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Microsoft OneNote comes free with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft OneNote comes free with Microsoft Office.


It’s free

Probably a move to compete with Evernote, giving away software for free is very hard to beat.


It’s already on my computer

OneNote is already installed, as it comes with the Microsoft Office suite.


I’m already signed up

I can simply include OneNote to my Microsoft OneDrive.


It works with the rest of Microsoft

I can insert content straight from other Microsoft Office programs and the edits I make are automatically saved to the corresponding file.


It offers real-time collaboration

I can start a shared notebook for a group project – all already set up in a template in OneNote New Notebook Wizard – and have a good chance most team members can participate because of the points above.


It’s future-proof

As part of the Microsoft Office suite, this program is not going to be discontinued any time soon.


It gets better

Microsoft is continuing to improve OneNote with good results and positive reviews.




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