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It can be a fine day in Cape Town, but get to the beach and the sea is foaming.

Already getting out of the car I was surprised how windy it was and glad I took my hoodie along.

Coming over the dunes I was hit by the full force of the gusts and zipped up to the top.


It wasn’t particularly bad weather. I had been at the beach when it was windier and colder.

But it somehow felt like the sea was angry and I suddenly remembered a part of a fairy tale from my childhood:

“With that he arrived at the sea.
The water was all black and dense and boiling up from within. A strong wind blew over him that curdled the water.”
– The Fisherman and His Wife, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.


The story is about the fisherman’s wife who wants more and more, living over her means in a preposterous way until she ends up right back at the beginning, with nothing.

Every time her wishes become more outrageous, the ocean starts to boil and turns foul.

That’s how the sea presented itself to me.

I wonder when it will turn on us, with our outrageous wasteful consumerism…


Luckily our dogs love the beach, no matter what weather:


#NoPlastic #ChooseToRefuse #Reduce #Reuse #Upcycle #Recycle




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