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Yours *TrulyJuly*

I do everything content.

When life writes stories…



She walks down the street.


She’s rummaging in her shoulder bag.


Despite her not finding what she’s looking for in the endless depths of her humongous purse, something else emerges:


It is light and nifty, agile and quick, it can fly or simply tumble down the road, and it is nearly invisible, for she’s still taken no note of it.


As she keeps on tossing and turning the contents of her handbag, it clings to the side of it, a sneaky little bugger, hitching a ride with a seemingly oblivious host.


A clever strategy of continuance, because this little piece of dirt is going to be around for a long time – 100 years for sure – and it’s staggering how far and wide it spreads without any of its own doing.


There! She found what she was looking for!


The sudden jerk of accomplishment makes her unwanted passenger loose grip.


As she walks on, happily clutching her pouch, remains a mere flap on the ground behind her, with evil oozing out of every pore of it:

The Plastic Bag.



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