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Free the Nipple is a topfreedom campaign created in 2012.

The campaign highlights the general convention of allowing men to appear topless in public while considering it sexual or indecent for women to do the same, and asserts that this difference is an unjust treatment of women. The campaign argues that it should be legally and culturally acceptable for women to bare their nipples in public.


In South Africa, it is illegal to expose female breasts in public, according to the Criminal Law (sexual offence and related matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007.


However, when I entered the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences to get my radiology report done for Home Affairs, I was surprised to see this information sign to ensure women inform the hospital staff if they are pregnant before getting any x-rays done:



For this being a schematised silhouette of a woman, it is very detailed, showing a distinct nipple.


If I had been the designer, I had simply moved the strikethrough over this illustration’s boob, to cover it decently.

Instead, the strikethrough is just beneath the boob, revealing it all, including the nipple.


South Africa subjects itself to criticised censorship of nudity, with a double standard between male and female nipples.

But in public spaces, like hospitals, you get the full monty.  😮





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