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Behind Closed Bars


A translucent silhouette,

Withering like a wilting willow.


The world just a reflection

Of what life could be.


Waiting in limbo.



Somebody out there?


Yours TrulyJuly








At the “Unlanguaged” Writing Workshop by Greatmore Arts Studios, our facilitator Vuyokazi Ngemntu gave us great writing exercises, turning us into wordsmiths.


For example, to write a Diamante Poem!





Today is Earth Day.


A day to commemorate Mother Earth.


Planet Earth: Just a pile of rubbish

Planet Earth: Just a pile of rubbish


Oh Mother Earth,


What have you become?


Like a whore you bend over for business.

Your mountains are hollow as you sold your soul when handing out those precious stones and metals.

Your springs are dry as you sold your children’s future when handing over clean water to big corporates.

Your seas are empty as you sold all sea life as collateral damage to the fishing trawlers.


Like a sales promotion you promise unsustainable yields.

Your weather is under the weather, your climate out of balance, you destroy what is left with tsunamis, cyclones and tornadoes.

Such a bitch that you only let it rain for rich people. You simply watch as humanity is starving.

And what’s up with that climate change you supposedly got from global warming.


Like a dirty old bag there is no care for you.

Filthy with your layer of plastic rubbish covering your face.

Decadent with oil spillages smudging your coastal beauty.

Preposterous with skyscrapers sprouting up like pimples.


Like scum you let yourself go.

The blue planet turned ash.

The green lungs turned into burgers.

The red sunrise turned hopeless.


Oh Mother Earth,


What have you become.



Scattered clouds over the mountain.

Scattered clouds over the mountain.


Two clouds

Like love
they spin
around each other
And then
the one



The wounded child in me you’ll never get to see.



Too many times it has been hurt, abandoned, beaten, abused, neglected, forgotten, exploited


To ever present itself again.



My inner child now stands tall, stands its ground.


Because enough with all the cruelty.



Ohne es zu bewerten.


Without judging it.



If you can dream it, you can thrift it.


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