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Movie review "Fuehrer Ex" by Winfried Bonengel, 2002

Movie review “Fuehrer Ex” by Winfried Bonengel, 2002


Movie review of “Fuehrer Ex” originally written in 2002 for Creative Week.



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Have you heard of coffee cupping?

It’s the method of smelling and tasting the aromas of freshly brewed coffee.


I’m not a coffee person, I drink tea in litres every day, and when I have coffee, then with lots of milk.


The more interesting it is to actually smell and taste coffee the way it’s done professionally.

If you get the opportunity I recommend to at least witness professional coffee tasting, it opens up the world of coffee:


Different coffees grouped by country of origin / plantation are presented in cups lined up on a large table. If you like, you can smell the coffee grounds before brewing, how often do you get the chance to compare so many different coffees.

Different coffees are presented in a line of cups and freshly brewed for #CoffeeCupping.

Different coffees are presented in a line of cups and freshly brewed for #CoffeeCupping.


The coffees are freshly brewed in the cup. Pouring the water over the coffee is an art in itself:


While the coffees are brewing, each coffee is being presented and described to give context and background:


For the freshest and most intense smelling experience, you get close to the coffee cup with your nose, and then break the coffee crust, pushing it away from you with a spoon. It’s like the coffee aromas are protected beneath the coffee grounds floating on top and you get the best smell the moment you crack through this thick crust of coffee:


Then foam and remaining coffee grounds are removed from the coffee with two spoons:


Now the coffee is ready for tasting. Just like tasting wine there’s a lot of slurping and swooshing the coffee around in the mouth going on:


It is absolutely fascinating to watch a professional coffee tasting, even if you don’t participate in it yourself.

I for one am inclined from now on to try the coffee black before I add milk, to actually really taste the coffee unperturbed by the sweetness of the milk.




My pet rat Milka shows me her behind.

My pet rat Milka shows me her behind.

This is my pet rat Milka, as she sits on our bar stool in our kitchen, looking down the edge of the seat, pondering.

I just love this shot.



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Check out this long url linking to this photo! It contains much more info than just the photo url, so make sure you clean it up first before you share it.

Check out this long url linking to this photo! It contains much more info than just the photo url, so make sure you clean it up first before you share it.


A url is not just a url in times of digital tracking.


After clicking on a link, chances are the url contains lots of cryptic tracking code.


An example in Facebook:


If I want to share a photo, the photo url can be a long tail containing more information than just the link to the picture. This could even be sensitive information, but is definitely unnecessary, and thus rather annoying:


Look at this long url! It tells me the Facebook page, the photo album ID, the FB page ID, the actual photo ID, some stuff in between, the viewing mode, some notification info and some more cryptic code.


On top of it, Facebook shows my browsing device, in this case ‘web’. However, some apps don’t recognise ‘web’ and what if I want to share this link with someone who is not using a desktop computer to browse Facebook, but their mobile phone.


In addition, Facebook adds the identification for a Facebook page ‘pg’, which is basically superfluous code that just stretches the url even longer.


Instead, this link gets you to the photo just as well:


Once you click on it, Facebook might extend this link to their long url, but at least the url you use to share is neat, short, to the point, and does not run the risk to reveal more than you had intended.


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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur


20/03/06 Kuala Lumpur

Checked out ‘Little India’ with all it’s markets and blinky kitschy stuff.

Went on a ‘Jungle in the City’ tour: there are several hectares of jungle around KL tower and they give you a free tour, fantastic!

Went up KL tower, amazing views!



Originally published on Saturday, Mar 25 2006, 07:35:20 am here:


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Review of German movie "Der Schuh des Manitu" ("Manitou's Shoe") by Michael "Bully" Herbig, 2002

Review of German movie “Der Schuh des Manitu” (“Manitou’s Shoe”) by Michael “Bully” Herbig, 2002


Movie review of “Der Schuh des Manitu” originally written in October 2002 for Creative Week.


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WordPress has an integrated spellchecker. It also automatically tells me when there's nothing to check: No writing errors were found.

WordPress has an integrated spellchecker. It also automatically tells me when there’s nothing to check: “No writing errors were found.” – Phew! 😉


Because we all make mistakes, why take a chance when it’s so easy to double check:


Write your copy in a text editor with a spellchecker. At least it’ll help you get rid of those really silly errors.


When it comes to using copy in an image editing program, copy and paste the text into a word editor to confirm your grammar is correct.


Even better: Use an integrated spellchecker in the software. Most programs offer to activate a spellchecker or to install a widget or plugin.


Don’t fall for the temptation to switch off the spellchecker.

Maybe you’re using professional terminology and get a lot of words highlighted as wrong. Rather add these to your spellchecker’s dictionary and customise it to your needs.


And because we all still make mistakes, always proofread your copy.




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