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A lovely leather bound diary invites to keep a journal.

Keeping a diary has many benefits.


I always did this and started quite early getting organised about it: Keeping a diary.

Not one of those “Dear Diary”, but a proper calendar where I eternalised moments by jotting them down on the day they happened.

Keeping a diary can be a bit of a love-hate relationship: Sometimes you missed out on so many days that your guilt trip hinders you from starting up again. It’s kind of a commitment to yourself, so it’s important to keep it up.

But then again, does it really matter. Should you not rather live right now instead of writing about having lived.


So why keep a diary?


There are many beneficial reasons:

– Journaling can help you with Time Management.

– Keeping a diary can help your career.

– Regular diarising can help with goal keeping.

– Writing a journal can be the Ultimate Self-Help Tool.


Personally I can say writing down the day helps me remember details better and puts my mind at ease. It really helps getting it off my chest.

Here are my top 3 motivators for keeping a journal:


Keeping a diary helps to:


Keep track of things

Some things are important to know for sure: Your cycle, your spending, that phone number, the next meeting, that important appointment.


Keep everything in one place

Use the same diary for different purposes: as your work calendar, your dream journal, and your exercise tracker. Try cram as many reasons to use your diary into one book, keep it easy and simple, don’t edit yourself, simply put into your diary whatever it is that came along that day. Don’t overcomplicate it. Get inspiration from Smash Books. Like a House Book, turn your diary into a one-stop know-it-all answer book for all your life questions.


Keep paper clutter organised

Even if you digitalise it, file it away or even rigorously throw it away, there are these special snippets, those precious memories that just don’t have a space. Maybe in a shoebox or glass jar, but still without context. Sticking them into a diary, maybe with a date reference or a few words, puts them into a place neat and tidy.



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