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My AfrikaBurn bracelet. :)

My AfrikaBurn bracelet. 🙂


Last time I got burnt was 2015, and I’m still wearing my AfrikaBurn bracelet.


After 3 years in a row, with AfrikaBurn 2013 being lifechanging, AfrikaBurn 2014 being all about giving back, and AfrikaBurn 2015 being purely about enjoying the burn, we thought we’d skip a year, involuntarily having an AfrikaBurn experience at our own house anyway.

But alas, we’re not going this year either: We have a puppy now and we’re still busy finishing the house.


So I’m there in spirit and I’ll hone my AfrikaBurn bracelet another year until I’ll hopefully make it! 🙂


If you’re lucky enough to go, here a handy list what to pack for AfrikaBurn. 😀




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