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Creative Nestlings & Creator presented Conversations On Creativity: Monetizing Your Platform, in partnership with MINI + URBAN X.


How many times do you go to a finance related event and meet an all female panel?

Together they shared their lessons learned about money.


From left to right:

Host Dinika Govender, Shakirah Dramat, Owethu Makhathini, Bongeka Masango, Jade de Waal

The all female discussion panel - at Conversations On Creativity: Monetizing Your Platform.

The all female discussion panel – at Conversations On Creativity: Monetizing Your Platform.


What platforms can you monetise?

–  Two-sided communications: audiences and brands

–  Social Media means Personal Brand creation.

–  YouTube or Vimeo offer video channel monetisation.

–  Something you love can turn into profit.

–  Always being challenged by the people around you makes you strive further.


How to set a rate

–  Money is still a taboo. Open up and talk about it.

–  What is the capacity of the people within the business? Fee can be based on that.

–  What is the real cost of what you do? Including everything. Also take into account overheads and upfront money.

–  The client pays for years of experience, not for the time it takes.

–  Don’t budge on your rate! The cheapest clients can have the most expensive taste.

–  Extracting value does not have to be in money, maybe covering travel costs or similar deals can be made.

–  You can ask for a better rate and you must ask and don’t stop asking.

–  In order to mitigate risk: Ask for 50% upfront.

–  How to justify your rate: Because it supports a whole network of professionals.

–  Have (or pretend to have) an agent who negotiates your rate on behalf of you.

–  Have (or pretend to have) an invoice department who collects your money on your behalf.


Prepare for pitching your business

–  What does your client need? What solution can you offer?

–  Explain your / your followers’ value.

–  Have your basics covered. Be very familiar with your admin. Get your certificates, be registered at correct departments and on important platforms.

–  Do your homework and research.

–  Offer Added-On Values.


After the main conversation the questions were opened up to the audience:



A very interactive event, where everyone could learn from real experiences being shared.


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