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Ready or not, here we come: Even though the house isn't finished, we moved in already.

Ready or not, here we come: Let’s move in already!


Of course: Everything takes longer and is more expensive than expected. Even if you planned for it.

So forget about planning for it. 😉


But how many times do you let the deadline slip?

I like to believe in third time lucky.


So when our builder said we’d be moving in by December, and then moved the move-in date to March, and then still did not look like he’s going to make it, we set the deadline to June. And made it very clear that we will be in, if the house is ready or not.


Of course, the house was not ready.

But we moved in anyway.


It was crazy, we literally lived on a construction site.

We had no kitchen and no water taps, no sofas and no space to sit, no cupboards or anywhere to hang clothes, not all the doors making it really very open plan. It was like doing an AfrikaBurn in our own house.


You will hear from anyone that living in the property while it’s busy being renovated / finished is a nightmare. Unfortunately you might have to face it if you want the building work to get done.




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