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So here we are! South Africa’s nation-wide lockdown has began.


A hustling and bustling panic-stricken bulk-buying lead-up to the lockdown resulted in very busy streets just yesterday.


In comparison, the morning of day 1 of SA’s lockdown was eerily quiet:

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#CoronaVirusSA #Lockdown: It's eerily quiet in Woodstock.

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But it turns out it was just a slow start to the day.


From around 11am the usual buzz of the neighbourhood sounds kicked in, with children playing, people chatting, repairing works, cleaning and scrubbing noises and also the birds started squawking.


The streets are pretty empty though, it seems everyone is busying themselves in and around their houses.

Someone is playing music and some others are singing along.

Kids are kicking ball on the front porch.

Neighbour’s are waving across the street.


All in all a rather peaceful and collected start to the lockdown.





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