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Protests over violence against women have been on the news all of last week.


And that’s how some treat this: just like news.


And then there are some who do something.

I was very impressed with radio channel ‘5FM‘ making a stand, united, against gender-based violence:

Throughout all of Friday they observed a minute of silence every hour after the news.

But even more disruptive, they also really caused a wake-up call when they interrupted songs by female artists with a moment of silence and a statement to remember what the world would be like without women.

Listen to this sample clip, it gives me goosebumps!


Kudos to 5FM for going the extra length to really make a difference.


I don’t know how to combat violence against women. The statistics show what a scary size problem this is.

But I believe that speaking up can have an impact: If you can name it, you can change it.


So let’s make enough fuss about this dire state of affairs where women are oppressed around all corners of the world, and:

Be the change!


#WomenPower  #BeTheChange  #WakeUp  #StayWoke

#SheIsMe  #WeWillNotBeNext  #WeAreTiredOfBeingScared  #Femicide  #OneEveryThreeHours  #WakeUpGovernment  #WomensMonthDisgrace


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