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The light in Cape Town is wonderful.

It definitely helps seeing things in a positive way.


Normally the sight of plastic bags caught in barbed wire is a shameful reminder how dirty and segregated Cape Town is.

Hopefully the upcoming plastic bag ban will help keep Cape Town clean.


In the meantime, seeing beauty in the ugly helps to stay positive:

Driving into the setting sun, a low hanging fire ball that paints everything golden, the sun rays make even the plastic bags caught in the barbed wire look pretty:

The beams of light shining through the ridge between Lion’s Head and Signal Hill reflect in the plastic bags, making them glisten as they gently move in the breeze.

As if the city was decorated with lit pom poms, like Chinese lanterns lining both sides of the road.


Sometimes just a shift in perspective can let things look differently.


#LoveCapeTown   #StayPositive


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