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Yup! We excavated these 4 balusters from our garden soil.

Yup! We excavated these 4 balusters from our garden.


Yes, imagine digging out these babies! When all you wanted to do was planting some tomatoes…

At 63cm tall it really feels like unearthing a house. And it gives a better idea of “The Broken Palace” that once stood here:


The colours vary in layers of pink to yellow to babyblue, and leave a chalk-like imprint on everything they touch.


These concrete pillars look like Victorian style balusters:

Different styles of porch spindles.

Different styles of porch spindles


Just that they are like two opposing each other, similar to these symmetrical balusters:

Example of symmetrical balusters from a building in Italy

Example of symmetrical balusters in Italy


I’ve seen these on houses around the neighbourhood.

Do you know this particular baluster style?

Can you remember the Broken Palace being adorned with these balusters?

If so, kindly get in touch: 🙂



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