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Yours *TrulyJuly*

I do everything content.

2018 has been a most devastating year in my life and I can only find solace in the hopeful belief that it really can’t get any worse in 2019.

While I don’t feel like celebrating I appreciate even more the positive outlook of others.

Nikki Jackman is one of those truly inspiring people. She manages to see the good and express it in creative pun on words and hashtags.


What an empowering post by Nikki Jackman: “Sending you all so much loVe as we complete #20GREATEEN and step into the sparkling potential of #20SHINETEEN.”

I love the idea to give a year a theme by inserting empowering words.

Why not set a goal and SHINE in #20SHINETEEN.

Here’s to a particularly sparkling New Year! 🙂


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