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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In a fantastic initiative to create awareness about breast cancer and how to detect it, Know Your Lemons uses lemons to explain what breast cancer can look like:

Touch your lemons!

Cancer has no cure, so in order to combat it, early detection is key.

Generally women self-examining their boobs watch out for lumps, the most common sign of breast cancer.

But there are many other symptoms to watch out for as explained in the Know Your Lemons in 60 seconds video:

Learn how to examine your breasts.

Download this great free resource: ‘3 Steps to Early Detection‘.

Now that you know what to feel for, make sure you touch your boobies regularly, at least once a month in order to know how your breasts usually feel, so you notice if something abnormal crops up.

This applies for both, women and men.





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