekte, wie zum Beispiel lange Warteschlangen: Das kriegen sie in England mit der NHS auch nicht hin. Und überhaupt: Einem geschenkten Gaul…


Die Grundbehandlung beim Zahnarzt beinhaltet genug für meinen Check-Up. Selbst professionelle Zahnreinigungen und sogar Zahnfüllungen werden vom Staat bezahlt.


Nun habe ich keine Löcher, aber meine Backenzähne sind damals in Deutschland zur Prophylaxe versiegelt worden, und das hat wohl doch nicht so gut geklappt, denn nun schien es, kamen doch Bakterien an den Zahn heran.

Also musste diese Versiegelung mal aufgebrochen werden, um nachzugucken, was darunter denn so passierte. In der Tat war sie Recht spröde, denn sie zerbrach direkt.


Nun ging es darum, den Zahn wieder zu versiegeln.


Da hatte ich plötzlich die Horrorvorstellung, dass ich das nun mit Amalgam oder so ‘nem Zeug gemacht bekomme und fragte direkt: „Versiegeln? Mit was?“


Worauf der Zahnarzt mir beruhigend erklärte: „Natürlich mit Keramik. Was denn sonst? Doch nicht etwa Amalgam, wo gibt’s denn so ‘was!“


Tja, dachte ich mir da: In Deutschland!



Chestnuts, as any nut, go well with chocolate.

As the chestnut has a rather mild taste, chocolate can easily overpower the chestnut flavour. The more chocolate you add, the more brownie like cookie you’ll get.

Depending on your personal taste, you might want to add sweetness in relation to the chocolate powder used. The starch in the chestnut will also turn sugary the longer you chew.

Chestnut gives the chocolate flavour depth.

Chestnut gives the chocolate flavour depth.


Chocolate Chestnut Crumble Cookies

200g chestnut flour

50g salted butter

50g coconut oil

2 large eggs

2 tablespoons honey

1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1 vanilla pod

2 tablespoons 100% chocolate powder

1 pinch salt


For a vegan version you can of course just simply add chocolate powder to the vegan recipe for the Chestnut Crumble Cookies. 🙂


Somehow the chocolate requires more moisture to make it real nom nom yummy.

The chestnuts are so starchy, they absorb all moisture, so keep the cookies in an airtight container to avoid drying out.


The good news is that with the high carbs low fat ratio, chestnuts are low in calories.

In addition, even with the high starch content, chestnuts are low in FODMAPs and are suitable for people suffering IBS trying out the low FODMAP diet.


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#RattieSitting: Folly is the spitting image of Peanuts.

#RattieSitting: Folly is the spitting image of Peanuts.


It does happen that I get lots of ratties at the same time for RattieSitting. Especially during holidays, the number of visiting pet rats can be quite big.

And it can happen that some ratties look really similar.


Even if it gets confusing when taking pictures for PortRATure, they mostly have some markings that makes it easy to distinguish them when comparing them side by side.

Not so with these two: Folly and Peanuts!


To let the ratties get to know each other, I often place them in the rattie garden: It’s an outdoor shelf with lots of pots for growing fresh grass for the ratties from their leftover seeds.

As this is neutral territory and a new environment, the ratties are busy enough to roam and explore, so that they make friends and huddle together.


Picking them up and wanting to put them back in their cages, I faced a serious dilemma with Folly and Peanuts: They are the spitting image of each other! Who is who?


Usually it’s quite easy to tell similarly looking ratties apart by their character. But these are guests, I also need to get to know them first.

And usually ratties prefer to hang with their own clan. But I just let them all get to know each other, so they don’t mind hanging with their new friends.


Luckily I’m very good with taking close-up portraits of the visiting ratties. So it was possible for me to identify Peanuts.


But just in case, I checked back with Folly’s owner to make sure she chooses the right rattie when it came to picking them up for taking them home again!


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