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While we all should try to reduce the negative impact we have on this planet, we can also start to make up for our wasteful lifestyle and bring back to life what civilisation has destroyed:


How To Restore the Earth


Ecosystem Restoration Camps are the solution, as we learned in an inspiring talk by John Dennis Liu.


Such an inspiring talk! Make sure you make the next presentation on 23rd July!

Such an inspiring talk! Make sure you make the next presentation on 23rd July!


John outlined how to regenerate vast destroyed landscapes on the example of China’s Loess Plateau and continued to restore throughout his talk, – this time hope amongst the audience.


He explained that we don’t need permission to save the planet: Let’s not wait for the big world organisations. We can simply start ourselves.


He experienced how doing good brought people together on their own inititiative, with their own funding.


John pointed out that large scale projects need to be tackled by a large team of unified stake holders, such as community organisations, local authorities, relevant NGOs, NPOs and charities, guided by a representative council.


He advised that Ecosystem Restoration Camps only work if we accept each other as equals.


In conclusion John showed us the not-so-secret secret handshake amongst camp members that confirms this vision with every greeting.


You have to hear John’s story of hope in person.

There’s another chance to see John live:


Hope in a Changing Climate: John D. Liu – The Great Work of Our Time: Tuesday 23rd Jul 2019 6:30pm at Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch.


Book your tickets now on Quicket.



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