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We’re back to loadshedding again! Everyone knows this, it’s all over the news.

Yet, one company seems to be blissfully dreaming on that scheduling powercuts is a perfectly normal practice. And thus, Eskom doesn’t even warn about the upcoming loadshedding:

This morning at 07:42 I wanted to check if loadshedding is indeed happening and thought going straight to the source would give me the answer.

Instead I’m just presented with “We are currently NOT LOAD SHEDDING.”

Usability Fail: Even though it’s clear loadshedding will start at 9am, at 07:42 Eskom does not warn about this and instead only informs they are “currently NOT LOAD SHEDDING”.

It’s true, Eskom are not loadshedding before 9am. But they know they are going to, so it’d be helpful to get that information in order to plan ahead.

Like the City of Cape Town, who gives really good advice:

Load-shedding active: 17 Oct
​Stage 2 active between 09:00 – 23:00 for Eskom-supplied customers, and Stage 1 for City-supplied customers. Check the schedule for times and areas affected, and be prepared for outages.”

This is the information I need: Loadshedding is active, the time affected, schedules to check and how to prepare. Thanks to City of Cape Town for presenting it all at a glance.

#UsabilityFail versus #GoodPractice


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