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When life writes stories…



So, as you’re new to Cape Town, do you know this area?


Woodstock, Sir.


Yes, indeed. An area with a bad reputation, but it has cleaned up nicely.

Now we’re approaching an intersection you need to watch. People like to jump the red light here. Very dangerous!

Very dangerous, because you never know what comes around the corner:

An unlicensed or unroadworthy car, chances are even if they try to, those brakes will fail. Plenty of taxis that disregard one-way streets, so on top of everything they’re coming from the wrong direction – always look both ways! Horse carts also often go up the wrong way and cause sudden traffic jams. Then we get trucks stuck in these narrow roads, because they thought they could take a shortcut. And then of course you have your crazy drivers who race up and down the residential streets like they’re on speed, and I mean the movie, not the drug. Or you got guys randomly cruising around the hood in order to sell drugs.

You know, wild stuff!


A blondie girl cuts past on a bicycle with a dog running beside her on a leash.



I must admit, this is something even I haven’t seen before.

But it proves my point!



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